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In Wreck it Ralph, what is the significance of the high score of Wreck-It-Ralph's game cabinet 120501? It is Walt Disney's Birthday 12/05/1901 03/29/2013
What was the name of the short film released with Wreck it Ralph? The Paperman 11/06/2013
What movie is the character Taffyta Muttonfudge from? Wreck it Ralph 03/27/2015
What film was released exactly 75 years to the day following Walt Disneys first animation film release? Wreck it Ralph 05/27/2015
Which Walt Disney Animation Feature was the first to win the top awards by the International Animation Film Society including Best Animated Feature, Director, Music, Voice Acting , and Writing? Wreck it Ralph 02/07/2017
What 2 Street Fighter characters attend the Bad Anon villain support group meeting in Wreck it Ralph? Zangief and M. Bison 01/25/2019

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