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In the Lion King, where does Mufasa and his family live? Pride Rock 03/21/2001
In the Lion King, where does Mufasa forbid Simba to go? The Elephant Graveyard 03/14/2000
What one thing do each of the following full length feature animations have in common? Bambi, Robin Hood, and Lion King? They all have an all animal cast 01/31/2000
In the Lion King, what is the name of Nala's Mother and what does her name mean? Sarafina and it means Shining Star 05/09/2001
What character was voiced by Matthew Broderick and Jonathan Taylor Thomas? Simba from the Lion King 10/26/2001
What Disney song starts with the line: "I know that your powers of retention are as wet as a warthog's backside?" "Be Prepared" from the Lion King 09/09/2002
What 3 main characters in Lion King sing the song: "I Can't Wait To Be King"? Nala, SImba and Zazu 11/05/2002
By what nickname does Simba refer to Zazu as in The Lion King and what does Zazu say the name should really be? Banana Beak but Zazu says it should be Mr. Banana Beak 02/13/2003
What 3 full length animated features had no humans shown in the film? Robin Hood, Bambi and Lion King 04/30/2003
What popular song by the 1960's group "The Tokens" does Timon sing in The Lion King? The Lion Sleeps Tonight 05/01/2003
What song from a Disney Full Length Feature Animation gives reference to: Birth, childhood, loss, youth, romance, adulthood, and rebirth? Circle of Life from The Lion King 05/12/2003
Which 2 songs from Disney Full length Animated Features are sung when the main character changes from a child to an adult? Hakuna Matata (Lion King) and Son of Man (Tarzan) 05/14/2003
In Toy Story, what song is playing in the car when Woody and Buzz are chasing it down the street? Hakuna Matata from Lion King 05/27/2003
What character from a Disney Full Length Animated feature says the following line: "I was first in line until the little hairball was born"? Scar from The Lion King 06/06/2003
What song from a Disney Full Length Feature Animation gives reference to: birth, childhood, loss, youth, romance, adulthood, and rebirth? The Circle of Life from the Lion King 07/16/2003
What is the missing word from this song lyric from The Lion King? "I Know that your powers of retention are as wet as a ___________ backside Warthog's 07/21/2003
When production first began on the Lion King, what was it originally called? King of the Jungle 08/04/2003
In Lion King II: Simba's Pride, what is the name of Scar's successor? Kovu 11/21/2003
Who hosts the DVD menu on The Lion King Special Edition DVD? Zazu 02/11/2004
What 2 Disney sidekicks from Full Length Animated Features appear together in an attraction in Adventureland in Walt Disney World? Iago and Zazu from Aladdin and Lion King 03/10/2004
What Disney Villain said: "I was the next in line until the little hairball was born"? Scar from The Lion King 06/17/2004
"I really like "lion" around and the song 'I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts'." What Villain Am I? Scar from The Lion King 07/09/2004
Where is the scar located on Scar form the Lion King? Over his left eye 07/19/2004
In The Lion King, who claims to be ?a Monkey?s Uncle?? Scar 03/23/2005
What is the name of Simba's mother from The Lion King? Serabe 04/11/2005
Finish this line from a popular Lion King song. "It's our problem-free ________, Hakuna Matata." Philosophy 04/19/2005
How many Golden Globe awards did 'The Lion King' win? 3 07/15/2005
In the full-length animated feature The Lion King, what song does Zazu attempt to sing before being told by Scar, ?No, no! Anything but that!?? It's A Small World 08/30/2005
Who did Elton John win an Oscar with for Best Song of 1994 for "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from The Lion King? Tim Rice 12/02/2005
From Disney's "Lion King", the song "Be Prepared", finish this line, "It's clear from your vacant expressions, the lights are not all on upstairs, but we're talking king and successions. Even you can't ___________" be caught unawares 05/08/2007
In Lion King, what name does Simba refer to Zazu as? Banana Beak 06/08/2007
In the Lion King, which hyena fell into the thorns when chasing Simba? Banzai 04/28/2008
At what point in "A Bug's Life" is there a reference made to The Lion King? When Hopper tells the ants why they should gather food for the grasshoppers, he mentions that it is a "circle of life thing". 05/02/2008
In the Lion King the elephant graveyard is beyond which border? The Northern Border 05/09/2008
In A Bugs Life when Flik walks through the city traffic in Bug City a sign advertises what popular broadway musical? Lion King on Broadway 07/15/2008
What nickname does Simba give Zazu in The Lion King? Banana Beak 08/20/2008
What kind of villains / animals interupt the song "Be Prepared" with their 'fool'ish questions? Hyenas (In the Lion King) 12/08/2008
Who refers to himself as a Monkey's Uncle in The Lion King? Scar 05/29/2009
When production first began on The Lion King, what was the working title? King of the Jungle 01/19/2011
What actor in 'The Lion King' improvised the line, 'What do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the hula?' Nathan Lane 08/02/2011
Over which eye is Scar's scar in Lion King? Left 10/13/2011
What star constellation is seen in the sky in the Lion King when Mufasa explains to Simba that the stars are old kings? Leo the Lion 11/09/2011
In the Lion King the song that Rafiki sings, 'Asante sana Squash banana, Wewe nugu mimi hapana' is Swahili for what? Thank you very much, Squash banana, You're a baboon and I'm not. 12/05/2011
What Disney movie did actor Gregory Peck's say was his favorite animated film, he also ranked it in his top five all time favorite movies? The Lion King 01/12/2012
Who was the first character in Disney films to exhibit flatulence? Pumbaa in The Lion King 01/25/2012
What do the words that Rafiki speaks in Lion King "Asante sahna squash banana webe wu a webe wu!" mean? You're a baboon and I'm not! ! 03/05/2012
What does the rain symbolize in the the second to last scene of The Lion King? Purification 03/22/2012
What Animal Kingdom show was created using assets from a retired entertainment offering at Disneyland? Festival of the Lion King 03/23/2012
In The Lion King, what does Nala's name mean in Swahili? gift 04/19/2012
What is the newest value resort at Walt Disney World that is soon to open and what are the names of its themed areas? Art of Animation... themed areas Finding Nemo, Cars, The Lion King and the Little Mermaid 04/23/2012
Who provides the voice of Scar in The Lion King? Jeremy Irons 07/06/2012
What Disney Full Length Animated Feature did writers term the story pitch as "Bambi in Africa meets Hamlet", or "Bamlet"? The Lion King 02/05/2013
Who did script writers for The Lion King originally envision as the voice for Mufasa before James Earl Jones? Sean Connery 02/27/2013
How long did it take Disney animators to create the wildebeest stampede scene in the Lion King? Approximately 3 years 03/19/2013
Who provided the voice of Mufasa in The Lion King? James Earl Jones 04/10/2013
What is the last line that is spoken in The Lion King and who speaks it? "Remember" by Mufasa 06/13/2013
In the Lion King, what character's name means Comrade or Friend in Swahili? Rafiki 06/25/2013
What role was actor Malcolm McDowell considered for in The Lion King? Scar 08/15/2013
In The Lion King what were the last words Scar said to Mufasa as he fell off the cliff? Long Live the King 10/01/2013
In the Lion King what does Timon dress as in order to distract the Hyenas? A Hula Girl 10/09/2013
In the Lion King according to Scar, what seperate traits did him and Mufasa get? Mufasa got brute strength while Scar got the brains 10/16/2013
In the Lion King according to Timon, what did Pumbaa's aroma lack? A certain appeal 11/05/2013
What Disney Movie surpassed The Lion King to become the highest-grossing animated film at that time? Finding Nemo 11/20/2013
What is the song in the begining of The Lion King? The Circle of Life 01/02/2014
In the Lion King, what kind of tree does Rafiki live in? A Baobab Tree 01/24/2014
What other movie other than The Lion King did James Earl Jones (Mufasa) and Madge Sinclair (Sarabi) perform together as an African King and Queen? Coming to America 02/27/2014
The team of animators working on The Lion King were called Team B ... what was Team A working on at the same time? Pocahontas 04/08/2014
What is the name of the female hyena in The Lion King? Shenzi 05/19/2014
What language was The Lion King translated into making it a first for Disney Films? Zulu 08/13/2014
In The Lion King, what color bug and type is the first one that Simba eats? A Red Grub 09/02/2014
What song from the Lion King was originally left out of the film but put back in last minute after Elton John noticed it in a pre screening of the film before its release? Can You Feel the Love Tonight 10/01/2014
At the end of the song I just Cant Wait to be King in The Lion King, what kind of animal sits on Zazu? A Rhinoceros 12/09/2014
According to the book ... A Tale of Two Brothers, what is the real name of Scar from The Lion King and what does his name mean? Taka and it means dirt or trash 04/22/2015
What is the walking distance in ECPOT around the World Showcase Pavilions? 1.25 Miles 05/07/2015
In The Lion King, as a young cub, what kind of animal does Simba practice his roar on? A Chameleon 06/29/2015
In the Lion King, what is Scar about to eat when Zazu interrupts him? A Mouse 07/13/2015
Who said that they had a surprise that is "to die for"? Scar in The Lion King 07/15/2015
In the Lion King what is the type of tree that Rafiki lives in? A Baobab 08/24/2015
Before Elton John, what musical group was supposed to perform the music for The Lion King but could not because they were unavailable? Abba 11/04/2015
What actor did the producers of the Lion King wish to voice Mufasa before James Earl Jones? Sean Connery 11/06/2015
While The Lion King was the highest grossing movie worldwide in 1994 it was second in the United States. What movie beat it? Forrest Gump 01/08/2016
In Hercules, what character makes a cameo appearance from The Lion King? Scar as pelt worn by Hercules 01/20/2016
What color grub does Simba eat in The Lion King? Red 02/10/2016
What is the ending to this line from the Lion King ... Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful ... ? Phrase 03/04/2016
What voice was Nathan Lane originally planned to provide in The Lion King before it was decided for him to be Timon? One of the Hyenas 04/05/2016
The Lion King was originally going to be centered around a conflict between Lions and what other group of animals? Baboons 06/01/2016
In Lion King, what does Rafiki call adult Simba by? Mufasas Boy 06/21/2016
During filming of the Lion King Jeremy Irons threw his voice out before the finale of Be Prepared. Who had to fill in for him? Jimm Cummings who did the voice of Ed the Hyena 12/22/2016
Who is the only voice in The Lion King not to have an American or British accent but instead an accent more native to the film setting of Africa? Rafiki 02/22/2017
In The Lion King, who wears a hula skirt? Timon 07/17/2017
What 3 characters from The Lion King sing the song Be Prepared? Scar, Banzai and Shenzi 11/15/2017
In The Lion King where does Mufasa and his family live? Pride Rock 01/04/2018
What Disney song did directors have actors sing to audition for the live version of Beauty and the Beast? Hakuna Matata from The Lion King 01/16/2018
What song did directors have actors sing in order to audition for the Live Version of Beauty and the Beast? Hakuna Matata from Lion King 05/16/2018

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