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In the Movie, "The Apple Dumpling Gang", Who played the two crooks Theodore and Amos? Theodore was Don Knotts, Amos was Tim Conway 05/16/2002
What was the first Disney film to pair up Don Knotts and Tim Conway together? The Apple Dumpling Gang 06/07/2004
In what city does The Apple Dumpling Gang take place? Quake City, California 10/03/2007
What was the first pairing of Don Knotts and Tim Conway in a DIsney film? The Apple Dumpling Gang 11/21/2007
In Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," Snow White makes a chicken dumpling dinner for the dwarfs the first night she arrives. Everyone seems overjoyed except for Grumpy who refers to her cooking as what? Witch's Brew 01/09/2008
What was the first Disney film to pair Don Knotts and Tim Conway? The Apple Dumpling Gang 03/18/2011

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