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What was Walt Disney's First Live Action Film? Treasure Island 12/23/1999
What is the name of the ship in Walt Disney's Movie Treasure Island? The Hispaniola 02/03/2000
What was Disney's first live action film that had no animation? Treasure Island 10/29/2002
In Treasure Planet, what is the significance of the name of the ship, RLS Legacy? It is named after the author of Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson 06/03/2003
In Treasure Island, where did Jim Hawkins work when he received the treasure map? The Admiral Benbow Inn 09/15/2005
In Treasure Island, what do the pirates do to signal they have taken control of the ship? They raise the Jolly Roger (Pirate flag) 06/21/2006
In Treasure Island, from what port does the ship sail to begin the adventure? Bristol, England 08/03/2006
What is the name of the schooner in 'Treasure Island'? Hispaniola 12/21/2007
What was the first movie that Walt Disney filmed in England? Treasure Island 01/30/2008
What was the first movie that Walt Disney filmed in England? Treasure Island 03/28/2008
What was Disneys first live action film that did not include any animation in it? Treasure Island 08/14/2009
What was the title of the first completely live-action Disney film? Treasure Island 03/09/2011
What Disney Live Action film was filmed in England, but took place in the West Indies? Treasure Island 02/26/2015
Why was the ship in Treasure Planet called the RLS Legacy? It was a tribute the author of the book Treasure Island ... Robert Louis Stevenson 02/17/2017
The film Treasure Island is based on a book by what famous author? Robert Louis Stevenson 10/30/2017

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