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In Beauty and the Beast, how many egss does Gaston eat for breakfast? 5 Dozen 04/13/2001
According to Winnie the Pooh, what steals hunny? Heffalumps and Woozles 10/18/2004
What is the name of the motel in Cars run by Sally Caerra? The Cozy Cone Motel 12/04/2006
Who was cast as Ozma in Rainbow Road to Oz? Annette Funicello 06/15/2007
In Beauty and the Beast, hoiw many eggs did Gaston eat as a lad and when he was grown? As a lad 4 dozen. When he was grown 5 dozen 01/09/2009
According to Winnie the pooh what do Heffalumps and Woozles steal? Honey 09/21/2009
What classic movie did Candy Candido, the actor who supplies the voice of the prisoner in the graveyard scene of the Haunted Mansion, play a small but memorable part in? He was the voice of the angry apple tree in The Wizard of Oz 10/30/2009
What are "black, brown, up and down"? Heffalumps and Woozles 11/25/2009
What are the names of Winnie the Pooh's nightmare characters? Heffalumps and Woozles 10/22/2010
What 'The Aristocats' character is named for a famous composer? Berlioz 11/17/2010
In Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, who is "always watching"? Roz 11/26/2012
In the Wizard of Oz scene in the Great Movie Ride, the wicked witch appears on which side ... left or right? Right 12/16/2013
In Monsters University during her cameo at the end, what famous line does Roz say? Always watching 01/08/2014
In Cars, what is the name of Sally's motel? The Cozy Cone 03/04/2014
Who provides the voice of Anna in Frozen? Kristen Bell 03/25/2014
What was the event to happen to Elsa in Frozen that was the first thing ever to happen to a Disney Princess? She was the first Disney Princess to be crowned Queen in a film 07/18/2014
What film characters name is a clue to his characters purpose in providing comic relief and can be interpreted to mean oh laugh? Olaf from Frozen 08/08/2014
What was the first Walt Disney Full Length Feature Animation to win an Academy Award since Tarzan? Frozen 09/04/2014
In Frozen, what is Svens favorite food? Carrots 09/23/2014
In Frozen who is the adoptive mother of Kristoff and Sven? Bulda 10/02/2014
Johnny Depp was offered the role of Oz in the the movie.. Oz the Great and Powerful, but why did he have to turn it down? Depp liked the role but was already committed to filming The Lone Ranger 10/16/2014
What is the name of Hans horse in Frozen and what does the name mean in Norwegian? Sitron, and it is Norwegian for lemon 10/30/2014
In Frozen what is the name of the giant snow monster that Elsa creates? Marshmallow 11/19/2014
What was the first Walt Disney Animation Studios motion picture to win an Academy Award since Tarzan? Frozen 12/12/2014
At the start of Frozen, how old is Elsa? 8 02/03/2015
In Frozen, how many brothers does Prince Hans have? 12 02/09/2015
Which Disney character makes a cameo as a stuffed animal in frozen? Mickey Mouse 04/15/2015
In Frozen, when Anna first meets Olaf, what gift does she give him? A carrot for his nose 05/04/2015
In Frozen, what is the name of Elsas ceremony dubbing her as the new monarch of Arendelle? Coronation 05/12/2015
Who was the first woman to direct a Disney Full Length Animated Feature and what film was it that she directed? Jennifer Lee and the film was Frozen 05/19/2015
In Frozen, where is Hans from? The Southern Isles 07/10/2015
In Frozen what is Anna and Elsas favorite food? Chocolate 07/21/2015
What is Pooh and the rest of the hundred acre wood gang afraid of? Heffalumps and Woozles 08/26/2015
What part did Frozen co-stars Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell both audition fore before getting the roles of Ana and Elsa in Frozen? Rapunzel in Tangled 08/27/2015
Who was the first female to direct a Disney Animated Film and what film was it? Jennifer Lee and she directed Frozen 11/12/2015
What was the last full length feature animation to win an Academy Award before Frozen? Tarzan 12/28/2015
What was the name of the short sequel film of Frozen that was shown before the live action version of Cinderella? Frozen Fever 03/08/2016
At the beginning of frozen, how old is Elsa? 8 03/23/2016
In Frozen what is the name of the place where Elsa builds her castle? The North Mountain 06/06/2016
In Frozen, at Elsas coronation, what other Disney Princess makes a cameo appearance? Rapunzel 07/29/2016
In Frozen, what kind of hugs does Olaf like? Warm ones 08/29/2016
What is the name of the newspaper Roz is reading in Monsters Inc? The Daily Glob 09/19/2016
Oz the Great and Powerful was the second Oz related film that Disney did, what was the first ? Return to Oz from 1985 09/30/2016
In Frozen, how many salad plates does Elsa and Anna have? 8,000 10/17/2016
In Frozen, what other princess has a cameo appearance in the courtyard during Elsas coronation? Rapunzel 01/04/2017
In Frozen, what are the three colors that Elsas castle change to based on her emotions? Blue is happy, red is fear and yellow is anger. 02/15/2017
Josh Gad who stars as LeFou in the 2017 Live Version of Beauty and the Beast also provided the voice of what other well known Disney Character from a Full Length Animated Feature? Olaf from Frozen 03/17/2017
What Disney character made an appearance in Frozen as a stuffed animal? Mickey Mouse 09/29/2017
Which one of the kittens from The Aristocats is an aspiring musician? Berlioz 10/03/2017
In Frozen, what colors does Elsas castle change to with her emotions? Blue is happy, red is fear and yellow is anger 11/03/2017
What was the first Disney Animation Feature to win an Academy award since Tarzan? Frozen 12/07/2017
What two actors were first offered the role of Oz in Oz the Great and Powerful but had to turn it down? Robert Downey Jr and Johnny Depp 03/21/2018
In the Winnie the Pooh attraction what kind of creatures dis Pooh see in his nightmares? Heffalumps and Woozles 12/20/2018
Who are the character names Hans, Kristoff, Anna and Sven from Frozen a tribute to? Hint... say the names quickly in sequence Hans Christian Andersen, the author of The Snow Queen 01/04/2019
What 2 characters from Tangled can be spotted making a cameo appearance in Frozen as part of the crowd when the palace gates open during Elsas coronation? Rapunzel and Flynn 02/07/2019
In Frozen, the old troll tells Elsa that her magic has what two characteristics? Beauty and Danger 03/15/2019

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