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In the 1960 Disney Film The Parent Trap, what is the name of Susan\'s dance partner in the dance scene? Wilfred 05/21/2003
What is the name of the summer camp from The Parent Trap? Camp Inch 08/08/2005
In what movie did Hayley Mills play twin sisters Sharon and Susan? The Parent Trap 02/13/2006
In The Parent Trap, where do the girls meet? Camp Inch Summer Camp 04/28/2006
In the original feature film The Parent Trap, how old are the twins Sharon and Susan? 13 01/03/2007
In the original movie 'The Parent Trap', where does the girls' mother live? Boston 06/11/2007
What are the names of the twin sisters in 'The Parent Trap' (1998)? Hallie and Annie 09/20/2007
What's the name of the summer camp where twins Sharon and Susan meet in The Parent Trap? Camp Inch 02/26/2010
In the original Parent Trap - 1961 , what was the name of the isolation cabin at camp? Serendipity 02/23/2016
What is the first Disney Film where actress Hayley Mills plays twin sisters? The Parent Trap 03/13/2018
Which 1998 Disney Movie was Lindsay Lohans film debut? The Parent Trap 07/11/2018

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