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What was the name of the dragon (god wanna be) in Mulan and who provided his voice? Mushu by Eddie Murphy 04/07/1999
In Mulan, who is the leader of the Huns? San Yu 02/02/2000
What character in Mulan always has a black eye? Yao 08/28/2002
When Grandmother Fa gives Mulan an apple, what does it represent? Serenity 09/05/2002
In what Disney Animated Feature does Donny Osmond perform a song and which song is it? "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan 09/11/2002
In what Dinsey Animated Feature can you hear the line: "Beef, Pork, Chicken mmmmmmmm" and what character says it? Mulan; Chien-Po 09/19/2002
In Mulan before Mushu comes to life, what type of object is he? An incense burner 10/21/2002
In what Disney Full Length animated feature can you find a character named "The Matchmaker"? Mulan 11/21/2002
What is the nick name given to the characters of Yao, Ling, and Chien Po from Mulan? The Gang of Three 12/23/2002
What is the name of Mulan's dog? Little Brother 02/05/2003
Match the following Disney Characters with their male counterpart to make a "Disney Couple": Belle Ariel Jane Mulan Bo Peep Perdita Megara Belle: Beast, Ariel: Prince Eric, Jane: Tarzan, Mulan: Li Shang, Bo Peep: Woody, Perdita: Pongo, Megara: Hercules 02/24/2003
What name does Mulan use when she joins the army to fight the huns ? Ping 06/30/2003
Acress June Foray provided the voice of Grandmother Fa in Mulan. What character did she provide a voice for in a Disney Full Length Animated Feature 48 years earlier? Lucifer the Cat in CInderella 07/10/2003
What two fathers from Disney Full Length Animated Features accuse their daughters of shaming them? Powhatan (Father of Pocahontas) & Fa Zhou (Father of Mulan) 11/14/2003
What is the nickname given to the characters of Yao, Ling and Chien Po from Mulan? The Gang of Three 01/30/2004
In what Disney Full Length Animated Feature can you hear the line: "Beef, pork, chicken, mmmmm" and wh says it? Mulan and it is said by Chien-Po 02/26/2004
In Mulan when she is asked at the camp what her name is, what name does Mushu give her to use first (as a Joke)? Achoo 07/02/2004
Which of these Disney Princesses is actually a princess by birth: Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, or Mulan? Ariel 08/16/2004
In Mulan when retrieving the arrow from the high post, what did the two heavy medalions represent? Discipline and strength 11/18/2004
In Tarzan, what disney character falls out of the professer's pocket when he is turned upside down by the gorillas? Little Brother from Mulan 04/13/2005
What was the first Disney animated feature to be entirely drawn in Florida at Disney's MGM Studios? Mulan 04/15/2005
In Mulan, who dressed up as concubines? Ling, Yao, Chien-po 06/24/2005
What color are the horses that Imperial Soldiers ride in Mulan? White 06/30/2005
Lea Salonga provided the singing voice for what two Disney Princesses? Jasmine and Mulan 07/18/2005
Mushu from Mulan is mainly red, but what color is his stomach? Yellow 07/27/2005
?The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all?, is a reference to which Disney animated character? Mulan 11/10/2005
Finish this line from, "A Girl Worth Fighting for", from Disney's Mulan. "I've a girl back home, who's unlike any other. Yeah the only girl who'd love him is his ___________" Mother 03/15/2007
In "Mulan" three of the men dress up as women. Which three men were they? Yao, Chien-Po and Ling 03/20/2007
What is the name given to Mulan's horse? Khan 03/23/2007
What guardian was intended to go an rescue Mulan? The Great Stone Dragon 04/18/2007
In Mulan, what type of flower does Mushu say the Huns pop out of the snow? Daisies 04/19/2007
What Disney song starts with the line "Lets get down to business"? I'll Make a Man out of You from Mulan 05/04/2007
What are the missing words from this song line from Mulan? "You're unsuited for the rage of war, so pack up, ________, you're through!" Go Home 06/06/2007
What is the ending of this song line from Mulan? "Tranquil as a ______" Forest 08/01/2007
What type of flower does Mushu say the Huns pop out of the snow like in Disney's "Mulan"? Daisies 09/28/2007
What Disney movie does the song Reflection come from? Mulan 11/23/2007
In Mulan, what do the two medals represent that the soldiers in training must carry to the top of the pole? Discipline and Strength 03/10/2008
Who sings 'I'll Make A Man Out Of You' from 'Mulan'? Donny Osmand 04/24/2008
In Mulan when trying to trick the Huns by dressing as women, what fruit fell from Ling's dress? An Apple 04/30/2008
In Mulan, who claims to be King of the Rock? Yao 05/14/2008
When Mulan arrived at the training camp and got in a fight with the men, what food was spilled on the ground that they were to spend the day cleaning up? Rice 06/11/2008
In Mulan in the song "Honor to us All" what gifts were presented to Mulan from her grandmother? She was given an apple for serenity, a pendant for balance, beads of jade for beauty, and a cricket for good luck. 06/24/2008
What is the name of Mulans Dog? Little Brother 08/27/2008
What were the new soldier recruits in Mulan told to pick up before they started their training the next day? Every grain of rice 09/29/2008
Who Said "Ah, I see you have a sword! I have one too."? Mulan 11/20/2008
What is the name of Mulan's Cricket Friend? Cri-Kee 04/02/2009
Who provided the voice of Mulan? Ming-Na Wen 05/28/2009
In the full-length animated feature Mulan, what song does Captain Li Shang sing while training his new recruits? Ill Make a Man Out of You 01/25/2010
# In what movie can you hear the line "Beef, pork, chicken, mmmmm" and which character said it? In Mulan by Chien-Po 03/11/2010
What was the name of the animated dragon played by Eddie Murphy in Mulan? Mushu 06/30/2010
What Disney Song is this line from? Tranquil as a forest, but on fire within Mulan - I'll Make a Man out of You 08/23/2010
What story was told in China for almost 1,500 years before it was made into a Disney movie? Mulan 08/30/2010
Who was the leader of the Huns in Mulan? Shan-Yu 09/16/2010
Who sings the line, 'If I were to truly be myself, I would break my family's heart'? Mulan 03/15/2011
Who are the 3 princesses in Mulan 2 that she has to guard? Princesses Ting-Ting, Su, and Mei 11/23/2011
In Mulan, what does Chi Fu's name literally mean in Chinese? Bully 09/07/2012
What insect is considered good luck in China according to the film Mulan? Crickets 09/11/2012
What was the first Disney full length feature animation film to openly deal with warfare? Mulan 10/01/2012
After receiving the recognition from the Emperor of China, what does Mulan do? She hugs him 10/22/2012
Tarzan has a scene where a toy Disney dog drops out of the professor's pocket. What dog is it? Little Brother from Mulan 12/12/2012
According to the animated feature Mulan, what bugs are considered a symbol of good luck in China? Crickets 03/21/2013
Originally, in Mulan which guardian did the ancestors want to send to get Mulan back? The Great Stone Dragon 04/12/2013
What was first Disney movie to feature people who have belly buttons? Mulan 06/03/2013
In Mulan, by what nickname does Mushu call the Great Stone Dragon after the statue breaks apart? Stoney 07/29/2013
What actor provides the voice for Shang in the Chinese release of Mulan? Jackie Chan 08/05/2013
What is the name of Mulan's beheaded ancestor spirit? Fa Deng 08/29/2013
After arriving at the training camp Mulan gets into a fight and spills what kind of food that they are told to pick up? Rice 09/09/2013
When Mushu discovers that Mulan is a woman what does he say to Mulans Horse? And what are you, a sheep? 10/03/2013
What actor was originally cast as the voice of Li Shang in Mulan? Bruce Willis 11/11/2013
What two things does the Emperor give Mulan at the end of the film? The Emperor's Medal and Shan Yu's Sword 11/21/2013
What is the name of Mulans Horse? Khan 11/22/2013
When the soldiers in Mulan were told to retrieve the 2 medals at the top of the pole, what were they told what the 2 medals stood for? Discipline and Strength 05/05/2014
In Mulan, what does the Emperor say at the end of the film to Shang regarding Mulan? You dont meet a girl like that every dynasty. 06/19/2014
in Mulan, what is Mushu riding on when delivering the fake battle orders and what does he call it? A panda bear and he called it a black and white 07/14/2014
In Mulan what secret does Cri-Kee reveal to Mushu? That he is not actually lucky 09/12/2014
How does Mulan win the battle against the Hun army in the mountains? By creating an avalanche 10/28/2014
In which Disney film will you hear the song Reflection? Mulan 03/06/2015
Who was originally cast to play the part of Li Shang in Mulan? Bruce Willis 04/20/2015
What is the name of Mulans Horse? Khan 06/09/2015
What two gifts did the emperor give Mulan at the end of the film? The Medal of the Emperor and the sword of Shan Yu 06/12/2015
Who was originally cast for the voice of Li Shang in Mulan? Bruce Willis 06/16/2015
What does Mulans name mean? wood orchid or magnolia 08/31/2015
As part of her test, what must Mulan serve to the match maker? Tea 10/02/2015
Does Mulan write left handed or right handed? Left Handed 10/12/2015
What Disney Princess said ... With all due respect, your Excellency, I think Ive been away from home long enough ? Mulan 10/28/2015
When Mulan meets the matchmaker, what color is the umbrella she is carrying? Blue 12/18/2015
What was the first Full Length Feature Animation that was animated completely at the Florida Animation studio? Mulan 02/15/2016
Who provided the voice of Mushu in Mulan? Eddie Murphy 03/25/2016
What kind of bird does San Yu have in Mulan and what is its name? Hayabusa and it is a Falcon 04/18/2016
In Mulan there is writing on the rocket that is strapped to Mushu, when translated what does it mean? The Big Bamboo, a name of a lounge in Kissimmee where the animators liked to hand out 04/22/2016
What was the first full length feature animation to by Disney to deal openly with warfare? Mulan 05/04/2016
When Mushu wakes Mulan up in her tent what does he call her in the line to wake her up? Rise and Shine Sleeping Beauty 06/22/2016
What were the only 3 Full Length Feature Animations to be produced completely at the Disney MGM Florida Theme Park before it was closed in 2004 due to the need for more computer animation ? Mulan, Lilo and Stitch and Brother Bear 08/02/2016
What phrase used in Mulan almost made the film have a PG Rating? Your great granddaughter had to be a cross dresser 01/03/2017
What full length feature animation had the opening credits appear on rice paper done in water colors? Mulan 02/03/2017
In Mulan, what kind of bird does Shan Yu have? A Falcon 02/20/2017
What 2 things does the Emperor give Mulan at the end of the film? A medallion and the sword of Shan Yu 09/14/2017
What actor provided the voice of Mushu in Mulan? Eddie Murphy 10/12/2017
What is the name of Mulans horse? Khan 10/20/2017
What animated feature had the opening credits printed with watercolors on rice paper? Mulan 12/19/2017
When Mulan sings the song Reflections in the film there are writings of names on the stones in ancient Chinese, what is actually written on these temple stones? The names of Disney Animators who worked on the film 04/27/2018

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