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How many branches are on the swiss family treehouse in Walt Disney World? 600 02/20/1999
What type of tree is the Swiss Family Treehouse intended to be? Banyan 09/04/2002
What is the more common name for Disneyodendron eximus ? The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse in Walt Disney World 05/07/2003
Who was the author of the book The Swiss Family Robinson? Johann Wyss 02/10/2005
What Disney Villain led the pirates who terrorized the Swiss Family Robinson? Kuala 06/07/2005
Who led the pirates who terrorized the Swiss Family Robinson? Kuala 09/12/2005
In The Swiss Family Robinson, what does Mrs. Robinson rename the island? New Switzerland 02/06/2006
What are the names of the Captain's dogs rescued by the Swiss Family Robinson? Duke and Turk 05/12/2006
Who were the three sons in Swiss Family Robinson? Fritz, Ernst and Francis 07/05/2006
In the feature film Swiss Family Robinson, what name does Francis give to the baby elephant that he captures? Rocky 10/12/2006
In Swiss Family Robinson, the family rescues 2 dogs named Duke and Turk, what type dogs are they? Great Danes 01/16/2008
In which Disney film will you find the characters Turk and Duke? Swiss Family Robinson 05/11/2009
What is the "latin name" for the Swiss Family Treehouse at the Magic Kingdom? Disneyodendron eximus 04/23/2010
What actress played mothers in Swiss Family Robinson, Old Yeller, and Summer Magic? Dorothy McGuire 07/01/2010
Where in Disney can you find a tree species called Banyan? The Swiss Family Treehouse 08/05/2010
What is the name of the donkey in 'The Swiss Family Robinson'? Lightning 12/10/2010
Who wrote the original 'Swiss Family Robinson' novel? Johann David Wyss 01/06/2011
Who played Mother in The Swiss Family Robinson? Dorothy McGuire 03/10/2011
Which Swiss Family Robinson brother chose to leave the island? Ernst 04/27/2011
How many children do the Robinsons have in The Swiss Family Robinson and what are their names? 3 Sons Fritz, Ernst, and Francis 01/20/2012
What are the three original Walt Disney World Adventure Land attractions that opened in 1971 and are still operating? The Swiss Family Treehouse, Jungle Cruise, and the Enchanted Tiki Room 06/15/2012
Being a hug fan of the film Swiss Family Robinson, what famous director used the name of someone responsible in the film for their own blockbuster movie? George Lucas named Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars after the director of Swiss Family Robinson, Ken Annakin 07/17/2014
With George Lucas being a huge fan of the movie Swiss Family Robinson, which character did he name in his Star Wars films from the Disney Film? Anakin Skywalker was named after the director of the film, Ken Annakin. 03/03/2016
What Disney Live Film had its filming delayed by rain in Tobago? Swiss Family Robinson 08/10/2016
In what Disney Film can you hear the song Swisskapolka? Swiss Family Robinson 05/02/2017
In what Disney film can you hear the song... Swisskapolka? Swiss Family Robinson 02/07/2018
What Disney Live Action Films was filmed on the Island of Tabago? Swiss Family Robinson 10/17/2018

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