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Who provided the voice of Anton Ego in Ratatouille? Peter O'Toole 08/10/2009
In Ratatouille when Linguini is trying to find a place for Remy to hide, it is revealed his boxers have a logo on them from what Disney / Pixar film? The Incredibles 05/23/2012
In which city is the Disney film Ratatouille based? Paris 06/07/2013
What is Linguini's nickname for Remy in Ratatouille? Little Chef 12/11/2013
In Up the plates and silverware found in Charles Muntz's blimp came from what other Disney Pixar Film? Ratatouille 12/18/2013
In Ratatouille, what type of food dish is the first one that Remy makes at Gusteaus Restaurant? Soup 05/16/2014
In which city is the Disney film Ratatouille based? Paris 08/25/2014
In what City is Ratatouille based? Paris 12/21/2015
In Ratatouille what is the name of Chedf Gusteaus cookbook? Anyone can cook 10/07/2016
What is the name of Remys younger brother in Ratatouille? Emile 11/30/2016

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