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In Bambi, what word does the owl use to describe falling in love? Twitterpatted 02/25/1999
What one thing do each of the following full length feature animations have in common? Bambi, Robin Hood, and Lion King? They all have an all animal cast 01/31/2000
What was the first Disney Full Length Feature Animation to have no humans appear on screen i the movie? Bambi 11/09/2001
In Bambi, what name is given to Faline's Mother? Aunt Ena 12/07/2001
When Bambi and his friends walk across some ice, what name do they refer to it as? Stiff Water 01/21/2003
What 3 full length animated features had no humans shown in the film? Robin Hood, Bambi and Lion King 04/30/2003
What Disney Full Length Animated Feature has a song that begins with: "love is a song that never ends"? Bambi 01/07/2004
In Bambi, what is the name of Flower's girlfriend? Miss Skunk 05/25/2004
In Bambi, who does Thumper alway quote throughout the movie? His Father 06/22/2004
What character is responsible for trying to teach Bambi how to ice skate? Thumper 10/22/2004
What season of the year was Bambi born in? Spring 12/10/2004
Some scenes of woodland creatures and the forest from Bambi are rumored to have been "re-used" from what other Disney Full Length Animated Feature? Pinocchio 01/17/2005
In Bambi, what started the forest fire? Man 03/10/2005
What city outside was Bambi released in first that was outside of the United States? London 07/28/2005
In Bambi, Friend Owl has his own word (and feelings) for love. What word does he use? Twitterpated 02/14/2006
How does Bambi and his father escape the great fire in the forest? By jumping down a waterfall 04/21/2006
The song "Little April Shower" is featured in what Disney full length animated feature? Bambi 04/26/2006
How does Bambi's mother say that he should always enter a meadow? Slowly and Carefully 03/16/2007
What was the first Disney Full Length Animated feature to be released in a country other than the United States and what city was it released in? Bambi which was released in London first 04/05/2007
What Disney movie has the song Little April Shower in it? Bambi 11/28/2007
What full length animation feature has the song Little April Shower? Bambi 04/07/2008
What do Bambi and his friends call ice? Stiff Water 05/26/2008
What season was Bambi born in? Spring 07/22/2008
Which Disney film features the song 'Little April Shower'? Bambi 11/13/2008
What was the first word that Bambi spoke? Bird 11/09/2009
What True-Life Fantasy was based on a story by the author of Bambi? Perri 02/02/2010
What Disney animated classic's direct-to-DVD sequel was released in 2006? Bambi 2 01/04/2011
What Disney movie does the song Little April Shower come from? Bambi 10/05/2011
In Disney's Bambi, what is the skunks name? Flower 11/05/2012
What was Thumper originally going to be named in the first draft of the Bambi script? Bobo 01/02/2013
What is the name of Bambi's true love? Faline 01/15/2013
What Disney Full Length Animated Feature did writers term the story pitch as "Bambi in Africa meets Hamlet", or "Bamlet"? The Lion King 02/05/2013
Some scenes of woodland creatures and the forest fire in Bambi are actually unused footage from what other Disney movie? Pinocchio 05/15/2013
What was the last full length animated feature made by Walt Disney until Cinderella? Bambi 10/23/2014
Which Disney Character did the US Government originally use as a symbol for forest fire prevention before Smokey the Bear? Bambi 07/17/2015
What line did Disney workers use when Walt was approaching their location and what movie is it adopted from? Hint .. it is said in Saving Mr Banks Man is in the forest... and it was adopted from Bambi 08/12/2015
In Bambi according to Thumper, what is .. Awful stuff to eat? Clover 09/08/2015
What was the first Full Length Animated Feature to have no songs in the film sung by characters ? Bambi 09/11/2015
What is the name of the deer that Bambi fights? Ronno 01/14/2016
In Bambi, how many sisters does Thumper have? 4 02/18/2016
Dumbo was the first Full Length Feature Animation to be set in its present day, what was the next feature to do that? Bambi 05/13/2016
What was the first full length feature animation where the songs in the film are not sung by the characters? Bambi 12/15/2016
Which one of Bambis friends says .... If you cant say something nice, dont say nothin at all? Thumper 07/25/2017
Who warns Bambi, Thumper and Flower about becoming twitterpated? Friend Owl 07/26/2017
What film did animators utilize some unused footage of in the forest fire woods scene of Bambi? Pinocchio 10/04/2017
What full length feature animation character is referred to as ... the young prince? Bambi 08/14/2018
According to the film, who starts the forest fire in Bambi? Man 10/11/2018
Which one of Bambis friends says ... If you cant say something nice, dont say nothing at all ? Thumper 12/31/2018
What Disney character is referred to as the Young Prince? Bambi 01/31/2019

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