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When does Mary Poppins say she will leave the Banks' house? When the WInd Changes 03/16/2001
In Mary Poppins, what animal was on the end of Mary Poppins' umbrella that spoke? A Parrot 02/12/1999
In Mary Poppins according to Bert, what brings one luck? Shaking hands with a chimney sweep, or blowing him a kiss 03/22/2000
What actress was originally considered to play the role of Mary Poppins until it was decided to be a musical? Bette Davis 05/07/2001
Who lives at #17 Cherry Tree Lane? The Banks Family from mary Poppins 07/27/2001
What song, from a Disney film, was considered to be Walt's favorite? "Feed The Birds" From Mary Poppins 10/08/2001
What Disney film was based on the works of P.L. Travers? Mary Poppins 12/21/2001
How did Mary Poppins "Measure Up?" Mary Poppins, Practically Perfect in Every Way. 05/21/2002
In Mary Poppins, what happens to Mr. Banks just before he sings the song: "A Man Has Dreams"? He gets fired from his job at the bank 09/06/2002
What are the names of 2 songs from Mary Poppins that are sung on rooftops? "Chim-Chim-Cher-ee" and "Step in Time" 12/30/2002
What are the names of 2 Disney Films that take place in 1910? Mary Poppins and the Aristocats 07/04/2003
What Disney Character said the following line: "Enough Is As Good As A Feast"? Mary Poppins 07/25/2003
In what Disney Movie was the song: "Practically Perfect In Every Way" removed from and not included in its original release? Mary Poppins 09/17/2003
What Disney attraction has the song Chim Chim Cheree from Mary Poppins playing in it? The Great Movie Ride in MGM Studious 09/30/2003
What song from Mary Poppins did Walt Disney ask the Sherman Brothers to play for him on Fridays? Feed the Birds 11/12/2003
When Mary Poppins arrives, in which direction is the wind coming from? The east 11/25/2003
According to Mary Poppins, what helps the medicine go down ? A spoonful of sugar 02/20/2004
What Disney Movie Profits were announced during Disneyland's 10th anniversary as being used to finance more additions to Disneyland? Mary Poppins 03/17/2004
What is know to be Walt Disney's favorite song from all of his movies? Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins 04/02/2004
In Mary Poppins, what is the name of Jane and Michael's mother? Winifred 05/14/2004
According to Mr Banks, how many nannies did they have before Mary Poppins? 6 06/18/2004
Who said "Enough is as good as a feast"? Mary Poppins 07/20/2004
In Mary Poppins, who is the last person to talk to Mary before she leaves? Bert 10/05/2004
What is the name of the bank that George Banks works at in Mary Poppins? The Fidelity Fiduciary Bank 10/07/2004
Which song from Mary Poppins contains the line: ?... Mary makes the sun shine bright...?? Jolly Holiday 12/27/2004
Fill in the blank from the "Mary Poppins" song "Jolly Holiday" : "you'd never think of pressing your advantage; forebearance is the ________ of your creed." Hallmark 03/28/2005
True or False. The Movie Mary Poppins was shot completely indoors. True, no scenes were filmed outside of the studio. 06/16/2005
In Mary Poppins, what time in the morning does Admiral Boom fire his cannon? 8am 06/27/2005
What organization is Mrs. Banks a part of in Mary Poppins? The Women's Suffrage Association 08/09/2005
According to George Banks, how many nannies have worked for the family prior to Mary Poppins? 6 09/01/2005
At the end of Mary Poppins, who is the only one to see Mary fly away? Bert 01/31/2006
What year did Mary Poppins debut in theaters? 1964 06/30/2006
What does Mary Poppins call the first game that she and the children play in the nursery? Well Begun is Half Done meaning "Let's Tidy up the Nursery 07/24/2006
According to Bert at the beginning of the live-action film Mary Poppins, who is ?responstable?? The Constable 09/05/2006
What's the longest single-word Disney song title? "Supercalifragilistic expialidocious" from Mary Poppins 11/13/2006
What is the only Disney film represented by Audio-Animatronics in The Great Movie Ride? Mary Poppins 04/10/2007
Who said this: 'A respectable person like me in a horse race? Certainly not! How dare you suggest such a thing!'? Mary Poppins 04/26/2007
Fill in the blank from the "Mary Poppins" song "Jolly Holiday" : "you'd never think of pressing your advantage; forebearance is the ________ of your creed." ? hallmark 05/29/2007
Which Disney film features the song 'Sister Suffragette'? Mary Poppins 09/18/2007
In "A Spoonful of Sugar", Mary Poppins sings that a spoonful of sugar will help the medicine go down in what type of way? Delightful 01/04/2008
In Mary Poppins, what is the phrase that Bert shouts out to his fellow chimney sweeps? Step in Time 01/18/2008
In Mary Poppins, what is Admiral Boom know for informing the people of Cherry Tree Lane of? The Time of Day 08/13/2008
Which Disney film features the song 'Sister Suffragette'? Mary Poppins 09/15/2008
Who played Bert in mary Poppins? Dick Van Dyke 01/12/2009
How many Academy Awards did Mary Poppins win? 5 03/12/2009
In Mary Poppins, how was George Banks employed? He is a banker 11/30/2009
What city did the Banks family from Mary Poppins live? London 12/10/2009
In Mary Poppins, what type of artwork does the Jolly Holiday exist within? Chalk Paintings 03/01/2010
What film’s proceeds helped fund construction of New Orleans Square in Disneyland? Mary Poppins 03/25/2010
In Mary Poppins, what famous American historical event was discussed with George Banks when he was being sacked by the bank? The Boston Tea Party 07/20/2010
Who is the last person to talk to 'Mary Poppins'? Bert 10/15/2010
When 'Mary Poppins' arrives, which direction is the wind coming from? The East 11/30/2010
What gift does Mr. Banks present to his children after he experiences a much-needed change of heart in Mary Poppins? A Kite 03/25/2011
In what city did the Banks family from Mary Poppins live? London 05/27/2011
According to the song from Mary Poppins, at what time does Mr. Banks pat Jane and Michael on the head and send them off to bed? 6:03 07/06/2011
What song from 'Mary Poppins' contains the line: 'Mary makes the sun shine bright'? Jolly Holiday 08/22/2011
What gift does Mr. Banks present to his children after he experiences a much-needed change of heart in 'Mary Poppins'? A kite 09/13/2011
What was the top grossing film of 1965, and the top grossing Disney film for 20 years? Mary Poppins 01/04/2012
What's on the end of Mary Poppins' umbrella handle? A Parrot 06/29/2012
Who provided the whistling for the animatronic robin during the song A Spoonful of Sugar in Mary Poppins? Julie Andrews 09/13/2012
Who designed Mary Poppins' traveling costume? Tony Walton, Julie Andrews' husband at the time 10/16/2012
In the Great Movie Ride, what scene is after Singing in the Rain? Mary Poppins 12/04/2012
How many words does Mary Poppins and Mrs. Banks speak to each other in the film? They never spoke a word to each other 02/06/2013
What was one of the the things Bert would sell as one of his jobs in Mary Poppins? Kites 04/01/2013
What was the top grossing film of 1965, and the top grossing Disney film for 20 years after that? Mary Poppins 08/02/2013
When Stanley Holloway was originally cast as Admiral Boom in Mary Poppins he turned it down because he was working on what other project? My Fair Lady 09/03/2013
In Mary Poppins, what was Mrs Banks' first name originally going to be? Cynthia 12/09/2013
What color is Mary Poppins Dress in the Great Movie Ride? Red 01/07/2014
Instead of making music recommendations, what team made many recommendations for the setting and plot in the film Mary Poppins? The Sherman Brothers 01/09/2014
In Mary Poppins, who provided the whistling for the animatronic robin during the song A Spoonful of Sugar. ? Julie Andrews 02/26/2014
Who did Walt Disney first began pursuing the rights to the book Mary Poppins in 1938? P.L. Travers 06/12/2014
In Saving Mr Banks, what is the name of PL Travers father, the character that Mr Banks is based on in Mary Poppins? Travers Goff 12/11/2014
The song .. Trust in Me from the Jungle Book was originally written for what other film and was going to be called ..Land of sand, but not used? Mary Poppins 12/17/2014
When Walt Disney created WED Enterprises .. now Imagineering he titled the new branch MAPO. Why did he give it that name? It is short for Mary Poppins and the release of the film allowed him the money to create it 01/05/2015
What prop was used in Mary Poppins that was found on a shelf in a janitors office in which the janitor found in a trash can and did want it thrown away? The Snowglobe which featured birds flying around a Cathedral for the Feed the Birds scene 01/21/2015
In Mary Poppins, who sings Step in Time? Bert 04/07/2015
According to Mary Poppins, how long will she stay with the Banks? Until the wind changes 06/11/2015
The song Trust in Me from Jungle book was originally written with the title Land of Sand for what other Disney Film? Mary Poppins 08/19/2015
What film did Walt Disney comment that it was one of the crowning achievements of his career? Mary Poppins 03/16/2016
Who was the inspiration behind the song Lets Go Fly a Kite from Mary Poppins? The father of the Sherman Brothers who actually made kites for neighborhood kids on the weekends as a hobby 05/09/2016
In Mary Poppins, Matthew Garber was paid an extra 10 cents for every take in filming the tea party scene as an incentive, why was this done? Because he was afraid of heights 05/31/2016
Who provided the voice of the parrot umbrella handle in Mary Poppins? David Tomlinson who played Mr Banks 07/22/2016
In Mary Poppins, what does Mary describe supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as sounding? Quite Atrocious 08/11/2016
Who were the main two runner up actresses up for the part of Mary Poppins? Angela Lansbury and Bette Davis 08/25/2016
In Mary Poppins, who provided the whistling for the animatronic Robin during the Spoonful of Sugar scene? Julie Andrews 12/13/2016
What role were the actresses Angela Lansbury, Mary Martin, and Bette Davis all considered for? Mary Poppins 02/08/2017
In Mary Poppins, who was the woman who was in the carriage and blew a kiss to Bert during the song Cim Chim Cheree? Larri Thomas, who was the stand in actress for Julie Andrews 03/06/2017
In Mary Poppins, who alerts Mary of the hysterical situation with Uncle Albert? Andrew the dog 04/20/2017
Other than Mary Poppins, what other film has a character named George Banks? Father of the Bride 04/27/2017
What is the name of the lullaby that Mary Poppins sings to Jane and Michael Banks? Stay Awake 05/16/2017
In what song from Mary Poppins does Bert sing the words ... you can dance on a breeze over houses and trees?? Lets Go Fly a Kite 05/31/2017
In Mary Poppins, what song does Mr Banks sing after being fired from the bank? A Man Has Dreams 07/18/2017
At the end of Mary Poppins, what does Mr Banks fix for Jane and Michael? A Kite 09/11/2017
In Mary Poppins when Mary gives the medicine to Michael, what does he say it tastes like? Strawberry 10/09/2017
Who wins the horse race in Mary Poppins? Mary 11/20/2017
What song in Mary Poppins do Jane and Michael give their approval for their new nanny? The Perfect Nanny 12/12/2017
Who serves as the narrator at the beginning of Mary Poppins? Bert .. played by Dick Van Dyke 01/05/2018
In the Mary Poppins song Feed the Birds how much does it cost to feed the birds? A Tuppence 03/19/2018
In Mary Poppins, who saves the irish Fox from the approaching hounds during the foxhunt? Bert 04/16/2018
What kind of a bag does Mary Poppins carry? A carpet bag 05/09/2018
In Mary Poppins, according to her tape measure who is extremely stubborn and suspicious? Michael Banks 06/06/2018
Who dies laughing in Mary Poppins? Mr Dawes Sr 06/12/2018
In Mary Poppins, who plays the part of the old banker Mr Dawes Sr.? Dick Van Dyke .. who also played Bert 07/30/2018
What Disney film was selected by the Library of Congress in December of 2013 for preservation in the National Film Registry? Mary Poppins - and it was done only days before the release of Saving Mr Banks 08/16/2018
Who was Jane and Michaels Nanny before Mary Poppins? Katie Nanna 09/10/2018
In the song Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins, who looks down on the bird woman as she sells her wares? The Saints and the Apostles 11/08/2018

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