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What is the official working title of the next Monsters Inc Disney Pixar movie that will actually be a prequel and released in 2013? Monsters University 06/12/2012
In Monsters University during her cameo at the end, what famous line does Roz say? Always watching 01/08/2014
What did the rest of this sign read? No pets are allowed on the Monsters University campus, with the exception of: Seeing eye snakes 01/23/2014
In Monsters University, what can be seen parked by the left of the ROR fraternity house during the party? The Pizza Planet Truck 11/26/2014
In Monsters University Randall has a poster in his and Mikes room. What does it say? Hint it is a reference to one of his lines in the first Monsters movie. Winds of Change: Shhh. Do you hear that? 02/11/2015
What is significant about the area code 510 on the phone number that can be seen on Don Carltons business card in Monsters University ? It is the same as Emeryville, California, where the Pixar studio is located 01/29/2016

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