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What town is the setting for the Disney Movie "The Love Bug?" San Francisco 04/04/2001
What town is the setting for the movie Love Bug? San Francisco 05/15/2002
What was the highest grossing 1969 film by Walt Disney Productions? The Love Bug 06/21/2004
What Walt Disney Productions feature was the highest grossing film of 1969? The Love Bug 01/13/2005
What city is the main setting for The Love Bug? San Francisco 08/02/2006
In the movie The Love Bug, where was Herbie's first motor race? Jack Rabbit Springs Raceway 11/20/2006
In what city is the 1969 Movie "The Love Bug" set in? San Francisco 02/09/2009
What is Herbies License plate number in The Love Bug? OFP-857 05/21/2014
What Disney film first used the name Herbie for a dog in it before being used in the Love Bug Movies? The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit 06/03/2014
What is the official color of Herbie the Love Bug? Volkswagen L87 pearl white 03/11/2015
On what novel is the Love Bug based on? Car, Boy, Girl 02/24/2016
What city was The Love Bug set in? San Francisco 11/01/2016

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