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Question Answer Date
In Home on the Range, which of Lucky Jack?s legs was replaced by a peg? The Right One 05/21/2004
What is the name of the ranch that Maggie originally came from in Disney's Home on the Range? Dixon Ranch 11/19/2004
Who provided the voice of Buck in Home on the Range? Cuba Gooding Jr 05/30/2005
What Home on the Range character was voiced by Judi Dench? Mrs. Calloway 10/02/2006
What Disney Movie has the song Little Patch of Heaven? Home on the Range 10/17/2012
What does Jeb from Home on the Range like to collect? Tin Cans 06/21/2013
In Home on the Range where does the Willie Brothers Gang hide out? Echo Mine 08/14/2014
What film is Maggie the Cow from? Home on the Range 03/30/2015
In Home on the Range what is the name of the farm that Maggie comes from? Dixon Farm 01/26/2016
What movie is the song "Little Patch of Heaven" from? Home on the Range 10/25/2016

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