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What is the name of the new Movie Disney is releasing where Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney? Saving Mr Banks 12/17/2013
Saving Mr Banks was the first theatrical movie with Walt Disney as a lead or supporting character since 1941. What film in 1941 did he appear in? The Reluctant Dragon 04/07/2014
Which one of the Sherman Brothers walked with a limp as depicted in Saving Mr Banks due to be shot in the war? Robert Sherman 06/13/2014
In Saving Mr Banks, what name did Mrs Travers want the song Lets Go Fly a Kite to be changed to and why? Let Us Go and Fly a Kite, because it was proper English 06/17/2014
In Saving Mr Banks, a map is seen on the wall in the office of Walt Disney, what is it a map of? A map of Florida where the location of what would become Walt Disney World is marked 08/06/2014
In Saving Mr Banks it is said Bob Sherman has a limp from being shot in the leg. Where was he shot? During his service in World War II 09/08/2014
When interviewed during the filming of Saving Mr banks, what did Tom Hanks state was his favorite Walt Disney Production film? 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 09/15/2014
In Saving Mr Banks, what is the name of PL Travers father, the character that Mr Banks is based on in Mary Poppins? Travers Goff 12/11/2014
During the office scene of Saving Mr Banks, what map is visible in Walts Office? A Map of Florida 05/11/2015
What line did Disney workers use when Walt was approaching their location and what movie is it adopted from? Hint .. it is said in Saving Mr Banks Man is in the forest... and it was adopted from Bambi 08/12/2015
To prepare himself to play the role of Walt Disney in Saving Mr Banks, where did Tom Hanks make repeated visits to? The Walt Disney Family Museum in California 01/11/2016
When being interviewed while filming Saving Mr Banks, what did Tom Hanks say was his favorite Walt Disney directed film? 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 07/19/2016
According to the Sherman Brothers it wasnt Lets Go Fly a Kite that warmed PL Travers up as depicted in Saving Mr Banks but instead it was what song? Feed the Birds 08/24/2017
What Disney film was selected by the Library of Congress in December of 2013 for preservation in the National Film Registry? Mary Poppins - and it was done only days before the release of Saving Mr Banks 08/16/2018

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