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What author wrote the book that the animated feature The Jungle Book is based on? Rudyard Kipling 03/14/2001
Where in Walt Disney World can you find the Bomokandi Bertha? Its one of the boats in the jungle cruise along with the: Amazon Annie, Congo Connie, Ganges Gertie, Irrawaddy Irma, Kwango Kate, Mongola Millie, Nile Nellie, Orinoco Ida, Rutshuru Ruby, Senegal Sal, Sanduru Sadie, Ucyoli Lolloy, Volta Val, Wamba Wanda, 06/22/2001
What is the name of the 100 year old Alligator in the Jungle Cruise attraction? Old Smiley 04/03/2002
How old is Mogli when he taken back to the man village in The Jungle Book? 10 08/09/2002
Who is the leader of the wolf pack in the Jungle Book? Akela 11/15/2002
In 1998 which Disney Full Length Animated Feature was depicted on a US Postage Stamp? The Jungle Book 01/07/2003
When production first began on the Lion King, what was it originally called? King of the Jungle 08/04/2003
What was the first soundtrack from a Disney Full Length Animated Feature to attain gold record status? The Jungle Book 08/07/2003
What movie inspired Walt to create the the Jungle Cruise attraction? The African Queen starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn 11/15/2004
In the movie "The Jungle Book," what character sings the song, "Trust In Me"? Kaa 04/06/2005
Which full-length animated feature was the first to be remade into a live-action version? The Jungle Book 09/07/2005
In the Jungle Book, what did Shere Khan fear the most? Fire 09/28/2005
In the Jungle Book, what is Baloo referring to when he says to Mowgli, "Forget about those, they ain't nothing but trouble"? Females 02/24/2006
Only the front half of the Casablanca airplane is seen inside of The Great Movie Ride at Disney-MGM Studios. Where does the back half currently reside? The Jungle Cruise 04/27/2006
In The Jungle Book, the vultures were created to parody which popular 60's rock 'n' roll band? The Beatles 06/14/2006
"El Libro de la Selva" in English is translated into what Disney film? The Jungle Book 07/07/2006
What does King Louie want Mowgli to teach him in the Jungle Book? How to make fire 07/11/2006
What character from the Jungle Book sings "Trust In Me" ? Kaa 07/20/2006
What brand of vehicle did Walt Disney drive through the Jungle Cruise attraction on one of his television shows prior to Disneyland's opening? A Nash Rambler 07/26/2006
In the classic Disneyland attraction The Jungle Cruise, who is Schweitzer Falls named after? Dr. Albert Falls 08/09/2006
Which full length featured animation was the first to be remade into a live-action version? The Jungle Book 08/29/2006
Within which Disney theme park attraction would you most likely encounter Old Smiley? The Jungle Cruise 09/25/2006
From the song in Disney's "Jungle Book", the girl sings, "I must go and fetch the water..." What is her father doing? Hunting in the forest 08/22/2007
Which character sings the "Jungle Book" song "Bare Neccesities"? Baloo 01/11/2008
Legendary jazz musician Louis Prima provided the voice for what Disney Character and was also used for the character's actions based on his Jazz Ability? King Louie from The Jungle Book 01/14/2008
Which movie features the song "I Wanna Be Like You"? The Jungle Book 06/16/2008
In the Jungle Book, what does Kaa use in an attempt to catch his prey? hypnosis 03/16/2009
What popular musical group are the 4 vultures from The Jungle Book mimiced after? The Beatles 04/08/2009
What was the last film personally overseen by Walt Disney? The Jungle Book 07/21/2009
What attraction is known as a grand tour of the world's most exotic rivers? The Jungle Cruise 09/09/2010
Who portrayed Mowgli in the 1994 live-action version of 'The Jungle Book'? Jason Scott Lee 11/22/2010
Who sings 'Trust In Me' from 'The Jungle Book'? Kaa 11/23/2010
When production first began on The Lion King, what was the working title? King of the Jungle 01/19/2011
What is the only song from The Jungle Book written by Terry Gilkyson, and not the Sherman brothers? The Bare Necessities 01/24/2011
Who is the chief of the Seeonee wolf pack in 'The Jungle Book'? Akela 02/07/2011
The airplane in the Casablanca scene inside the Great Movie Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios is only half a plane. Where is the other half? In the Magic Kingdom at the Jungle Cruise attraction 04/21/2011
What is the name of the cousin mentioned in 'I Wanna Be Like You' in 'The Jungle Book'? Louie 08/24/2011
In Jungle Book, what type of birds sing "That's What Friends Are For"? Vultures 10/20/2011
What Disneyland attraction was originally going to use live animals but zoologists advised Walt Disney not to because the animals would be asleep quite a bit? The Jungle Cruise 02/23/2012
What was the name the cartoon television series that features Mowgli, Baloo, and Bagheera featuring them as young children? Jungle Cubs 05/22/2012
What are the three original Walt Disney World Adventure Land attractions that opened in 1971 and are still operating? The Swiss Family Treehouse, Jungle Cruise, and the Enchanted Tiki Room 06/15/2012
Phil Harris is the voice of Little John in Disney's Robin Hood, what other famous bear did Phil voice? Baloo in Jungle Book 08/29/2012
In Disney's the Jungle Book what kind of animal is Baloo? a Bear 10/29/2012
What classic movie inspired Walt to create the Jungle Cruise attraction? The African Queen 11/14/2012
What is the name of the "Head" salesmen in the Jungle Cruise? Chief Nami 12/26/2012
In what Disney attraction have you heard this phrase... "I'd like to point out some of the exotic plants here. There's one...there's another one" ? The Jungle Cruise 05/31/2013
In The Great Movie Ride's Casablanca scene, we see the front half of a plane. What attraction features the back half of the plane? The Jungle Cruise 02/18/2014
In The Jungle Book, who is the only female animal to have any dialogue throughout the entire film? Winifred 04/18/2014
In The Jungle Book, what did King Louis ask Mowgli to teach him? How to Make a Fire 07/09/2014
In The Jungle Book what kind of birds sing the song .... Thats What Friends Are For? Vultures 10/15/2014
The song .. Trust in Me from the Jungle Book was originally written for what other film and was going to be called ..Land of sand, but not used? Mary Poppins 12/17/2014
What musical group was originally planed for the voice of the vultures in The Jungle Book but turned it down? The Beatles 01/08/2015
What full length featured animation did Walt Disney tell his animators to not follow the story line of the original novel because it was too dark and dramatic? The Jungle Book. Walt actually gave a copy of the novel to his lead animator and told him to start by .... NOT READING IT 05/01/2015
The song Trust in Me from Jungle book was originally written with the title Land of Sand for what other Disney Film? Mary Poppins 08/19/2015
What classic movie was the inspiration behind the creation of The Jungle Cruise? The African Queen 01/05/2016
What full length feature animation was at first going to have a character who was a near sighted rhinoceros named Rocky but the character was cut from the film? The Jungle Book 02/25/2016
In the 1967 version of The Jungle Book, King Louie is an Orangutan, what is he in the 2016 version? a Gigantopithecus 06/03/2016
In Walt Disney World there is a half of a plane in the Casablanca scene of the Great Movie Ride, where is the other half of the plane? In the Jungle Cruise Attraction 08/05/2016
What was the first Disney Full Length Animated Feature to have actor voice credits show in the opening credits? The Jungle Book 08/08/2016
During what full length feature animations production did Walt Disney pass away? The Jungle Book 10/10/2016
In The Jungle Book, what is Rama called in the original book? Father Wolf 01/10/2017
In The Jungle Book, what nickname does Baloo refer to Bagheera? Baggy 03/01/2017
In what full length animated feature and song does someone refer to himself as the "king of the swingers" and the "jungle VIP"? King Louie from Jungle Book in the song I Wanna Be Like You 03/21/2017
In the Jungle Book who is the first to tell Mowgli that he must return to the man village? Baloo 09/05/2017
In the song I Wanna Be Like You from the Jungle Book, who calls himself the king of swingers and the jungle VIP? King Louie 10/02/2017
What was the first full length feature animation where the opening credits indicated who provided the voice for each role in the film? The Jungle Book 01/25/2018
What are 2 snakes from full length feature animations that use hypnosis? Sir Hiss from Robin Hood and Kaa from The Jungle Book 05/10/2018
In the Jungle Book what character does Baloo call Baggy? Bagheera 07/25/2018
In The Jungle Book, how do the animals refer to Mowgli? Mancub 10/29/2018
What Mowglis nickname for Baloo in The Jungle Book? Papa Bear 01/21/2019

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