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What is the name of the race that Herbie competes during the 1980 Disney Film "Herbie Goes Bananas"? Grande Premio do Brasi 07/15/2003
In the Disney film "Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo" what two cities serve as the start and finish of the big race? Paris and Monte Carlo 09/24/2003
What actor portrayed the role of Wheely Applegate in the live-action film, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo? Don Knotts 03/06/2006
What did Paco call Herbie in Herbie Goes Bananas? Ocho 11/10/2006
In the movie The Love Bug, where was Herbie's first motor race? Jack Rabbit Springs Raceway 11/20/2006
What is the name of the car that Herbie falls in love with in Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo? Giselle 06/09/2011
What is Herbies License plate number in The Love Bug? OFP-857 05/21/2014
What Disney film first used the name Herbie for a dog in it before being used in the Love Bug Movies? The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit 06/03/2014
What is the official color of Herbie the Love Bug? Volkswagen L87 pearl white 03/11/2015

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