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Question Answer Date
In Brave what is the name of the castle where the Highland Games were held? Castle DunBroch 07/11/2012
In Brave, what classic Disney / Pixar icon appears as a wooden trinket on a worktable? The Pizza Planet Delivery Truck 12/07/2012
What is the name of the vacuum cleaner from The Brave Little Toaster? Kirby 04/28/2014
Was was going to be the original name of the film Brave? The Bear and the Bow 07/03/2014
What was the first Pixar film set entirely in the historic past? Brave 12/29/2014
What Disney Princess said ... Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.? Merida 10/27/2015
What was the first Disney Pixar film set entirely in the historic past? Brave 06/23/2016
What Disney Characters name means rebel in Hebrew? Merida from Brave 12/29/2016

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