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How many paintings are there on the walls in the haunted mansion stretching room? 4 05/23/2002
What are the names of the 3 non bear performers hanging on the wall in the Country Bear Jamboree? Max the Deer, Buff the Buffalo and Melvin the Moose 05/09/2003
What character actor provides the voices for Rex the dinosaur in Toy Story, and Gilbert Huph in The Incredibles? Wallace Shawn 11/22/2004
What is the address of P. Sherman from the mask foud in Finding Nemo? 42 Wallaby Way, Sidney 10/20/2005
What character actor provides the voices for Rex the dinosaur in Toy Story, and Gilbert Huph in The Incredibles? Wallace Shawn 11/07/2006
In Pinocchio, what is the name of the whale that swallows both Geppetto and Pinocchio? Monstro 10/11/2007
In Wall-E what is the name of the spaceship the humans live on? Axiom 01/21/2009
What sound was recorded to create the wind sounds in the Movie Wall E? Niagra Falls 03/20/2009
What is Wall E's favorite film? Hello Dolly 06/05/2009
In Wall E who provided the voice of Eve? Elissa Knight 07/22/2009
In Finding Nemo on the dental surgery wall near the window, which animal was shown on a poster, advising patients to 'Floss'? An Alligator 10/08/2009
What does Wall-E's name stand for? Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class 10/15/2009
What animated classic did Frank Churchill and Oliver Wallace write the musical score for? Dumbo 01/31/2011
In Finding Nemo, what is the name of the school on the diploma on the dentist's wall? Pixar University School of Dentistry 01/28/2013
In Saving Mr Banks, a map is seen on the wall in the office of Walt Disney, what is it a map of? A map of Florida where the location of what would become Walt Disney World is marked 08/06/2014
In Toy Story what Mickey mouse icon item can be found on Andys wall? A Mickey Mouse Watch 08/18/2014
In the Tower of Terror, when you arrive at the scene in the hotel hallway...when you see the ghosts of the vanished guests, what floor of the hotel are you supposedly on? 4 .. Its hard to see because of the dim lighting, but there is a sign on the wall that says the room numbers of the hallway are 414 to 426, indicating you are on the fourth floor of the hotel. 09/25/2014
What are the EXACT words the Evil Queen says into the mirror in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? Magic mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest one of all 02/27/2015
What was Wall-Es favorite musical? Hello Dolly 07/06/2015
In Finding Nemo, according to the diploma on the wall in the dentists office, where did he go to school? Pixar University School of Dentistry 09/17/2015
What was the original working title of Wall E ? Trash Planet 11/09/2015
Who was Wall-E named after? Walt Disney ..... Walter Elias 11/25/2015
What Pixar short debuted before Wall-E? Presto 12/15/2015
In Pinocchio, what is in the note from the Blue Fairy that is delivered to Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket after they escape Pleasure Island? That Geppetto was swallowed by Monstro and that he was still alive 05/08/2018

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