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In The Santa Clause Movie, who delivered the lists of good and bad children? Fed Ex 08/05/2003
In The Santa Clause, what company delivers Santa's Good and Bad List? Fed Ex 12/10/2003
In the motion picture The Santa Clause, what does Scott Calvin do for a living? He designs toys 12/20/2005
In The Santa Clause, what did the elves use to open the jail cel to free Santa? Tinsel 12/11/2009
In The Santa Clause, what does the acronym E.L.F.S. stand for? Effective Liberating Flight Squad 12/18/2009
In Disney's the Santa Clause what actor was the part of Santa originally written for? Bill Murray 12/20/2012
How long did it take Judy the elf to perfect her hot cocoa recipe in "The Santa Clause" trilogy? 1,200 Years 12/21/2012

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