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In Tarzan, during the campground scene, a character from another Disney Full Length Animated Feature can be seen on the table. Who is it? Mrs Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast 03/09/2000
In the Animated Feature Tarzan, what is Jane's Last Name? Porter 02/15/2000
In 1999 Disney had 2 songs from 2 different films nominated for Academy Awards (Toy Story 2 When She Loved Me and Tarzan You'll Be In My Heart.) What was the last year Disney accomplished this feat and the films that were nominated? The year was 1977. The films were the Rescuers for Someone's Waiting For You and Pete's Dragon for Candle on the Water. 04/22/2002
Who provided the vice of Jane Porter in Tarzan? Minnie Driver 05/22/2002
When Jane first meets the monkeys in Tarzan, what do they take from her? A Red Umbrella 02/11/2003
Match the following Disney Characters with their male counterpart to make a "Disney Couple": Belle Ariel Jane Mulan Bo Peep Perdita Megara Belle: Beast, Ariel: Prince Eric, Jane: Tarzan, Mulan: Li Shang, Bo Peep: Woody, Perdita: Pongo, Megara: Hercules 02/24/2003
In Tarzan where are Jane and her father from? London 03/25/2003
Which 2 songs from Disney Full length Animated Features are sung when the main character changes from a child to an adult? Hakuna Matata (Lion King) and Son of Man (Tarzan) 05/14/2003
What is the name of Tarzan's adoptive mother gorilla? Kala 06/02/2003
Which Disney Full Length Animated Feature was the first to release international versions of its songs performed by the same artist? Tarzan. The artist was Phil Collins who sang 4 songs in the movie. He recorded the songs in French, German, Spanish and Italian. 06/25/2003
What characters from Beauty & the Beast make a cameo appearance in the camp scene of Tarzan? Chip and Mrs Potts 01/26/2004
In Tarzan, when Jane first meets the baboobs, what do they take from her first? Her Boot 02/24/2004
In the Disney animated film Tarzan, which popular actress provided the voice talent of Kala? Glenn Close 07/14/2004
Name 2 characters from Disney Full Length Animated Features who, as infants, are held by their mother in a rowboat. Tarzan and Quasimodo 01/06/2005
In Tarzan, what disney character falls out of the professer's pocket when he is turned upside down by the gorillas? Little Brother from Mulan 04/13/2005
What popular all boy band joined Phil Collins on "Trashin the Camp" in Tarzan? N'Sync 05/19/2005
What Disney Full Length Animated Feature is the song "Stangers Like Me" from? Tarzan 06/10/2005
In 'Tarzan' which music artist provided the pulsating rhythm of his songs during the film? Phil Collins 10/14/2005
Who composed the music and lyrics for Tarzan? Phil Collins 07/16/2007
What Disney film has a character named Tantor? Tarzan 02/05/2008
In Tarzan, what is Jane's last name? Porter 10/08/2008
What is the name of the leader of the gorillas in Tarzan? Kerchak 08/18/2009
In what year did Tarzan's Treehouse open in Disneyland? 1999 07/22/2010
Which American boy band joined Phil Collins on "Trashin The Camp" from "Tarzan"? N Sync 06/30/2011
What is the name of the technique created by Disney for use in Tarzan, which allows 2D hand-drawn characters to exist seamlessly in a fully 3D environment? Deep Canvas 06/01/2012
In Tarzan, to see how Tarzan's body would move while sliding down a log, the animators based his movement on what pro skateboarder? Tony Hawk 10/02/2012
Tarzan has a scene where a toy Disney dog drops out of the professor's pocket. What dog is it? Little Brother from Mulan 12/12/2012
"Two Worlds" is a song from which Disney film? Tarzan 06/06/2013
Who is the voice of Terk in the 1999 Disney movie "Tarzan"? Rosie O'Donnell 01/31/2014
What does Tantor think Tarzan is, when he is swimming in the water? A Piranha 06/18/2014
What was the first Walt Disney Full Length Feature Animation to win an Academy Award since Tarzan? Frozen 09/04/2014
What was the first Walt Disney Animation Studios motion picture to win an Academy Award since Tarzan? Frozen 12/12/2014
What is the name of Janes father in Tarzan? Professor Archimedes Quincy Porter 01/20/2015
What was the last full length feature animation to win an Academy Award before Frozen? Tarzan 12/28/2015
Who did animators use as a model to animate Tarzan sliding down the trees? Pro Skater Tony Hawk 02/01/2016
What was the name of the new drawing technique created by Disney for use in creating Tarzan that allowed 2D hand drawn characters to exist seamlessly in a 3D environment? Deep canvas 05/03/2016
For which song did the film Tarzan win the 2000 Academy Award for Best Song? You ll Be in My Heart 11/14/2016
In what full length animated feature is the song Two Worlds from? Tarzan 07/12/2017
What was the first Disney Animation Feature to win an Academy award since Tarzan? Frozen 12/07/2017

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