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Question Answer Date
What is the name of the bear cub in Brother Bear? Koda 06/29/2004
Where does Koda want Kenai to take him in Brother Bear? The Salmon Run 07/08/2005
In Brother Bear, what was one of the first things that Kenai said when he got his totem? Who wants to trade? 10/10/2005
What are the names of the two Moose in Brother Bear? Rutt and Tuke 06/17/2009
What Disney Song is this line from? And there's no where else that I'd rather be Brother Bear - On My Way 08/26/2010
Who provided the voices of Rutt and Tuke in Brother Bear? Rick Moranis (Rutt) and Dave Thomas (Tuke) 06/08/2011
What Disney movie was nominated for Best Animated Film but lost to Finding Nemo? Brother Bear 04/23/2014
In Brother Bear, what kind of animal did Rutt, Tuke, Kenai and Koda ride on? A wooly mammoth 07/28/2014
Which Disney Movie was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated film but lost to Finding Nemo? Brother Bear 04/23/2015
What were the only 3 Full Length Feature Animations to be produced completely at the Disney MGM Florida Theme Park before it was closed in 2004 due to the need for more computer animation ? Mulan, Lilo and Stitch and Brother Bear 08/02/2016

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