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What is the name of the sound system created for Fantasia? Fantasound 04/06/2001
Before Mickey Mouse, what Disney character was suggested to be the Sorcerer's Apprentice in Fantasia? Dopey 04/30/2001
What Disney Full Length Animated Feature was released in only 14 theaters throughout the world and why? Fantasia because of it being released in 1940 and the theaters couldn't handle the complicated sound system needed (Mostly because of the war). 04/16/1999
What was the first year that Disney released 2 full length feature animations in the same year and what were the movies? 1940 Fantasia and Pinocchio 04/26/1999
What actor was used as a model in the creation of the villain Chernabog from Fantasia? Bela Lugosi 12/29/1999
What piece of music accompanied the flamingo sequence of Fantasia/2000? Carnival of the Animals 10/17/2001
What Disney couple stars in the Noah's Ark segment of Fantasia 2000? Donald Duck and Daisy Duck 02/13/2002
Who is seen shaking hands at the end of the Sorcerer's Apprenctice sequence in Fantasia? Mickey Mouse and Leopold Stokowski 08/30/2002
Who was the first member of the Disney Fab Five to have an appearance in a Full Length Animated Feature and what was the feature? Mickey Mouse, in Fantasia 09/16/2002
What is the name of the piece of music that accompanies the Noah's Ark Segment of Fantasia 2000? Pomp and Circumstance 02/28/2003
What 2 Disney Full Length Animated Features feature Olympus in them (The mythical home of the Greek gods)? Fantasia and Hercules 04/11/2003
Name 3 characters from full length animated features who use a spell to make a broomstick perform their chores Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerer's Apprentice From Fantasia, Merlin, & Merryweather 08/18/2003
In Fantasia 2000 the animated segment The Steadfast Tin Soldier is based on a story by what author? Hans Christian Andersen 08/19/2003
What was the first film in history to use steroephonic sound? Fantasia 03/23/2004
In Fantasia, what tool does Mickey Mouse use to attempt to stop the broom? An Axe 05/04/2004
What sequence was filmed for Fantasia but not used because of its length? Claire Du Lune 04/04/2005
What orchestra appeared in Fantasia? The Philadelphia Orchestra 06/08/2006
What two animated features had their first release on November 13th, 51 years apart? Fantasia and Beauty & The Beast 10/11/2006
What color is the ballerina's dress in Fantasia 2000? Pink 11/27/2006
What musical segment of Fantasia is commonly associated with Christmas? The Nutcracker Suite 12/20/2006
How many days was Fantasia available for sale on its initial VHS release? 50 Days 02/15/2007
What kind of animal do we see first during the Dance of the Hours segment of Fantasia? An Ostrich 03/27/2007
What musical presentation was featured in both films - Fantasia and Fantasia 2000? The Sorcerer's Apprentice 05/01/2007
In 'Fantasia', who does Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice, teach to do his work? The Brooms 10/25/2007
While the release year of 'Fantasia 2000' is easy enough, what year did the original 'Fantasia' debut? 1940 11/01/2007
In Fantasia 2000 the segment “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” is from a story by what author? Hans Christian Anderson 12/03/2007
Fantasia 2000 had various narrators from the world of film and music. Who was the only narrator in the original Fantasia? Deems Taylor 02/08/2008
Who introduces the final sequence, 'The Firebird,' in 'Fantasia 2000'? Angela Lansbury 11/19/2010
Who was to be the inspiration for the demon in Fantasia, but was later replaced? Bela Lugosi 03/11/2011
Who was the first member of the Fab 5 to have a role in a Disney Full Length Feature Animation and what was the name of the film? Mickey Mouse in Fantasia 07/26/2011
In Fantasia, what does Mickey borrow to make magic? The Sorcerer's Hat 09/21/2011
In what movie's production did Walt Disney give his animators no instructions for coloring making it the first time he allowed them to use any colors they wanted? Fantasia 01/24/2012
What silent film star was used as the model for the sorcerer in Fantasia? Nigel De Brulier 05/02/2012
Who suggested the title "Fantasia" to Walt Disney? Conductor Leopold Stokowski 05/21/2012
What 2 Disney animated feature films had their debut in New York 51 years apart? Fantasia (1940)and Beauty and the Beast(1991) 09/12/2012
What animator did Walt meet at MGM and eventually hired to be the Art Director for Fantasia and Dumbo and most importantly sketch Walt's idea for the creation of Disneyland? Herb Ryman 03/25/2013
What music score accompanies the dancing flowers in “Fantasia”? The Nutcracker Suite 05/03/2013
What actor served as the model for Chernabog from Fantasia? Bela Lugosi 03/03/2014
What was the original working title of Fantasia? The Concert Film 04/21/2015
What full length animated feature was known to be Steven Spielbergs favorite animated movie of all time? Fantasia 09/14/2015
What was the original working title for Fantasia? The Concert Film 09/24/2015
What sequence from Fantasia was originally omitted in the video release due to the fact that parents felt it was too scary for children? Night on Bald Mountain 05/25/2016
In what 2 full length feature animations does the Greek God Apollo appear? Hercules and Fantasia 05/01/2017
In the Sorcerers Apprentice segment of Fantasia, who does Mickey get to do the chores for him? The Brooms 06/06/2017
Which full length feature animation was dubbed as Walt Disneys Masterpiece and as a unique achievement in the new form of visualized music? Fantasia 01/29/2018
What Disney Animated Feature was named for the musical term that means .... the free development of a composition or theme? Fantasia 10/24/2018

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