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In Aladdin, what is the name of Jasmine's pet tiger? Rajah 04/23/2001
During the battle with Aladdin, what type of animal does Jafar transform himself into? A Cobra 04/16/2001
In Aladdin, another actor was suggested to do the voice of the parrot Iago, who was it?? Danny DeVito 03/12/1999
What actor was the first to receive a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor for providing a voice in a Disney Full Length Feature Animation? Robin Williams for the voice of the genie in Aladdin 03/18/1999
What type of animal is the Sultan's throne shaped like in Aladdin? An Elephant 04/15/1999
What is the name of the fictional city featured in Aladdin? Agrabah 03/27/2000
Question: How many years did the Genie spend in the lamp before Aladdin released him? According to the Genie..."10,000 Years will give you such a crick in your neck" 02/27/2000
What Disney villain says the line "I am your master now" and what film is it from? Jafar from Aladdin 11/21/2001
What Disney Character from a full length animated feature was inspired by one of the animator's sister? Jasmine from Aladdin 05/28/2002
In Aladdin, what does Jasmine steal from the Marketplace? An Apple 06/17/2002
In Aladdin, what does the Genie say he would wish for if anyone gave him the chance? Freedom 07/03/2002
In what song can you hear the lyric "Where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face"? Arabian Nights from Aladdin 07/26/2002
The following actors were used as an inspiration for a Disney Full Length Feature Animation Character. Tom Cruise, Michael J Fox, and M.C. Hammer. Which character was it? Aladdin 09/27/2002
For providing the voice in Aladdin, what else did Robin Williams request besides money for a salary? A Picasso Painting 11/04/2002
What Disney Character transformed himself into likenesses of Jack Nicholson, Carol Channing, and Groucho Marx? The Genie from Aladdin 12/31/2002
Where are Aladdin and Jasmine when they first exchange a kiss? He is on the Magic Carpet while she is on her balcony 02/18/2003
What past MGM Studios Parade was inspired by a 1992 Full Length Animated Feature? Aladdin's Royal Caravan Parade 09/09/2003
What 2 Disney sidekicks from Full Length Animated Features appear together in an attraction in Adventureland in Walt Disney World? Iago and Zazu from Aladdin and Lion King 03/10/2004
Who provided the voice of Iago for the Full Length Animated Feature Aladdin? Gilbert Gottfried 03/11/2004
What toy was the Sultan playing with in Aladdin that is a character from another Disney Full Length Animated Feature? The Beast from Beauty & the Beast 04/08/2004
Who sent Aladdin into the Cave of Wonders? Jafar 08/13/2004
In the full-length animated feature Aladdin, what type of magical device points the way to the Cave of Wonders? A Scarab 10/25/2004
What is the first wish Aladdin makes with the genie? To become a Prince 03/31/2005
Which Disney movie is this lyric from? "You showed me the world when I was all locked up inside..." Aladdin and the King of Thieves 12/01/2005
How many transformations did the Genie make in the animated feature Aladdin? 55 01/09/2006
After regaining the control of the lamp, what does Aladdin use for his thrid wish? To free the genie 02/02/2006
Which Disney film was an Academy Award winner for the Best Original Score and Song 'A Whole New World'? Aladdin 04/06/2007
What character sings Friend Like Me to Aladdin? The Genie 12/31/2007
In Aladdin,who gets turned into a elephant? Abu 01/23/2008
Which duo recorded an R&B version of "A Whole New World" from Disney's "Aladdin"? Regina Bell & Peabo Bryson 01/29/2008
In Aladdin, what three rules exist for wishes? (1) Cannot kill anyone, (2) Cannot force someone to fall in love, (3) Cannot bring anyone back from the dead 03/03/2008
In Aladdin when the Sultan is playing and stacking up toy animals, one of them is from another Disney Full Length Animated Feature. What character is seen here? Beast from Beauty and the Beast 03/12/2008
Which duo recorded an R&B version of "A Whole New World" from Disney's "Aladdin"? Regina Bell and Peoba Bryson 07/03/2008
What is the name of Jasmine's Tiger in Aladdin? Rajah 08/12/2008
What is the name of the city for the setting of the film Aladdin? Agrabah 02/12/2009
What did Jasmine steal at the Marketplace when Aladdin rescues her? an apple 03/02/2009
Last Week we had a question where Jasmine stole an apple in Aladdin, in The Black Cauldron, who steals an apple from Taran when they first meet? Gurgi 03/10/2009
What type of animal is the Sultan's throne shaped like in Aladdin? An Elephant 06/25/2009
How long has the Genie been in the lamp before Aladdin finds it? 10,000 Years 09/24/2009
Where did Aladdin find the Genies Lamp? In the Cave of Wonders 09/29/2009
What is the name of the city where Aladdin takes place? Agrabah 10/12/2009
How long has Genie been in the lamp before Aladdin finds him? 10,000 Years 03/18/2010
What character makes a cameo appearance in the tower of toys in Aladdin? The Beast 04/09/2010
What Disney Song is this line from? That's all, and that's no joke, these guys don't appreciate I'm broke Aladdin - On Jump Ahead 08/27/2010
What city is the setting for Aladdin? Agrabah 09/10/2010
Who was the voice of Iago in 'Aladdin'? Gilbert Gottfried 10/20/2010
In what city did Aladdin meet Jasmine? Agrabah 04/15/2011
What is the name of Aladdin's father? Cassim 07/07/2011
What is the first thing Aladdin Says when he sees Jasmine? WOW 09/15/2011
In the Disney film Aladdin, who did the voice for the character of Jasmine? Linda Larkin 10/21/2011
What was the first major animated film which was advertised on the strength of having a major movie star providing one of its voices and who was the movie star? Aladdin and Robin Williams 12/02/2011
What actor had to turn down the voice of Jafar in Aladdin due to a scheduling conflict with his normal television series that he starred in? Patrick Steward from Star Trek the Next Generation 12/15/2011
In Aladdin what 2 famous actors did the genie mimic before Aladdin went on to see the princess? Rodney Dangerfield and Jack Nicholson 01/26/2012
What full length feature animation's color design was inspired by old Persian miniatures and Victorian paintings of the Middle East? Aladdin 02/28/2012
What was the song from Aladdin "A Whole New World" originally going to be titled as? The World at Your Feet 04/24/2012
By what name does Aladdin give to his flying carpet? Carpet 05/07/2012
What two famous actors did Genie mimic in Aladdin? Rodney Dangerfield, Jack Nicholson 05/08/2012
What is the end of this quote from Aladdin when the Genie is talking to the flying carpet? Hey, rug man, haven't seen ya in a few millenia, give me some... Tassel 06/19/2012
What kind of animal does princess Jasmine have for a pet in Aladdin? A tiger named Jajah 07/05/2012
What ear did the Genie in Aladdin wear his earring? right 08/16/2012
In Disney's Aladdin what kind of pet does the Princess Jasmine have? A Tiger 11/02/2012
What full length animation feature was the very first to have a parade theme at what was then called Disney s MGM Studios? Aladdin 05/20/2013
The entrance to the cave of wonders in Aladdin is shaped like the head of what animal? A Tiger 01/30/2014
In Aladdin what is Jafars third wish? To become a genie 03/24/2014
What Disney Full Length Feature Animation was the 14th film and the first animated movie to gross more than $200,000,000? Aladdin 06/24/2014
What animal spits at you at the Magic Carpets of Aladdin attraction? A Camel 02/12/2015
One Jump is a song from which Disney film? Aladdin 03/05/2015
What rap star did animators use as a model for the look of Aladdins baggy pants? MC Hammer 04/16/2015
What shape are the earrings worn by Princess Jasmine in Aladdin? Traingles 10/16/2015
What was the first wish Aladdin asked the Genie for? To become a prince 10/21/2015
Aladdin was supposed to appear like Michael J Fox but another actor was chosen.... who was it? Tom Cruise 11/17/2015
What film is the song One Jump from? Aladdin 12/26/2016
At the end of Aladdin during the group hug, what kind of hat is the genie wearing? A Goofy Hat 03/08/2017
In Aladdin while in the Cave of Wonders, what kind of Jewel does Abu try to steal? A Ruby 05/08/2017
What 3 full length feature animations did Howard Ashman and Alan Menkin team up to write songs for? The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin 07/10/2017
During the battle with Aladdin, what type of animal does Jafar transform himself into? A Cobra 07/20/2017
In Aladdin what does Jafar use to hypnotize the Sultan? His Snake Staff 08/18/2017
What was Aladdins first wish? To become a Prince 08/28/2017
In Aladdin according to the song One Jump Ahead, what is the only thing Aladdin steals? Only what he cannot afford ... and thats everything 09/08/2017
According to the song Friend Like Me from Aladdin, If Life is a restaurant, who is Aladdins maitre d? The genie 09/22/2017
In Aladdin what kind of food does Iago hate? Crackers 10/17/2017
What is Aladdins third and final wish? The Genies Freedom 02/20/2018
In Aladdin, how many years had the genie been in the lamp before Aladdin rubbed it? 10,000 Years 04/04/2018
Why are the Sultans guard chasing Aladdin at the beginning of the film? Because he stole a loaf of bread 06/11/2018
In Aladdin according to the law, who must Jasmine marry? A Prince 09/19/2018
According to the song "Friend Like Me" in Aladdin ... if life is a restaurant, who is Aladdins maitre d? The Genie 09/27/2018
What is the opening song for the Full Length Feature Animation Aladdin? Arabian Nights 10/16/2018
According to the law in Aladdin, who must Jasmine marry? A Prince 10/22/2018
During the song A Whole New World, which country are Aladdin and Jasmine watching fireworks in? China 11/16/2018
In the song Friend Like Me from Aladdin how many miles long does the genie guess that Aladdins list of wishes will be? 3 Miles 11/21/2018
During the song "A Whole New World" what country do Aladdin and Jasmine watch fireworks in? China 02/11/2019
In Aladdin what does Jafar use to hypnotize the Sutlan? His snake staff 02/19/2019

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