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What word from the Full Length Feature Animation "Fun and Fancy Free" does Willie the Giant have trouble saying? Pistachio 07/03/2003
What kind of animal chases Jiminy Cricket at the beginning of Fun and Fancy Free? A Cat 01/06/2004
In Fun and Fancy Free, what mode of transportation does Bongo use? a unicycle 05/18/2004
Due to Walt Disney's busy schedule, the animated feature film Fun and Fancy Free marked the debut for whom, as the new voice of Mickey Mouse? Jim MacDonald 10/20/2004
Mickey and the Beanstalk was a segment in what feature? Fun and Fancy Free 01/10/2006
In Fun and Fancy Free, what kind of bike does Bongo ride? A unicycle 09/23/2009
In Fun and Fancy Free what word does Willie the Giant have a difficult time pronouncing? Pistachio 01/11/2010
What famous author's story inspired the "Bongo" sequence of Fun and Fancy Free? Sinclair Lewis 06/05/2012
The song "Im a Happy Go Lucky Fellow" was originally developed for Pinocchio but appeared in what other animated feature instead? Fun and Fancy Free 05/11/2017

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