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How many speakers are on one train of the Disney MGM Studios ride Rockin roller coaster featuring Aerosmith?? 126 06/01/2001
The "Disney Archives" were founded in 1970. Who founded them? Dave Smith 07/31/2003
In the Full Length Animated Feature Pocahontas, where do John Smith and Pocahontas first meet? At the waterfall 11/27/2003
What actor provided the voice of John Smith in Pocahontas? Mel Gibson 12/08/2003
In Pocahontas, what does John Smith feed Meeko? A Biscuit 05/11/2005
What is the name of the town's blacksmith in So Dear To My Heart? Uncle Hiram 03/23/2006
In Pocahontas who provides the singing voice for John Smith? Mel Gibson (Along with the speaking voice) 02/16/2007
What is the name of John Smith's ship in Pocahontas? The Susan Constant 08/18/2008
Who composed the music for Soarin'? Jerry Goldsmith 02/22/2010
What Pocahontas and John Smith song was dropped from Pocahontas? If I Never Knew You 05/10/2011
What was Mr. Incredible's civilian name originally going to be before it was decided to use Robert Parr? Bob Smith 01/30/2012
What does Pocahontas think is the gold that John Smith is talking about? Corn 07/31/2014
When John Smith is trying to explain what gold is to Pocahontas, what does she bring him? Corn 01/02/2015
What does Pocahontas give John Smith to help with his pain? Willow Bark which contains the same chemical as aspirin 11/18/2016
Pocahontas is portrayed in the film as being much older than she actually was when she saved John Smith. Actually how old was she when she saved John Smith in real history? 10 01/19/2017
In Pocahontas, what does John Smith feed to Meeko? A Biscuit 12/20/2017
In Pocahontas, what object does Meeko steal from John Smith? His Compass 09/20/2018

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