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Which one of the mice does Cinderella save from the mousetrap? Gus 07/02/2002
Where in Walt Disney World can you find Mount Gushmore? Blizzard Beach 01/14/2004
What are the names of the 3 hitch hiking ghosts from Disney's Haunted mansion? Ezra, Phineas and Gus 07/30/2004
Scrooge McDuck once had an uncle who's also was nicknamed 'Pothole' He used to be a riverboater on the Mississippi. He was first seen in the Barks-story 'The Great Steamboat Race'. What was his name? Angus McDuck 10/11/2004
Instead of ?surprise? what does Gus say when the mice and birds present Cinderella with the gown they made for her? Happy Birthday 04/01/2005
What is the name of Randall's assistant from Monsters Inc? Fungus 04/25/2005
Who prevents Gus from slipping the key into Cinderella's room? Lucifer 05/30/2008
What is Cinderella's mouse friend, Gus-Gus's real name? Octavious 08/01/2008
On what date did Disneyland's Haunted Mansion open? August 9, 1969 10/16/2009
Who did Cinderella rescue from a rat trap? Gus 11/23/2009
In Ratatouille, what type of food dish is the first one that Remy makes at Gusteaus Restaurant? Soup 05/16/2014
What are the colors in Inside Out that represent emotions? Yellow for Joy, Green for Disgust, Red for Anger, Blue for Sadness, and Purple for Fear 07/20/2015
In Cinderella, who hides under Anastasias tea cup? Gus 10/19/2015
In Ratatouille what is the name of Chedf Gusteaus cookbook? Anyone can cook 10/07/2016
What are the names of the three hitchiking ghost from the Haunted Mansion? Ezra, Phineas, and Gus 02/21/2017
In Cinderella, how many of the mice are given names? 4 Jaq Gus Suzy and Perla 12/29/2017

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