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Who provides the voice of Anna in Frozen? Kristen Bell 03/25/2014
What was the event to happen to Elsa in Frozen that was the first thing ever to happen to a Disney Princess? She was the first Disney Princess to be crowned Queen in a film 07/18/2014
What film characters name is a clue to his characters purpose in providing comic relief and can be interpreted to mean oh laugh? Olaf from Frozen 08/08/2014
What was the first Walt Disney Full Length Feature Animation to win an Academy Award since Tarzan? Frozen 09/04/2014
In Frozen, what is Svens favorite food? Carrots 09/23/2014
In Frozen who is the adoptive mother of Kristoff and Sven? Bulda 10/02/2014
What is the name of Hans horse in Frozen and what does the name mean in Norwegian? Sitron, and it is Norwegian for lemon 10/30/2014
In Frozen what is the name of the giant snow monster that Elsa creates? Marshmallow 11/19/2014
What was the first Walt Disney Animation Studios motion picture to win an Academy Award since Tarzan? Frozen 12/12/2014
At the start of Frozen, how old is Elsa? 8 02/03/2015
In Frozen, how many brothers does Prince Hans have? 12 02/09/2015
Which Disney character makes a cameo as a stuffed animal in frozen? Mickey Mouse 04/15/2015
In Frozen, when Anna first meets Olaf, what gift does she give him? A carrot for his nose 05/04/2015
In Frozen, what is the name of Elsas ceremony dubbing her as the new monarch of Arendelle? Coronation 05/12/2015
Who was the first woman to direct a Disney Full Length Animated Feature and what film was it that she directed? Jennifer Lee and the film was Frozen 05/19/2015
In Frozen, where is Hans from? The Southern Isles 07/10/2015
In Frozen what is Anna and Elsas favorite food? Chocolate 07/21/2015
What part did Frozen co-stars Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell both audition fore before getting the roles of Ana and Elsa in Frozen? Rapunzel in Tangled 08/27/2015
Who was the first female to direct a Disney Animated Film and what film was it? Jennifer Lee and she directed Frozen 11/12/2015
What was the last full length feature animation to win an Academy Award before Frozen? Tarzan 12/28/2015
What was the name of the short sequel film of Frozen that was shown before the live action version of Cinderella? Frozen Fever 03/08/2016
At the beginning of frozen, how old is Elsa? 8 03/23/2016
In Frozen what is the name of the place where Elsa builds her castle? The North Mountain 06/06/2016
In Frozen, at Elsas coronation, what other Disney Princess makes a cameo appearance? Rapunzel 07/29/2016
In Frozen, what kind of hugs does Olaf like? Warm ones 08/29/2016
In Frozen, how many salad plates does Elsa and Anna have? 8,000 10/17/2016
In Frozen, what other princess has a cameo appearance in the courtyard during Elsas coronation? Rapunzel 01/04/2017
In Frozen, what are the three colors that Elsas castle change to based on her emotions? Blue is happy, red is fear and yellow is anger. 02/15/2017
Josh Gad who stars as LeFou in the 2017 Live Version of Beauty and the Beast also provided the voice of what other well known Disney Character from a Full Length Animated Feature? Olaf from Frozen 03/17/2017
What Disney character made an appearance in Frozen as a stuffed animal? Mickey Mouse 09/29/2017
In Frozen, what colors does Elsas castle change to with her emotions? Blue is happy, red is fear and yellow is anger 11/03/2017
What was the first Disney Animation Feature to win an Academy award since Tarzan? Frozen 12/07/2017
Who are the character names Hans, Kristoff, Anna and Sven from Frozen a tribute to? Hint... say the names quickly in sequence Hans Christian Andersen, the author of The Snow Queen 01/04/2019
What 2 characters from Tangled can be spotted making a cameo appearance in Frozen as part of the crowd when the palace gates open during Elsas coronation? Rapunzel and Flynn 02/07/2019
In Frozen, the old troll tells Elsa that her magic has what two characteristics? Beauty and Danger 03/15/2019

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