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Question Answer Date
What river did Pecos Bill dig with a stick, in the animated segment of Melody Time? The Rio Grande 04/05/2005
According to the legend, what kind of animals helped to raise Pecos Bill in the animated feature Melody Time? Coyotes 08/18/2006
Which full length animated feature stars the characters Joe and Jenny in a cartoon entitled "Once Upon a Wintertime"? Melody Time 09/15/2006
Which animated/live-action feature included a sequence titled Trees? Melody Time 11/12/2009
What feature includes the short, Johnny Appleseed? Melody Time 05/10/2010
Who narrated the Johnny Appleseed animated segment from the 1948 feature "Melody Time"? Dennis Day 10/03/2012
In Melody Time who is Pecos Bills sweatheart? Slue Foot Sue 03/29/2017
What is the name of the tugboat in Melody Time? Little Toot 04/03/2017
In Melody Time, what city is home to Little Toot? New York 10/27/2017
What was the last Disney film to feature the singing of the Andrews Sisters? Melody Time 12/15/2017
In Melody Time, what is the name of Pecos Bills horse? Widowmaker 01/19/2018
What character from a Full Length Feature animation is named after a river that runs through Mexico and Texas? Pecos Bill from Melody Time named after the Pecos River 10/15/2018

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