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In Hercules, Hades promised not to harm Megara provided that Hercules give up his strength. How long did he have to agree to give up his strength for? 24 Hours 03/24/1999
What is the name of the school Hercules attends in the animated series Disney's Hercules? Prometheus Academy 07/08/2003
What color was not prominently used in Pocahontas until the final scene just before the battle in order to make it more dramatic? Red 12/22/2005
What daily occurrence starts with 'we promise to share, we promise to care….'? The Doodlebop's Pledge 12/28/2007
In Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora's mother does not have a name in the movie, but in promotional materials she was given one. What was is? Queen Leah 04/17/2013
Which film is this line from that was ad libbed by the actor providing the voice...... Flowers, chocolates, promises you dont intend to keep ? Beauty and the Beast by David Ogden Stiers who provided the voice of Cogsworth 06/15/2015
In Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too, what does Rabbit make Tigger promise he will never do again? Bounce 01/26/2018

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