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In which city did the Disney Animated Feature The Three Caballeros premiere in? Mexico City 09/10/2002
What are the names of 4 Disney Full Length Animated Features with a number in the title off the movie? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Three Caballeros, 101 Dalmations, and Fanatasia 2000 12/17/2002
Who are The Three Caballeros, and what kinds of birds are they? Donald Duck, Jos? Carioca (parrot), and Panchito (charro rooster) 06/21/2005
In ?The Gauchito and his Burrito? segment of The Three Caballeros, what unique characteristic does the burro possess? He has wings 02/08/2007
What is the name of Donald Duck's three member band that he is a part of? The Three Caballeros 12/12/2007
Who joined Donald Duck & Joe Carioca in singing The Three Caballeros? Panchito 05/22/2009
In The Three Caballeros, Donald co-stars with what two Latin American cartoon characters? Jose Carioca and Panchito 11/21/2011
Who joined Donald Duck & Joe Carioca in singing The Three Caballeros? Panchito 11/01/2013
What special occasion is being celebrated during The Three Caballeros? Donald Ducks Birthday 03/19/2015
In 1944 where was the world premiere of The Three Caballeros held? Mexico City 05/05/2015
What movie is featured during the boat ride portion of the Mexican Pavilion in EPCOT? The Three Caballeros 09/28/2016
What kind of bird is Panchito from the film The Three Caballeros? A rooster 04/21/2017
Which two animated features were produced by Walt Disney as a result of the U.S. Good Neighbor Policy of the 1940s? The Three Caballeros and Saludos Amigos 11/15/2018
In the Three Caballeros who helps Pablo the penguin across the equator? King Neptune 11/27/2018
In which animated feature can you find the sequence titled ... The Cold Blooded Penguin? The Three Caballeros 01/17/2019

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