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What does Kuzco want to name his summer palace in The Emperor's New Groove Kuzcotopia 04/13/2004
What is Kronk's specialty dish in The Emperor's New Groove? Spinach Puffs 07/11/2005
In The Emporer's New Groove, what language does Kronk speak? Squirrel 10/13/2005
In The Emperor's New Groove what kind of animals can Kronk talk to? Squirrels 05/13/2008
What is Kronk's specialty food in The Emperors New Groove? Spinach Puffs 04/17/2009
For what film did Sting write and sing "My Funny Friend and Me"? The Emperor's New Groove 11/18/2009
What was the original planned title of The Emperors New Groove ? Kingdom of the Sun 11/10/2015
In The Emperors New Groove, what is Kronks favorite game? Exotic Bird Bingo 03/14/2016
In what empire does The Emperors New Groove take place? Incan 05/09/2017
What full length feature animation contains the song... My Funny Friend and Me? The Emperors New Groove 07/19/2018

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