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What is Lilo's last name from Lilo and Stitch? Pelekai 01/16/2003
In Lilo and Stitch, what is Earth named? Section 17 Area 51 08/20/2004
In Lilo and Stitch, what does Ohana mean? Family 10/27/2004
In Lilo and Stitch, what is Stitch's number? 626 07/13/2005
In Lilo and Stitch, how many times his weight could Stitch hold up? 3000 07/19/2005
What instrument does Lilo teach Stitch to play? Guitar 08/16/2005
In Lilo and Stitch, Stitch was created to destroy cities, back up sewers, reverse street signs and steal what from everyone? Their Left Shoe 01/16/2006
Before Lilo named him Stitch, what was his designation? Experiment 626 10/27/2006
The soundtrack of what Disney animated feature includes seven Elvis Presley songs? Lilo and Stitch 05/24/2007
What Disney animated feature was a big hit in the summer of 2002? Lilo and Stitch 08/17/2007
What Disney Animated Movie soundtrack includes seven Elvis Presley songs? Lilo and Stitch 02/18/2008
What breed of dog does Lilo tell David that Stitch used to be? A Collie 05/12/2008
In what Disney film is earth referred to as "Section 17, Area 51"? Lilo and Stitch 04/14/2009
In what Disney animated feature is Earth referred to as "Section 17, Area 51"? Lilo and Stitch 09/16/2009
In Lilo and Stitch, what city does Stitch choose to build a city and why is that one used? San Francisco which was the headquarters location for Pixar 01/27/2012
When Lilo and Stitch walk past this store selling calendars with images from around the world, the what image is on the Orlando calendar? Magic Kingdom 05/30/2012
According to the map of the projected landing of Experiment 626 in Lilo and Stitch, on what island does the story takes place? Kauai 03/12/2013
In what Disney film is Earth referred to as Section 17, Area 51? Lilo and Stitch 05/17/2013
What is the name of Lilos Sister from Lilo and Stitch? Nani 03/17/2014
The Hawaiian word Kapu is written on the door to Lilos room, what does it mean in English? Keep Out 04/09/2014
In Lilo and Stitch, what is considered to be Stitchs greatest weakness? Water 06/10/2015
How much did Lilo pay for Stitch? 2 Dollars 04/21/2016
In Lilo and Stick, what knocks Stitch unconscious? A semi truck 04/28/2016
What were the only 3 Full Length Feature Animations to be produced completely at the Disney MGM Florida Theme Park before it was closed in 2004 due to the need for more computer animation ? Mulan, Lilo and Stitch and Brother Bear 08/02/2016
In Lilo and Stitch, where does Stitch park an oil tanker in order to rescue Lilo? In a Volcano 10/12/2016
Who captures Lilo and Stitch in the forest? Captain Gantu 09/06/2017

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