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Who is the man that supplied the synthesized voice for the Main Street Electrical Parade from 1979 to 1991? Jack Wagner 03/12/2001
In Hercules, Hades promised not to harm Megara provided that Hercules give up his strength. How long did he have to agree to give up his strength for? 24 Hours 03/24/1999
How many individual panels make up the exterior shell of Spaceship Earth in EPCOT? 11,324 03/04/1999
In Pluto's cartoon "Judgement Day", Pluto is put on trial, what type of animals make up the jury? Cats 04/29/1999
In Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tony Jay supplied the voice of Judge Frollo. What was another character he supplied a voice for in a different full length feature animation? Monsieur D' Arque who was the proprietor of the asylum in Beauty & the Beast. 01/29/1999
In the Hunchback of Notre Dame, what was the name of the Captain of the Guard, and what actor supplied his voice? Phoebus with the voice of Kevin Kline 02/27/1999
What was the quote that Walt Disney used in the dedication of Disneyland's Fantasyland? "Fantasyland is dedicated to the young and the young at heart; to those who believe that when you wish upon a star, your dreams do come true." 03/30/2000
In Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too (1974), who supplied the voice of Roo? Clint Howard, brother of actor/director Ron Howard 05/11/2001
Give the names of 5 Disney Characters whose name refers to the word "Stupid" ? Dopey, Goofy, Dumbo, Lefou, and Dim (From Bugs Life) 07/11/2001
In Oliver & Company who sings the opening song "Once upon a Time in New York City"? Huey Lewis and the News 08/03/2001
What Muppet runs the projector in the MGM attraction "Muppetvision 3D"? The Swedish Chef 08/10/2001
How many times did Cinderella loose her slipper? 3 times 1) walking up the stairs with the breakfast trays 2) running out of the ball 3) walking down the church steps at her wedding 08/20/2001
Upon whose shoulders does Dopey stand in order to dance with Snow White? Sneezy 09/28/2001
What was the first roller coaster in a Disney theme park with an inversion (To go upside Down)? Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril at Disneyland Paris, which opened in 1993 11/26/2001
What is the name of the signal the dogs used to communicate the puppies' danger in 101 Dalmatians? The Twilight Bark 12/03/2001
What type of Japanese puppetry is used by the Disney Channel show "The Book of Pooh?" Bunraku 12/17/2001
What Disney couple stars in the Noah's Ark segment of Fantasia 2000? Donald Duck and Daisy Duck 02/13/2002
After his hallucinations, where does Dumbo wake up the following morning? On top of a tree 03/04/2002
What actor was originally supposed to provide the voice of Hades from Hercules before James Woods? Jack Nicholson 03/11/2002
In Disney Channel's show Stanley, what is Stanley's mother's occupation? A Dentist 04/29/2002
Who supplies the voice of the Uncle in the original Carousel of Progress? Mel Blanc 05/20/2002
How did Mary Poppins "Measure Up?" Mary Poppins, Practically Perfect in Every Way. 05/21/2002
What is the name of the new singing sensation to appear in their own show on Playhouse Disney and what color is represented by each member of the group? The Wiggles with the colors: Yellow, Red, Blue and Purple 07/01/2002
When fighting Hercules, how many heads does the Hydra ultimately end up having? 30 09/03/2002
When the Magic Kingdom first opened, what was the cost of a 7 Ride Coupon? $4.75 10/22/2002
In the animated feature 101 dalmations, what is the name of the puppies' canine television superhero? Thunderbolt 11/01/2002
What 2 colors make up the Queen of Hearts' dress in Alice in Wonderland? Red and Black 11/13/2002
In Muppetvision 3D who organizes the finale and what is the finale called? Sam Eagle, "A Salute to All Nations but Mostly America." 11/19/2002
After saving his daughter what title does the Indian Chief bestow upon Peter Pan? Little Flying Eagle 12/09/2002
Where in Walt Disney World have you heard this line: Hey, check it out dad, Grandma's up to 975 points"? Carousel of Progress 01/03/2003
In 101 Dalmations, How many puppies did Pongo and Perdita have before adopting the rest? 15 01/15/2003
In Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs where does Dopey put the key to the diamond mine after locking it up at the end of the day? On a Peg outside the door 01/22/2003
Match the following Disney Characters with their male counterpart to make a "Disney Couple": Belle Ariel Jane Mulan Bo Peep Perdita Megara Belle: Beast, Ariel: Prince Eric, Jane: Tarzan, Mulan: Li Shang, Bo Peep: Woody, Perdita: Pongo, Megara: Hercules 02/24/2003
What is the name of the test that Disney Animators use to photograph each frame of animation and clean up each scene in order to assure that the timeness and smoothness is just right? A Pencil Test 02/25/2003
What is the name of the interactive restaurant / arcade in Toy Story that Woody and Buzz end up hitching a ride to? Pizza Planet 04/14/2003
What special day was observed every Friday on the Mickey Mouse Club? Talent Roundup Day 04/16/2003
What popular song by the 1960's group "The Tokens" does Timon sing in The Lion King? The Lion Sleeps Tonight 05/01/2003
Where did Disney purchase the 4 locamotives that make up the Walt Disney World Railroad? They were discovered in the Yucatan hauling freight ans passengers 05/30/2003
In the 1933 animated short Puppy Love, what happens to the candy that Mickey went to give Minnie? Pluto and FiFi ate it and put a bone in the box 09/04/2003
Who was the last dog in line to relay the "Twilight Bark" to the Colonel in 101 Dalmations to signal that the 15 puppies were missing? The hound dog Towser 09/10/2003
How many short films make up the Full Length Animated Feature: Make Mine Music? 10 09/11/2003
What married couple helped to imagineer the attraction The Pirates of the Caribbean? Marc and Alice Davis 12/05/2003
What was the name of the animation department Walt developed in the 1930's that consisted of artisits whose job it was to design the characters that would be used for upcomming animated films? Character Model Department 12/26/2003
What occupation Did Walt Disney's brother Herbert have? A Postman 01/09/2004
When the Mickey Mouse Club first aired in 1955 how many Mouseketeers made up the original cast? 24 05/28/2004
What was the first Disney film to pair up Don Knotts and Tim Conway together? The Apple Dumpling Gang 06/07/2004
Where does Prince Phillip insist, by Briar Rose's own words, that they had met before? Once Upon a Dream 07/15/2004
In the animated feature Pocahontas, Meeko is a raccoon. What type of animal was he originally supposed to be? A Turkey 09/23/2004
What Disney Characater sings the following song lyric: "Heaven's sakes! Is that a spot? Clean it up! We want the company impressed"? Mrs Potts from Beauty & The Beast 09/29/2004
He's an evil inventor and Gyro's competitor. He has also met Super-Goof . What's his name? Emil Eagle 10/14/2004
What character actor provides the voices for Rex the dinosaur in Toy Story, and Gilbert Huph in The Incredibles? Wallace Shawn 11/22/2004
In "Bug's Life" what is the name of the group of girls that Dot belongs to? The Blueberries 11/23/2004
In A Bug's Life, Flik sets out to recruit a group of "warrior bugs".What is the actual profession of his hired help? They are a circus troupe 11/26/2004
What attraction formerly occupied the moat of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World? The Swan Boats 12/02/2004
What popular actor portrays Ebenezer Scrooge in The Muppet Christmas Carol? Michael Caine 12/06/2004
According to Cast Members, why is it best for guests to ride Big Thunder Mountain in the afternoon? Because after the sun has been on the tracks for a while the grease gets thinner and the trains speed up 02/18/2005
In what cartoon did Mickey Mouse first have pupils in his eyes? The Pointer (1939) 03/03/2005
In 101 Dalmation which one of the puppies was thought to be dead at birth but really wasn't? Lucky 03/29/2005
In Tarzan, what disney character falls out of the professer's pocket when he is turned upside down by the gorillas? Little Brother from Mulan 04/13/2005
What occupation did Clarency "Ducky" Nash have before providing the voice of Donald Duck? A Milkman 04/20/2005
In the full-length animated feature Sleeping Beauty, what type of animals steal Prince Phillips boots during ?Once Upon A Dream?? Rabbits 04/26/2005
What was once in the EPCOT space where Mission Space now occupies? Horizons 05/25/2005
What is the name of the Dixieland Jazz combo made up of Disney Studio personnel? The Firehouse Five Plus Two 06/14/2005
In Mulan, who dressed up as concubines? Ling, Yao, Chien-po 06/24/2005
In Lilo and Stitch, how many times his weight could Stitch hold up? 3000 07/19/2005
How many puppies do Lady and the Tramp have? 4 07/22/2005
Upon entering the Magic Kingdom in Walt DIsney World, what is the first restaurant you encounter? Tony's Town Square Restaurant 07/29/2005
According to a tax return filled out in an early cartoon, what is Donald Duck's self proclaimed occupation? An Actor 08/26/2005
What toy is Woody rescuing from the yard sale in Toy Story 2, when he himself ends up being stolen? Wheezy 09/29/2005
In 101 Dalmations, what month were the puppies born in? October 10/24/2005
In The Nightmare before Christmas, what is the ingredient Sally puts in the Evil Scientist's soup that makes him go to sleep? Deadly Nightshade 10/26/2005
Finish the lyric from Beauty and the Beast: "Little town, Full of little people, Waking up to say _____." bonjour 11/09/2005
When Disneyland was first built, what occupied the land before it was bought by Walt? An Orange Grove 11/11/2005
Which Disney movie is this lyric from? "You showed me the world when I was all locked up inside..." Aladdin and the King of Thieves 12/01/2005
In The Rescuers Down Under, what type of instrument is referred to as the "epidermal tissue disrupter"? A Chain Saw 12/06/2005
In Lilo and Stitch, Stitch was created to destroy cities, back up sewers, reverse street signs and steal what from everyone? Their Left Shoe 01/16/2006
What is Miss Taylor's occupation in Pete's Dragon? A School Teacher 02/16/2006
In what year did Space Mountain Open up in Disneyland? 1977 02/21/2006
In 101 Dalmatians, who is the first to notice that the puppies are missing? Nanny 03/16/2006
In what film did Mickey Mouse first have pupils in his eyes? The Pointer - 1939 03/30/2006
What famous late 60's - early 70's singing group got their first "break" after being noticed in Disneyland? The Osmands 05/23/2006
Finish this lyric from Beauty and the Beast... "Little town, Full of little people, Waking up to say _____." Bonjour 05/26/2006
The game, "Well begun is half done" is who's clever way to say "tidy up"? Marry Poppins 06/16/2006
Which aircraft company occupied space on the Disney Studio lot during World War II? Lockheed 06/19/2006
What does Mary Poppins call the first game that she and the children play in the nursery? Well Begun is Half Done meaning "Let's Tidy up the Nursery 07/24/2006
What Disney character is known as the one who "patched up the crack in the Liberty Bell"? Davy Crockett from the song "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" 08/10/2006
In The Happiest Millionaire, brothers Tony and Livingston offer up some good courting advice through what song? Watch Your Footwork 09/14/2006
Which full length animated feature stars the characters Joe and Jenny in a cartoon entitled "Once Upon a Wintertime"? Melody Time 09/15/2006
What original Magic Kingdom show at Walt Disney World starred Mickey Mouse, and an entire supporting cast of audio-animatronic figures? The Mickey Mouse Revue 10/03/2006
What character actor provides the voices for Rex the dinosaur in Toy Story, and Gilbert Huph in The Incredibles? Wallace Shawn 11/07/2006
What's the longest single-word Disney song title? "Supercalifragilistic expialidocious" from Mary Poppins 11/13/2006
In Toy Story, what gift does Andy receive at Christmas that fills Buzz and Woody with dread? A Puppy 12/22/2006
When the Mickey Mouse Club first aired in 1955, how many Mouseketeers made up the original cast? 24 01/04/2007
According to the song ?Woody?s Roundup?, what kind of cowgirl is Jesse? Yodelin' 02/01/2007
What famous amphibian is the host for Muppet*Vision 3D? Kernit the Frog 02/06/2007
On Playhouse Disney, what occupation do the Doodlebops have? Musicians 02/19/2007
In memory of Walt Disney, a light is kept burning in an upstairs window over what building on Main Street in Disneyland? Disneyland Fire Departent 03/02/2007
In "Mulan" three of the men dress up as women. Which three men were they? Yao, Chien-Po and Ling 03/20/2007
From Disney's "Lion King", the song "Be Prepared", finish this line, "It's clear from your vacant expressions, the lights are not all on upstairs, but we're talking king and successions. Even you can't ___________" be caught unawares 05/08/2007
What are the missing words from this song line from Mulan? "You're unsuited for the rage of war, so pack up, ________, you're through!" Go Home 06/06/2007
In what film did Mickey Mouse first have his eyes enhanced to include pupils? The Pointer 07/06/2007
What song is played during the opening credits of Pinocchio? When you Wish Upon a Star 07/26/2007
In Disney's "Lady and the Tramp", what song do the dogs in the pound sing loudly, in an attempt to cover up the sound of Dachsie's tunneling? Home Sweet Home 08/10/2007
101 Dalmations: What type of animals feed the Dalmatian puppies when they escape from Jasper and Horace? Cows 10/29/2007
Which Princess movie did so poorly in theaters that the Disney Studio nearly went bankrupt? Sleeping Beauty 11/05/2007
According to the song "Scrooge" in The Muppet Christmas Carol, if Ebenezer Scrooge was a flavor, what flavor would he be? Sour 11/30/2007
In Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas, what personal item does Minnie trade for Mickey’s gift in “Mickey & Minnie’s Gift of the Magi”? Her watch 12/27/2007
According to the song "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious", how will you always sound if you say it loud enough? Precocious 01/08/2008
In Hercules, what name is given to the group of villains imprisioned by Zeus? The Titans 03/07/2008
In Aladdin when the Sultan is playing and stacking up toy animals, one of them is from another Disney Full Length Animated Feature. What character is seen here? Beast from Beauty and the Beast 03/12/2008
When Cinderella comes downstairs in her dress for the ball, what do the stepsisters do? They rip it up 05/01/2008
What does it say on Dumbo's mother's cage after they lock her up in it? Mad Elephant 05/21/2008
When Mulan arrived at the training camp and got in a fight with the men, what food was spilled on the ground that they were to spend the day cleaning up? Rice 06/11/2008
By what name was Donald Duck known as in order to fight crime as a superhero? Super Duck 06/18/2008
What word comes after this song lyric.."If you say it loud enough you'll always sound precocious..."? Supercalifragilistic expialidocious 06/20/2008
What is the name of the big race in Cars? The Piston Cup 07/07/2008
Walt Disney originally had trash cans in the park spaced 25 steps apart. Where did he come up with this number? He performed an experiment where it took 25 steps for a person to eat a hot dog thus needing to disgard some trash. 07/16/2008
What attraction occupies the space once home to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in WDW? The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 08/08/2008
What were the new soldier recruits in Mulan told to pick up before they started their training the next day? Every grain of rice 09/29/2008
Which Disney Princess movie nearly caused the Disney Studio to go bankrupt because it did so bad in theaters? Sleeping Beauty 10/15/2008
Which park was the first to have a Haunted Mansion open up for guests? Disneyland in 1969 10/24/2008
What major aircraft company occupied space on the Disney Studio lot during World War II? Lockheed 11/10/2008
According to Disney's version of 'Robin Hood', "every town has its ups and downs. Sometimes ups outnumber downs, but not in..." where? Nottingham 11/17/2008
What kind of villains / animals interupt the song "Be Prepared" with their 'fool'ish questions? Hyenas (In the Lion King) 12/08/2008
In what Disney cartoon do Minnie and Daisy skate together? Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas 12/24/2008
What is the name of the tea cup in Beauty and the Beast? Chip 12/30/2008
According to the song lyric, which character "ought to be locked up and never released"? Cruella Devil 03/30/2009
What was the name of Walt's pet pig as he was growing up? Skinny 04/06/2009
What popular musical group are the 4 vultures from The Jungle Book mimiced after? The Beatles 04/08/2009
WHAT 2 members of the group 'N Sync were official Mousketeers? Justin Timberlake and J.C. Chasez 04/23/2009
When first developed at Disneyland what type of attraction was Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room supposed to be? A Dinner Show 05/01/2009
How many times does the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story appear in the film UP? Twice,once when the house first takes off and is floating over town you can see it parked by the curb right after the house passes the window washer, and at the end when they are eating ice cream you can see it off to the left in the parking lot 06/15/2009
What is the name of the evil group Hades wants to release in Hercules? The Titans 07/02/2009
How many support legs are there on Space Ship Earth in Epcot? 6 07/10/2009
Which one of Disney's Nine Old Men was the founding member of the Firehouse Plus Five Group? Ward Kimball 08/04/2009
At the end of Toy Story what does Andy receive as a gift that frightens the rest of the toys? A Puppy 09/17/2009
By what name is the movie Up referred to as in Japan? Carls Flying House 09/28/2009
What classic movie did Candy Candido, the actor who supplies the voice of the prisoner in the graveyard scene of the Haunted Mansion, play a small but memorable part in? He was the voice of the angry apple tree in The Wizard of Oz 10/30/2009
With what occupation is Elias Disney identified in his Main Street Window? Contractor 11/06/2009
What is the name of Carl Fredricksen’s wife in UP? Ellie 11/16/2009
What are "black, brown, up and down"? Heffalumps and Woozles 11/25/2009
Who played Ebenezer Scrooge in the Disney-released The Muppet Christmas Carol? Michael Caine 12/23/2009
What does Bolt fear is drainng away his superpowers? Styrofoam packing peanuts 02/05/2010
Who provides the voice of Mr Fredrickson in Up? Ed Asner 02/08/2010
What name (first used to describe Franklin D. Roosevelt's Supreme Court) did Walt Disney apply to his key animators in the 1950s? Nine Old Men 03/03/2010
Who directed and starred in the Disney Channel original movie Up, Up and Away? Robert Townsend 05/05/2010
What food comes flying at you at the end of It's Tough To Be A Bug? A Cupcake 06/03/2010
In Pirates of the Caribbean, what three things are the pirates in jail holding to entice the dog? A Cup a bone and a rope 09/01/2010
How will you sound if you say 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' loud enough? Precocious 09/30/2010
What was the first Disney song to win an Oscar? When You Wish Upon a Star 12/13/2010
What city does Nemo end up in after he is taken in 'Finding Nemo'? Sydney 12/27/2010
What kind of car is The King in the film Cars? A Plymouth Superbird 03/02/2011
Which of the Seven Dwarfs holds up the peak of the roof facade of the Team Disney Building on the Studio Lot in Burbank? Dopey 05/04/2011
What attraction occupies the space once home to The Timekeeper in Walt Disney World? Monster In, The Laugh Floor 05/20/2011
What film was Walt Disney talking about when he said...Why, that's the life my brother and I grew up with as kids out in Missouri ? So Dear to my Heart 05/26/2011
What toy company did Disney save from bankruptcy in the mid-1930s? Lionel 07/14/2011
What is Donald Ducks's self proclaimed occupation? An Actor. In the cartoon The New Spirit, Donald says he is an actor on his tax return form 09/02/2011
What song plays over the opening credits of Pinocchio? When You Wish Upon a Star 10/17/2011
What is decorating the roof towers outside of the Haunted Mansion? chess pieces - couple of pawns, rooks, kings, queens, etc... there is no knight chess piece on the roof of the mansion because it is always "night" inside the Haunted Mansion. 10/31/2011
Which song and movie are these song lyrics from? "You can never tell. When he'll show up. He gives you. Plenty of trouble."? He's a Tramp from Lady and the Tramp 01/19/2012
What popular female singing group at the time was considered for the roles of the Muses in Hercules? The Spice Girls 02/14/2012
What is the name of the group of girls that Dot belongs to in Bugs Life? The Blueberries 03/01/2012
In Beauty and the Beast When Beast and Gaston are having their life-or-death struggle on the castle, Gaston was originally supposed to say, "Time to die!" but the writers changed it to what in order to fit Belle back in the scene? Belle is mine 04/13/2012
Which royal couple received an animation cel from Walt Disney to celebrate their marriage and from what Full Length Animated Feature was it from? Princess Grace and Prince Rainier and it was from Lady and the Tramp 05/17/2012
The Incredibles was the first Disney Pixar film to receive a PG rating, what was the second? Up 05/24/2012
What make and year is the sheriff in Cars? 1949 Mercury Club Coupe 07/02/2012
What 2 attractions opened up in 1973 and Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom? Pirates of the Caribbean and Tom Sawyer Island 07/25/2012
What animation centered feature did lyricist Howard Ashman contribute to the making of Beauty and the Beast? He came up with the idea of turning the enchanted objects into living creatures 07/27/2012
In Test Track in EPCOT what numbers does the controller mention when he says?.. Lets do some environmental tests. Put Up... 2, 5 and 7 09/04/2012
In Alice in Wonderland, what is the name of the woods written on the sign that Alice stumbles upon? Tulgey Wood 10/04/2012
In the Country Bear Jamboree, who does Teddi Barra invite to come up and see her sometime? Henry 10/09/2012
In disneys an extremely goofy movie what is the gammas leaders last name? Uppercrust 12/06/2012
What does Snow White make the dwarfs do before they can eat dinner ? Wash Up 12/10/2012
Who gave Walt his first real art supplies? His Aunt Magaret 02/04/2013
What Pixar film was the first feature that was nominated for both Best Picture and Best Animated Feature? Up 02/11/2013
In the old EPCOT attraction Kitchen Kabaret, how many members made up the Kitchen Krackpots and who were they? 5 Mayonnaise, Salsa, Mustard, Parmesan Cheese and BBQ Sauce 03/11/2013
What scene from Lady and the Tramp did Walt Disney originally want cut from the movie but ended up being one of the most iconic moments in Disney? The 'Bella Note' spaghetti-eating scene 03/18/2013
Many Disney movies are given a code word to use for identification purposes during production. What film had the code word... Helium? Up 04/03/2013
What was the first film produced by Pixar to be shown in 3D? Up 05/10/2013
In Pirates of the Caribbean, what three things are the pirates in jail holding to entice the dog holding the jail cel keys? A cup, a bone and a piece of rope 06/17/2013
What are the names of the 3 enemy dogs in Up? Alpha Beta and Gamma 07/15/2013
Before UP was nominated in 2010, what was the only Full Length Animated Feature to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture? Beauty and the Beast 07/19/2013
Out of the 15 puppies Perdita gives birth to in 101 Dalmatians only 6 are given names. What names are they given? Lucky, Rolly, Patch, Penny, Pepper, and Freckles 08/27/2013
What is the name of the cat in the orphanage in The Rescuers? Ruphus 09/06/2013
After arriving at the training camp Mulan gets into a fight and spills what kind of food that they are told to pick up? Rice 09/09/2013
In Peter Pan ,what does Captain Hook offer in exchange for signing up for his crew? A free tattoo 09/10/2013
In what other Disney Pixar film did Lotso the bear from Toy Story 3 make a cameo appearance? Up 09/30/2013
What popular group made a special appearance as the voices of the singing busts in the Haunted Mansion Movie? Disneyland's Dapper Dans Barbershop Quartet 10/28/2013
What was the name of the original 1905 Broadway production of Peter Pan? The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up 11/27/2013
In Up the plates and silverware found in Charles Muntz's blimp came from what other Disney Pixar Film? Ratatouille 12/18/2013
During the initial development of the Walt Disney World Resort in the late 1960s which current resort was supposed to be an Asian themed resort? The Grand Floridian 01/29/2014
In Disney’s “Pinocchio,” who sings the famous “When You Wish Upon a Star”? Jiminy Cricket 02/07/2014
Saving Mr Banks was the first theatrical movie with Walt Disney as a lead or supporting character since 1941. What film in 1941 did he appear in? The Reluctant Dragon 04/07/2014
What’s the name of Jack Skellingtons ghostly pup? Zero 04/17/2014
When Walt Disney was young, what main character did he play in a school function and ended up being the title of a Disney Full Length Feature Animation? Peter Pan 05/08/2014
In A Bugs Life, what is the name of the social group that Dot belongs to? The Blueberries 05/12/2014
In Up, what is familiar about the spot where Carl and Ellie go on a picnic? It is under the same tree from A Bugs Life 05/14/2014
How old was Walt Disney when he tried to sign up to go into the Army? 16 05/15/2014
In Ratatouille, what type of food dish is the first one that Remy makes at Gusteaus Restaurant? Soup 05/16/2014
In Toy Story, after Woody says, Now Buzz, what could Andy possibly get thats worse than you, what does Andy say ? Wow a Puppy 06/25/2014
In Up, Muntz is the sixth animated Disney villain to fall to their death but first for a Pixar film. Who were the 5 previous villains to fall in full length feature animations? Wicked Queen, Ratigan, McLeach, Gaston, and Frollo 08/07/2014
What is the name of the cat in the orphanage in The Rescuers? Ruphus 08/11/2014
Where in the Walt Disney World have you heard this phrase... All these people think Im talking to them, but Im really just talking to you? Muppet Vision 3d 08/27/2014
In the Tower of Terror, when you arrive at the scene in the hotel hallway...when you see the ghosts of the vanished guests, what floor of the hotel are you supposedly on? 4 .. Its hard to see because of the dim lighting, but there is a sign on the wall that says the room numbers of the hallway are 414 to 426, indicating you are on the fourth floor of the hotel. 09/25/2014
What is the name of the retirement village in the movie Up that sends the brochures to Carl? Shady Oaks 10/07/2014
In Mickeys Twice Upon A Christmas, Max is bringing his girlfriend home from college for the holidays. What is her name? Mona 10/08/2014
For its opening debut, what movie was Steamboat Willie paired with that ended up with Steamboat Willie being a bigger hit than the movie? The Gang War 10/17/2014
Where in Walt Disney World have you heard this phrase .... Hey, check it out dad, Grandma is up to 975 points? Carousel of Progress 11/06/2014
Where in Walt Disney World have you heard this phrase ... Make it a stretch. . .On the other hand, make it a super stretch? Rock n Roller Coaster 11/07/2014
In Monsters Inc, how many snakes make up Celias hair and although not mentioned in the movie, what are their names? 5 and according to the book Monsters, Inc... The Essential Guide they are named.. Amelia, Bobelia, Ophelia, Cordelia, and Madge 12/02/2014
In Mickeys Once Upon a Christmas, what is the name of the warehouse that Minnie works at and what is the significance of the name? Mortimers, and it is the name Walt was originally going to use when he created Mickey Mouse 12/23/2014
What was the code title used during production of the film UP? Helium 12/26/2014
What musical group was originally planed for the voice of the vultures in The Jungle Book but turned it down? The Beatles 01/08/2015
According to a song, which Disney character was.... mean as he was ruthless, and thats the gospel truth. He had a plan to shake things up, and thats the gospel truth? Hades 02/20/2015
What patent did Walt Disney own for a couple of years making him the only animator able to make color cartoons? Technicolor 04/03/2015
What song contains the lyrics ... Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they spend all day in the sun? Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid 04/09/2015
In Up, what is the name of the ice cream parlor that Carl and Russel get ice cream from? Fentons 04/10/2015
In Toy Story 2 what does Woody find out what the name of his television show is? Woodys Roundup 05/14/2015
What job did Walt have with his father when growing up as a boy? Paperboy 06/02/2015
In the Lion King, what is Scar about to eat when Zazu interrupts him? A Mouse 07/13/2015
In Toy Story 2 what is the name of Woodys TV Puppet Show? Woodys Roundup 07/14/2015
In Up, what items can be found at the bottom of Carls cane? Tennis Balls 08/28/2015
In Up, when Carl and Ellie go picnicking, their destination is a spot under a familiar tree. In what other Disney Pixar film can this tree be found? A Bugs Life 09/04/2015
In the beginning of The Incredibles, what city are the supers in? Municiberg 09/16/2015
What was the name of Walt Disneys first animation company that went bankrupt in 1923? Laugh O Gram Studios 09/18/2015
In Monsters Inc where does Sully end up hiding Boos toys after flushing them down the toilet would not work? In a Locker 09/22/2015
What Toy Name did Hasbro deny Pixar to use in Toy Story when they heard they were going to have Sid blow it up? GI Joe 10/05/2015
In Cinderella, who hides under Anastasias tea cup? Gus 10/19/2015
Before Elton John, what musical group was supposed to perform the music for The Lion King but could not because they were unavailable? Abba 11/04/2015
During the final scene in Beauty and the Beast where Gaston tells the Beast ... Belle is Mine, what was that line originally supposed to be but edited by Disney for being to graphic for an animated film? Time to Die 11/16/2015
Aladdin was supposed to appear like Michael J Fox but another actor was chosen.... who was it? Tom Cruise 11/17/2015
In Up, what is Carls dream destination? Paradise Falls 12/02/2015
During the scene in Pinocchio when Jiminy Cricket is singing When You Wish Upon a Star, a spot light is on him and 2 books are seen in the background of future Disney Full Length Feature Animations, what are they? Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland 12/29/2015
Who awakens Dumbo and Timothy up in the tree? The Crows 12/30/2015
In UP, what occupation did Carl have before retiring? A Balloon Salesman 01/13/2016
In 101 Dalmatians which one of the puppies does Roger save after rubbing him with a towel? Lucky 01/15/2016
During what full length feature animation did supervising animator Mit Kahl state it was a challenge to animate weightlessness with all of the flying ? Peter Pan 01/28/2016
What full length animated feature was Mel Blanc supposed to provide a voice in but all of the dialogue was cut? Pinocchio 02/17/2016
What was the name of the short spinoff from Monsters Inc that was originally supposed to be a scene in the film? Mikes New Car 02/28/2016
What popular all female singing group was considered for the part of the Muses in Hercules? The Spice Girls 03/01/2016
Who ends up joining the circus at the end of A Bugs Life? Molt 03/29/2016
What Disney Character from a feature film was actually going to be invisible for almost the entire film but animators convinced studio heads to increase it ending up with 22 minutes of visible time in the film? Elliot from Petes Dragon 05/05/2016
What song contains the lyrics ... Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they spend all day in the sun? Part of World from Little Mermaid 05/27/2016
The Lion King was originally going to be centered around a conflict between Lions and what other group of animals? Baboons 06/01/2016
What was the last Full Length Feature Animation that Eric Larson worked as a supervising animator before solely working on training new animators for Disney? The Aristocats 06/02/2016
What was the first Full Length Feature Animation to have its own department set up just for the purpose of generating computer animation? Oliver and Company 06/17/2016
When Mushu wakes Mulan up in her tent what does he call her in the line to wake her up? Rise and Shine Sleeping Beauty 06/22/2016
In 101 Dalmatians, what color collars do the puppies wear? The boy puppies wear red and the girls wear blue 08/09/2016
In Mary Poppins, what does Mary describe supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as sounding? Quite Atrocious 08/11/2016
Who were the main two runner up actresses up for the part of Mary Poppins? Angela Lansbury and Bette Davis 08/25/2016
In Up, what organization did Russell belong to ? Wilderness Explorer 09/15/2016
What acress was supossed to provide the voice for Edna Mode in The Incredibles but recommended that Director Brad Bird do it instead since he sounded much better when demonstrating what he was looking for with the voice? Lily Tomlin 10/03/2016
In the Movie The Haunted Mansion, what singing group makes a special appearance as the singing busts? The Dapper Dans from Disneyland 10/31/2016
What is the name of Bobs boss at the Insurance Company in The Incredibles? Gilbert Huph 11/23/2016
What popular 60s group sang the theme song for the film The Monkeys Uncle? The Beach Boys 01/24/2017
In what film does a Great Dane grow up with a litter of puppies thinking he is a Dachshund? The Ugly Dachshund 03/02/2017
At the end of Aladdin during the group hug, what kind of hat is the genie wearing? A Goofy Hat 03/08/2017
In Toy Story 2 what does Al dress up as for his commercials? A chicken 03/30/2017
How many puppies do Lady and the Tramp have at the end of the film? 4 04/05/2017
What song did the Disneyland Band play for the flag lowering ceremony on December 16, 1966, the Day Walt Disney Died? When You Wish Upon a Star 04/11/2017
In the live version of 101 Dalmatians, how does the puppy Dipstick get his name? The tip of his tail is black 04/18/2017
What is the name of the Tabby cat that helps rescue the puppies in 101 Dalmatians? Sergeant Tibbs 04/26/2017
In the deal he made with Hades, for how long did Hercules have to give up his strength for? 24 Hours 05/17/2017
What did Walt Disney name his model railroad setup that was in his backyard in Holmby Hills? The Carolwood Pacific Railroad 06/02/2017
What 3 full length feature animations did Howard Ashman and Alan Menkin team up to write songs for? The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin 07/10/2017
According to the Sherman Brothers it wasnt Lets Go Fly a Kite that warmed PL Travers up as depicted in Saving Mr Banks but instead it was what song? Feed the Birds 08/24/2017
What character does actor Bob Newhart supply the voice for in two separate Disney Animated Features? Bernard in The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under 09/20/2017
In the animated feature Robin Hood which two characters put on a puppet show mocking Prince John? Little John and Friar Tuck 10/25/2017
What character was supposed to be in the original Toy Story but instead was cut and later used in Toy Story 2? Weezy the Penguin 12/11/2017
What was the first known instance of a superstar voice being used in a full length feature animation? Peggy Lee in Lady and the Tramp 02/01/2018
What was originally intended to be Disneys 2nd full length feature animation after Snow White but ended up being 14th? Peter Pan 02/13/2018
How many puppies do Lady and the Tramp have at the end of the film? 4 02/23/2018
In Beauty and the Beast what is the name of the song that LeFou sings to Gaston to cheer him up after Belle refuses to marry him? Gaston 03/01/2018
During which full length feature animation did the supervising animator Milt Kahl state that the biggest task was animating characters in their weighlessness? Peter Pan 03/09/2018
In the Mary Poppins song Feed the Birds how much does it cost to feed the birds? A Tuppence 03/19/2018
In the Animated Feature 101 Dalmatians, who is the television superhero of the puppies? Thunderbolt 04/09/2018
What toy company put Mickey Mouse on their toy train thus saving the company from bankruptcy? Lionel 06/05/2018
Which Full Length Feature Animation opens up with quote: "Money can buy most things but it cant buy the wag of a dogs tail"? Lady and the Tramp 09/07/2018
What popular music group sang the song "The Monkeys Uncle" with Annette in the Disney Film by the same name? The Beach Boys 09/13/2018
What characters in a full length feature animation did Bobby Driscoll and Kathryn Beaumont pair up to provide the voices for? Peter and Wendy in Peter Pan 10/12/2018
What 2 Street Fighter characters attend the Bad Anon villain support group meeting in Wreck it Ralph? Zangief and M. Bison 01/25/2019

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