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Give the names of 5 Disney Characters whose name refers to the word "Stupid" ? Dopey, Goofy, Dumbo, Lefou, and Dim (From Bugs Life) 07/11/2001
What is the name of the queen's pet in A Bug's Life? Aphie 03/17/2003
What is the name of the owner of the run-down flea circus in A Bug's Life ? P.T. Flea 04/07/2003
What Disney Film is loosely based on Aesop's fable "The Ant and the Grasshopper"? A Bug's Life 07/18/2003
What is the name of the caterpillar in A Bug's Life and what does he dream of? Heimlich and he dreams of becomming a butterfly 09/02/2003
In A Bug's Life what does the ant colony construct in hopes of scaring away Hopper and his gang? A mechanical bird 10/17/2003
In A Bug's Life, what is the name of Hopper's brother who joins the flea circus at the end of the film? Molt 12/18/2003
What is the name of the leader of the grasshoppers in A Bug's Life? Hopper 01/22/2004
What is the name of the Princess in A Bug's Life who is training to be the Queen of the Colony? Princess Atta 06/24/2004
A spunky little guy goes out into the 'big' world to find bigger guys to help defend his colony from some bullies. Which Disney movie is this? A Bug's Life 11/17/2004
In "Bug's Life" what is the name of the group of girls that Dot belongs to? The Blueberries 11/23/2004
In A Bug's Life, Flik sets out to recruit a group of "warrior bugs".What is the actual profession of his hired help? They are a circus troupe 11/26/2004
In "A Bugs Life", Dot was in a troop which helped to build and pilot the bird. What was the troop's name? The Blueberries 01/13/2006
What is the name of the Black Widow Spider from A Bug's Life? Rosie 12/28/2006
In the Disney/Pixar film a bug?s life, what does P.T Flea use as his circus train? Animal Cracker Boxes 12/29/2006
In 'A Bug's Life', what gift do the circus bugs present to Princess Atta before they leave? A rock 02/21/2007
What voice did Phyllis Diller provide for a Disney / Pixar character? The queen from A Bug's Life 05/16/2007
At what point in "A Bug's Life" is there a reference made to The Lion King? When Hopper tells the ants why they should gather food for the grasshoppers, he mentions that it is a "circle of life thing". 05/02/2008
In A Bug's Life, what type of can in the bug city is the restaurant in? Low Fat Lard 06/05/2008
In A Bugs Life when Flik walks through the city traffic in Bug City a sign advertises what popular broadway musical? Lion King on Broadway 07/15/2008
What familiar actress provided the voice of the queen of the ants in Bugs Life? Phyllis Diller 06/01/2009
Which character in A Bugs Life transforms into a butterfly at the end? Heimlich 07/07/2009
What is the name of Hoppers Brother in "A Bugs Life"? Molt 12/01/2009
What movie was the first animated picture released by Disney to play on Pay-Per-View? A Bugs Life 04/12/2010
What was the first Pixar feature film to include "outtakes" in the credits? A Bugs Life 07/26/2010
Who's hand gestures were used as examples and made by Hopper in A Bugs Life? Steve Jobs 12/28/2011
What is the name of the group of girls that Dot belongs to in Bugs Life? The Blueberries 03/01/2012
In A Bugs Life, what kind of drinks do the two bugs, that bit a dog, order? Black Flag 03/29/2012
In Bugs Life, what is the can that is the restaurant in Bug City? Low Fat Lard 10/05/2012
What was the short film shown in US Theaters just before the playing of A Bugs Life Geri's Game 01/25/2013
In A Bugs Life, who suggests that they leave the ants alone this season since they have plenty of food? Molt 09/11/2013
What film, when premiered on videocassette, was available in one of four covers featuring a different character on each with a fifth one being added at the last minute? A Bugs Life... covers available were Flik, Heimlich, Dot, and Francis, with Hopper being added at the last minute. 03/28/2014
In a Bugs Life, what location is the Grasshopper Gang at before coming to collect the food from the Ants? Mexico 04/03/2014
Cars was the second Disney Pixar film to have an entirely non human cast. What movie was the first? A Bugs Life 04/24/2014
In A Bugs Life, what is the name of the social group that Dot belongs to? The Blueberries 05/12/2014
In Up, what is familiar about the spot where Carl and Ellie go on a picnic? It is under the same tree from A Bugs Life 05/14/2014
In Up, when Carl and Ellie go picnicking, their destination is a spot under a familiar tree. In what other Disney Pixar film can this tree be found? A Bugs Life 09/04/2015
In A Bugs Life what brand name is found on the animal cracker box that PT Flea uses and how is it significant to another Disney Full Length Feature Animation? Casey Jr and it is also the name of the locomotive which pulls the circus train in Dumbo 12/23/2015
In A Bugs Life when the bird takes Hopper to her nest to feed him to her babies, how many baby chicks are in the nest? 3 02/05/2016
Who ends up joining the circus at the end of A Bugs Life? Molt 03/29/2016
At the end of A Bugs Life, which grasshopper joins the circus? Molt 09/14/2016
Which character from A Bugs Life makes a cameo appearance in Toy Story 3? Flik 12/21/2016

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