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In front of Cinderella's Castle there is a statue of Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse holding hands...What is this statue called? Partners 04/10/1999
According to the bell tower in Cinderella, what time does the royal ball start? 8 PM 02/09/1999
What is the order (From Lowest to the Highest) of the 4 Disney Castles located in WDW, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland? Disneyland's Sleeping beauty Castle: 77 Feet Disneyland Paris' Sleeping Beauty Castle: 148 Feet Walt Disney World's Cinderella Castle: 180 Feet Tokyo Disneyland's Cinderella Castle 185 Feet 02/18/2000
Name 2 Disney Films where you can find a cat named Lucifer? Cinderella (The House Cat) and in the 1946 Cartoon Pluto's Kid Brother where Lucifer was a tough Alley Cat. 02/21/2000
How many times did Cinderella loose her slipper? 3 times 1) walking up the stairs with the breakfast trays 2) running out of the ball 3) walking down the church steps at her wedding 08/20/2001
Verna Felton was the voice of a character in 5 Disney Films. What were the films and the characters? Dumbo...Matriarch (Elephant), Cinderella...Fairy Godmother, Alice in Wonderland...Queen of Hearts, Lady and the Tramp...Aunt Sarah, Sleeping Beauty...Flora 04/12/2002
Which one of the mice does Cinderella save from the mousetrap? Gus 07/02/2002
Why couldn't Cinderella go to the ball in the gown that the mice and birds made for her? Because her stepsisters tore it apart 07/10/2002
During what song in Cinderella do the mice and birds make a dress? The Work Song 09/30/2002
In one scene during Cinderella the King is asleep and dreaming..What is he dreaming about? Grandchildren 04/25/2003
The song "Middle of a Muddle" was written for a Disney Full Length Animated feature but never used. What movie was it written for? Cinderella 06/20/2003
Acress June Foray provided the voice of Grandmother Fa in Mulan. What character did she provide a voice for in a Disney Full Length Animated Feature 48 years earlier? Lucifer the Cat in CInderella 07/10/2003
Of the four princesses, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Ariel, which is the only one with brown eyes? Snow White 07/28/2003
When Cinderella is rushing out of the palace, what foot does the glass slipper fall off of? Her Left Foot 07/30/2003
What song from Cinderella was nominated for an Academy Award? Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo 08/14/2003
What song does Cinderella sing as she is getting dressed in the morning? A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes 08/29/2003
Who was the prince bowing to when he first spotted Cinderella? Cinderella's Stepsisters 02/05/2004
Before providing the voice of Cruella de Vil what Disney Full Length Animated Feature did Betty Lou Gerson serve as the narrator? Cinderella 02/13/2004
When do Cinderella and the prince first kiss....before or after the clock strikes 12? Before 02/25/2004
How many mice were turned into horses in order to pull Cinderella's carriage? 4 04/14/2004
Which of these Disney Princesses is actually a princess by birth: Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, or Mulan? Ariel 08/16/2004
In the animated feature Cinderella, what is the name of Cinderella's stepmother? Lady Tremaine 10/08/2004
What attraction formerly occupied the moat of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World? The Swan Boats 12/02/2004
When the Grand Duke came by the house to fit every maiden in the county with the glass slipper, where was Cinderella? Locked in the attic 12/16/2004
Eleanor Audley, who provided the voice of Madame Leota in Disney's Haunted Mansions, also provided the voice for what two Disney characters? Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and Lady Tremaine from Cinderella 01/18/2005
Instead of ?surprise? what does Gus say when the mice and birds present Cinderella with the gown they made for her? Happy Birthday 04/01/2005
Who was the prince bowing to when he spotted Cinderella? Cinderella's step sisters 10/03/2005
What is the last word spoken by Cinderella to the Prince at the ball? Goodbye 03/24/2006
The song, 'Oh Sing, Sweet Nightingale' features in which Disney film? Cinderella 05/31/2006
What is Cinderella?s last name? Tremaine 09/18/2006
The song, 'Oh Sing, Sweet Nightingale' features in which Disney film? Cinderella 01/30/2007
Does Cinderella's Golden Carousel in the Magic Kingdom rotate clockwise or counter clockwise? Counter Clockwise 03/06/2007
In 'Cinderella' when the Fairy Godmother's magic spell ends, what is the only thing that doesn't transform back to it's original form? The Glass Slippers 05/28/2007
In the movie "Cinderella" how many stepsisters does Cinderella have? 2 11/20/2007
Where is Cinderella's Royal Table Restaurant located? In Cinderella's Castle 01/03/2008
What time does the ball start in Cinderella? 8 PM 02/26/2008
When Cinderella comes downstairs in her dress for the ball, what do the stepsisters do? They rip it up 05/01/2008
Who prevents Gus from slipping the key into Cinderella's room? Lucifer 05/30/2008
What is Cinderella's mouse friend, Gus-Gus's real name? Octavious 08/01/2008
Which is taller Cinderella's Castle or Sleeping Beauty's Castle? Cinderella's Castle by over 100 feet 12/18/2008
In which Disney Film will you hear the line "Those are MY beads! Give them here!!!"? Cinderella 08/05/2009
Who did Cinderella rescue from a rat trap? Gus 11/23/2009
What two Disney Villains did Eleanor Audley provide a voice for in 1950s? Lady Tremain (Cinderella) and Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) 03/05/2010
What is taller, Tower Of Terror, Cinderella Castle or The Tree of Life? Tower of Terror at 199 Feet 09/03/2010
How many mice are turned into horses to motor Cinderella's carriage? 4 08/18/2011
How tall is Cinderella's Castle in Walt Disney World? 189 Feet 09/07/2011
How many towers are on Cinderella Castle? 27 09/14/2011
When Cinderella comes downstairs in her dress for the ball, what do the stepsisters do? Rip the dress 10/18/2011
In Cinderella who is Lucifer the cat was modeled after? Ward Kimball's calico pet cat. Ward was one of Disneys Nine Old men 12/08/2011
When Cinderella is singing "Sing, sweet nightengale", what appears above her head making a Hidden Mickey? 3 Bubbles 02/08/2012
Voice actress June Foray's debut was in "Cinderella". What was her role? Lucifer the cat, though only meows 03/26/2012
What was the first film to be worked on by the legendary "Nine Old Men" of the Disney animation department? Cinderella 03/28/2012
What is the oldest attraction in the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World? Cinderella's Golden Carrousel 04/02/2012
What color is the string of beads broken by Cinderella's stepsisters? Blue 07/12/2012
How many towers are on Cinderella Castle? 27 11/30/2012
What was the first Disney film to have its songs published and copyrighted by the newly created Walt Disney Music Company? Cinderella 01/18/2013
What full length feature animation was based on the German story called Aschenputtel? Cinderella also translated as Little Cinder Girl 02/01/2013
What was the first film to be worked on by all nine of the legendary "Nine Old Men" of the Disney animation department? Cinderella 07/09/2013
In Cinderella how many mice does the Fairy Godmother change into horses? 4 02/14/2014
In Cinderella what musical instrument does Lady Tremaine play? The Piano 03/07/2014
On the statue of Walt and Mickey in front of Cinderellas Castle, Walt is wearing a tie clip with the initials STR on it. What does STR stand for? Smoke Tree Ranch, which was a private residential community Walt belonged to 03/31/2014
What was considered to be Walt Disneys favorite piece of animation from the full length feature animation Cinderella? The transformation of Cinderellas torn dress to that of the white ball gown 06/05/2014
True or False... The name of the Prince is mentioned in Cinderella? False. Not only is he not named but there is no part in the movie where he is referred to as Prince Charming 09/10/2014
What are Cinderellas wicked stepsisters names? Drizella and Anastasia 10/06/2014
What was the last full length animated feature made by Walt Disney until Cinderella? Bambi 10/23/2014
In Cinderella, what color are the jackets that the mice wear to the ball? Blue and Gold 10/24/2014
Voice actress June Foray made her career debut in Cinderella. What was her role? Lucifer the Cat 02/18/2015
What instrument does Lady Tremaine Play in Cinderella? The Piano 02/23/2015
Who fluffs Cinderellas pillows for her in the morning? The Blue Birds 03/26/2015
In Cinderella, who hides under Anastasias tea cup? Gus 10/19/2015
What did Walt Disney was his favorite piece of animation from one of his Full Length Animated Features? When Cinderellas Dress transforms 11/18/2015
What was the name of the short sequel film of Frozen that was shown before the live action version of Cinderella? Frozen Fever 03/08/2016
In the Little Mermaid, the housekeeper in the palace is wearing a dress from another Disney Full Length Feature Animation, which on? Cinderella, the same dress she wore when doing her chores 04/19/2016
Voice actress June Foray made her debut in Cinderella. What was her role? Lucifer the Cat 05/12/2016
Which is taller.... Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland or Cinderellas Castle in Walt Disney World? Disneylands Sleeping Beauty Castle reaches a height of 77 feet, while Walt Disney Worlds Cinderella Castle is 189 feet. 06/24/2016
How many times does Cinderella lose her shoe? 3 times in the film: first, when she delivers the breakfast trays. Second, when she is running from the ball. Third, walking down the steps with the prince. 09/06/2016
What is the name of Cinderellas dog? Bruno 10/24/2016
The the movie Cinderella, how many hidden mickeys can be found on the carriage? 2 10/27/2016
How many horses pull Cinderellas wedding carriage? 5 11/29/2016
In Cinderella, what time does the Royal Ball start? 8pm 08/04/2017
In Cinderella, how many of the mice are given names? 4 Jaq Gus Suzy and Perla 12/29/2017
At the end of Cinderella, who tries the glass slipper on Cinderellas stepsisters? The Grand Duke 04/02/2018

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