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What is the name of the restaurant located at the entrance to the Animal Kingdom and accessible from inside and outside the park? Rainforest Cafe 10/26/2012
What are the colors in Inside Out that represent emotions? Yellow for Joy, Green for Disgust, Red for Anger, Blue for Sadness, and Purple for Fear 07/20/2015
What was the first instance of 2 Disney Pixar films being released in the same year? 2015, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur 06/28/2016
In Inside Out, what two sports does Rileys father day dream about which is depending on the country where the film is released? Hockey or Soccer 07/01/2016
in the film Inside Out when Joy and Sadness are passing through imagination land what is the name of the board game that is spotted with a picture of Finding Nemo on it? Find Me 01/09/2017
Depending on the country of release for Inside Out, what sports does Rileys father daydream about? Hockey or Soccer 04/19/2018

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