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What are the names of the female bears in the Country Bear Jamboree? Trixie, Bunny, Bubbles, Beulah, and Teddi Barra 06/11/2002
What was the name of the Disney show that contained the following animated series, Duck Tales, Tail Spin, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers and Gummi Bears that aired during the early to mid 90's? The Disney Afternoon 05/26/2003
Today's Question: What Disney Television Show featured the characters: Zummi, Gruffi, and Sunni? Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears 10/01/2003
John Denver wrote and sang "Sweet Surrender" for what Disney film? The Bears and I 09/27/2005
John Denver composed and performed "Sweet Surrender" for what Disney live action film? The Bears and I (1974) 09/22/2006
How many musical bears perform in the Magic Kingdom's Country Bear Jamboree? 18 01/04/2013
What Disney film did singer John Denver write the song "Sweet Surrender" for? The Bears and I 03/05/2018

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