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Where in Walt Disney World can you hear the following line?: "Phoenician merchants established the earliest commerical highways trading goods and information at distant ports of call" Spaceship Earth 09/20/2002
The following actors were used as an inspiration for a Disney Full Length Feature Animation Character. Tom Cruise, Michael J Fox, and M.C. Hammer. Which character was it? Aladdin 09/27/2002
When "America Sings" in Disneyland's tomorrowland closed in 1988, what ride were most of it's audio-animatronics relocated to before its premiere the following year? Splash Mountain 01/13/2003
Match the following Disney Characters with their male counterpart to make a "Disney Couple": Belle Ariel Jane Mulan Bo Peep Perdita Megara Belle: Beast, Ariel: Prince Eric, Jane: Tarzan, Mulan: Li Shang, Bo Peep: Woody, Perdita: Pongo, Megara: Hercules 02/24/2003
What was the name of the Disney show that contained the following animated series, Duck Tales, Tail Spin, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers and Gummi Bears that aired during the early to mid 90's? The Disney Afternoon 05/26/2003
In what Full Length Animated Feature can the following line be heard: "Great Father who loves us and named us so well"? The Little Mermaid 08/26/2003
Where is Walt Disney World can you hear the following phrase: "Careful, careful, some of these compunds are not entirely stable....I feel like an unstable compound every time we look at her...this must be chemistry"? Cranium Command in EPCOT 09/29/2003
Complete the following line from a song from The Little Mermaid: "The seaweed is always greener, in somebody's else's_______" Lake 07/26/2004
Following The Band Concert (Mickey's first appearance in color), two more black and white cartoons were released. Name them. Mickey's Service Station and Mickey's Kangaroo 04/14/2006
Who mentions the following line in a song and in what film? Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley in The Aristocats 06/16/2009

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