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In Walt Disney World, what is the name of the lake located near the Yacht & Beach Club and Boardwalk Resorts? Crescent Lake 01/28/1999
Which Resort at Walt Disney World has the largest amount of rooms? The Caribbean Beach with 2,112 04/08/1999
What opened first in Walt Disney World?...The Port Orleans Resort or the Dixie Landings Resort ? The Port Orleans Resort opened first on May 7, 1991. The Dixie Landings Resort opened on February 2, 1992 02/16/2000
What Walt Disney Resort has a Pepper Market? Coronado Springs 06/04/2002
What Disney On-site Resort hotel currently holds the largest amount of rooms? The Port Orleans with 3,056 Rooms (It use to be the Caribbean Beach) 06/20/2002
How many times has a WDW theme park or in fact the entire resort been closed to the public since it first opened in 1971? 3 times. Once resort wide in September 1999 for Hurricane Floyd; resort wide on September 11th, 2001 due to the terror attacks on America; and Epcot only on July 17th, 2002 due to a power outage. 07/18/2002
Which Disney Resort was used in the Beach Boys music video for the song Kokomo? The Grand Floridian 12/06/2002
What is the name of the river in Walt Disney World that flows by the Port Orleans Riverside and Frech Quarter Resort? The Sassagoula River 02/26/2003
At what 2 Walt Disney Resorts can guests participate in lady bug releases? The Wilderness Lodge and the Polynesian 01/13/2004
What resort was originally planned to be built on the site where Disney Grand Floridian now stands in Walt Disney World Disney's Asian Resort 02/10/2004
Of all the resorts on the monorail loop in Walt Disney World, which one has the fewest rooms? The Polynesian 04/23/2004
What was the original name of the golf resort Shades of Green in Walt Disney World? The Disney Inn 05/13/2004
What was the first official Disney Vacation Club resort developed off of the property of Walt Disney World? Disney's Vero Beach Resort 06/04/2004
What popular attraction was originally designed by Marc Davis for the Mineral King Resort? The Country Bear Jamboree 09/22/2004
What are the available methods of transportation for Walt Disney World resort guests to travel to EPCOT? Bus, Boat and Monorail 10/19/2004
How many villages are there in The Caribbean Beach Resort in Walt Disney World? 5, each named for a different Caribbean island. 01/05/2005
What is the name of the walkway around the Seven Seas Lagoon where Walt Disney World Resort guests can purchase bricks with their own inscriptions on them? Walk Around the World 01/24/2005
Which of Walt Disney?s ?Nine Old Men? designed one of the 75 InspEARations statues currently on display at the Disneyland Resort? Ollie Johnston 03/07/2005
What is the name of the island on which the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is located? Lantau Island 09/21/2005
What was the second mountain to appear at the Walt Disney World Resort? Big Thunder Mountain 12/15/2005
What new attraction at the Disneyland Paris Resort now exists at all 5 Magic Kingdom style theme parks? Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast 04/20/2006
Where can Disney guests find the Great Ceremonial House? The Polynesian Resort in WDW 12/08/2006
What were the first two resorts at Walt Disney World? The Contemporary and Polynesian 03/29/2007
Disney's Polynesian Resort in WDW is home to the "Nanea" Volcano-themed pool, what does Nanea mean? tranquil 07/03/2007
Which WDW resort has a swimming pool in the shape of a bowling pin? Pop Century 03/05/2008
What is the name of the pool slide at Walt Disney World's Boardwalk Resort? The Keister Coaster 01/01/2009
What are the only Walt Disney World Resorts to have a direct connection to the monorail system? The Contemporary, Polynesian, and Grand Floridian 05/20/2009
What is the name of the restaurant located on the 15th floor of the Contemporary Resort? The California Grill 06/04/2009
At what resort can you eat in an old cotton mill? Port Orleans Riverside 06/22/2009
Of the 4 hotels at the Disneyland Resort in California which one is fictional? The Hollywood Tower Hotel 07/13/2009
What is the name of the resort nearest to Animal Kingdom? Animal Kingdom Lodge 08/07/2009
How many different All Star Resorts are there in Walt Disney World and what are they themed after? 3 Movies, Sports, Music 09/18/2009
Where in Walt Disney World can you take swim in the Hippy Dippy Pool? Pop Century Resort 11/19/2009
In what city is the Disneyland Paris Resort located? Marne-la-Vallée 01/18/2010
If you depart the Magic Kingdom via the Resort Monorail and disembark at the second stop, where are you? The Ticket and Transportation Center 03/02/2010
How many WDW resort hotels have stops on the monorail route? 3 05/17/2010
What WDW resort features two 55-foot-tall totem poles in its lobby? Wilderness Lodge 05/28/2010
Which Walt Disney World Resort has a 16-foot Ijele mask on display in the lobby? Animal Kingdom Lodge 07/29/2010
What song would be played by the musical notes seen across the registration desk at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort-French Quarter? When the Saints Go Marching In 07/30/2010
What comedian was present for the dedication of the Contemporary Resort, as well as the groundbreaking for the Disney-MGM Studios? Bob Hope 09/29/2010
Where can Chef Mickey's restaurant be found at Walt Disney World? The Contemporary Resort 01/05/2011
What was the original name of the golf resort Shades of Green in Walt Disney World? The Disney Inn 01/11/2011
In what Walt Disney World Resort can you find the Meadow Swimmin' Pool? Fort Wilderness 02/22/2011
What Walt Disney World resort is described as a piece of the Great Northwest in Florida? The Wilderness Lodge 06/02/2011
Which Walt Disney World Resort did the Beach Boys use as a backdrop for their music video for the song Kokomo? The Grand Floridian 06/17/2011
Which Walt Disney World resort is named for the explorer who searched for the legendary Seven Cities of Gold? Coronado Springs Resort 07/08/2011
What are the two means of transportation that Downtown Disney is accessible to from the resorts? Bus and Ferryboat 07/20/2011
Which Walt Disney World Resort golf course was closed to make way for the new Golden Oak community and Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World® Resort? Eagle Pines 01/18/2012
What is the newest value resort at Walt Disney World that is soon to open and what are the names of its themed areas? Art of Animation... themed areas Finding Nemo, Cars, The Lion King and the Little Mermaid 04/23/2012
Where in Walt Disney World can you find the Gurgling Suitcase bar? Old Key West Resort 05/03/2012
Which attraction at Disneyland is only one-third the length of the same at Walt Disney World Resort? The Monorail 08/03/2012
Approximately how long would it take if you wanted to stay in all the guest rooms in all of the hotels and resorts currently open on Walt Disney World property at a rate of one room per night? Over 61 years 08/06/2012
In what Walt Disney World Resort can you find a bar called The Gurgling Suitcase? Old Key West Resort 05/30/2013
Where in Walt Disney World is the Side Show Arcade? Boardwalk Resort 07/02/2013
Where in Walt Disney World could you find the Whispering Canyon Cafe? Wilderness Lodge Resort 10/18/2013
During the initial development of the Walt Disney World Resort in the late 1960s which current resort was supposed to be an Asian themed resort? The Grand Floridian 01/29/2014
At which Walt Disney World Resort did John Lennon signed the paperwork that officially ended The Beatles? The Polynesian 07/07/2014
Which Walt Disney Resort has the motto: "Aita Peatea" which means "There will be another day tomorrow just like today"? The Polynesian 05/19/2017
Where in Walt Disney World can you find the Grand Canyon Concourse? The Contemporary Resort 03/07/2018
Where did Disney open its first ESPN Club? At the Boardwalk Resort in Walt Disney World 12/27/2018

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