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In the animated feature 101 dalmations, what is the name of the puppies' canine television superhero? Thunderbolt 11/01/2002
Who provided the voice for Bolt? John Travolta 01/19/2009
What is the name of the cat that befriends Bolt? Mr Mittens 02/25/2009
What is Bolt called in the French version of the movie? Volt 03/19/2009
What was the movie Bolt originally going to be called? American Dog 04/01/2009
In the German version of Bolt, what is Rhoni's name? Dino 04/16/2009
What kind of dog is Bolt? American White Shephard 04/29/2009
What does Bolt fear is drainng away his superpowers? Styrofoam packing peanuts 02/05/2010
Who portrayed evil millionaire Aristotle Bolt in 1975's Escape to Witch Mountain? Ray Milland 01/21/2011
Who provided the voice of Bolt? John Travolta 10/28/2011
What was the first Disney animated feature conceived and produced in 3-D? Bolt 04/09/2012
What was the first Disney film to be released on Blu-Ray before DVD? Bolt 05/25/2012
What Disney movie character is an American White Shepherd? Bolt 07/05/2013
What does Bolt believe is his only weakness? Styrofoam Peanuts 11/18/2013
In what shape is Bolts favorite toy? A carrot 05/28/2015
In what Disney film can you find a hamster named Rhino? Bolt 04/06/2016
What does Bolt believe he has a weakness to? Packing Peanuts 11/10/2016
In Bolt, what kind of animal is Mittens? A cat 04/28/2017
In the Animated Feature 101 Dalmatians, who is the television superhero of the puppies? Thunderbolt 04/09/2018

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