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What is the only cartoon created by Walt Disney that had an Easter Theme? Hint: It was a Silly Symphony. Funny LIttle Bunnies 04/02/1999
What was the first Disney Full Length Animated Feature that used the wide screen process of Cinema Scope? Lady & the Tramp 02/19/1999
What was the name of the first color Disney comic strip? The Silly Symphonies 02/03/1999
What was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon made in color? The Band Concert 02/24/1999
When Pinocchio is transformed into a real boy, what is different about his hands? He has 5 fingers instead of 4 03/11/1999
In Beauty and the Beast, what feature was given to Belle only so she would stand out in the village and seem that she really did not fit in? She was the only one in the village wearing the color blue 05/04/2001
The very first cartoons created by Walt Disney were a series of shorts for a theater in Kansas City, Missouri. What was the name of the theater? The Newman Theater 03/08/2000
What did Walt Disney win his first Academy Award for? The Silly Symphony Flowers and Trees 02/04/2000
What Disney Themed television show aired on February 8, 1983 as a salute to romance with clips from Disney Animated Features? Valentine From Disney 02/14/2000
What type of insect actually providing the inspiration for Jiminy Cricket and where was this insect first featured? A Grasshopper, from the 1934 animated short The Grashopper and the Ants 07/20/2001
What is the name of the parrot from Saludos Amigos? Jose Carioca 07/23/2001
What Full Length Animated Feature did Walt Disney win a special award for screen innovation? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 07/25/2001
Upon whose shoulders does Dopey stand in order to dance with Snow White? Sneezy 09/28/2001
What Disney animator/Imagineer is credited with developing the characters for the Country Bear Jamboree? Marc Davis 10/24/2001
What was Walts First Silly Symphony? The Skeleton Dance 10/31/2001
Who was the first character to speak words in Disney's first full length feature animation SNow White? The Evils Queen 11/07/2001
What was the first Disney Full Length Feature Animation to have no humans appear on screen i the movie? Bambi 11/09/2001
What full length feature animation was based on a book by T.H. White? Sword in the Stone 11/12/2001
What kind of animals does Pluto find himself caring for in the cartoon Mother Pluto? Chicks 11/14/2001
What is the street address of Al's Toy Barn in Toy Story 2? 1001 West Cutting Blvd. (the same address for Pixar Animation Studios in Richmond, CA) 11/16/2001
What are the names of the three good faries in Sleeping Beauty and what were their colors? Flora (red) Fauna (green) and Merryweather (blue) 11/19/2001
What Disney villain says the line "I am your master now" and what film is it from? Jafar from Aladdin 11/21/2001
What song plays as Lady and Tramp share spagetti meatballs in Lady and the Tramp and which character sings it? Bella Notte sung by Tony 11/23/2001
Who were the three animal sidekicks in Pocahontas that did not speak? Meeko, Flit and Percy 11/28/2001
What is Ursula's name when she becomes human in The Little Mermaid? Vanessa 11/30/2001
What is the name of the signal the dogs used to communicate the puppies' danger in 101 Dalmatians? The Twilight Bark 12/03/2001
Who needed to have jam applied to his nose in order to calm down in Alice in Wonderland? The Dormouse 12/05/2001
In Bambi, what name is given to Faline's Mother? Aunt Ena 12/07/2001
The Rescuers Down Under" what is the name of the bird from Albetrouse Air? Wilbur 12/12/2001
What type of Japanese puppetry is used by the Disney Channel show "The Book of Pooh?" Bunraku 12/17/2001
What song was cut from Pocahontas but can be heard over the closing credits? If I never Knew You 12/27/2001
For what cartoon did Pluto win an Academy Award for? Lend a Paw 12/31/2001
What type of animal is Treelo from Bear in the Big Blue House? A Lemur 01/02/2002
What character in the Winnie the Pooh films was added by Disney and does not appear in the original books? Gopher 01/30/2002
In what Disney song can you hear the lyric "I've heard some corny birds who tried to sing"? Everybody Wants to Be a Cat from the Aristocats 02/01/2002
What Disney Cartoon features Doctor Frankenollie, a mad scientist? Runaway Brain 02/27/2002
Whop provides the voice of Jessica in Roger Rabbit? Kathleen Turner 03/27/2002
What was the first animated cartoon in full technicolor? Flowers and Trees 04/08/2002
In the movie Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, how old is Snow White? 16 04/10/2002
Verna Felton was the voice of a character in 5 Disney Films. What were the films and the characters? Dumbo...Matriarch (Elephant), Cinderella...Fairy Godmother, Alice in Wonderland...Queen of Hearts, Lady and the Tramp...Aunt Sarah, Sleeping Beauty...Flora 04/12/2002
In the Disney Channel show Stanley, what is the name of Stanley's Book? The Great Big Book of Everything 04/15/2002
In 1999 Disney had 2 songs from 2 different films nominated for Academy Awards (Toy Story 2 When She Loved Me and Tarzan You'll Be In My Heart.) What was the last year Disney accomplished this feat and the films that were nominated? The year was 1977. The films were the Rescuers for Someone's Waiting For You and Pete's Dragon for Candle on the Water. 04/22/2002
The Walt Disney Company releases films under five different labels. What are they? Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Mirmax and Demension Films 04/24/2002
In Disney Channel's show Stanley, what is Stanley's mother's occupation? A Dentist 04/29/2002
What movie did Walt Disney have dubbed in 7 different languages costing him an extra $65,000 but lost a major amount of the money because of WWII and the European Market having trouble because of the war? Pinocchio 05/13/2002
In what Disney Short did Minnie Mouse appear only iby a picture of her n a newspaper? The Dognapper 05/27/2002
What Disney Character from a full length animated feature was inspired by one of the animator's sister? Jasmine from Aladdin 05/28/2002
What is the name of the Disney Short where Donald Duck becomes the adoptive father of a kangaroo? Daddy Duck 05/31/2002
Who wrote the book that the Little Mermaid is based on? Hans Christian Anderson 06/12/2002
What is the name of the cartoon that Pluto appeared as Minnie's dog named Rover? The Picnic 06/13/2002
Where did Walt Disney get the idea for the animated feature Dumbo? On the back of a cereal box 07/11/2002
What Winnie the Pooh character was not found in the original story books but was added to the movie "Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree"? Gopher 07/16/2002
In Disney's "Alice in Wonderland," where does Alice encounter the umbrella birds? Tugley Wood 07/23/2002
In what country did Alice in Wonderland have its premiere? England 08/26/2002
What Disney movie premiered at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA on November 12, 1946? Song of the South 08/27/2002
What is the name of Piglet's grandfather and by what name did Piglets Grandmother refer to him as? Trespassers William but Piglets Grandmother called him TW 08/29/2002
How many honey pots did Pooh "rescue" from the flood during the blustery day? 10 09/13/2002
The following actors were used as an inspiration for a Disney Full Length Feature Animation Character. Tom Cruise, Michael J Fox, and M.C. Hammer. Which character was it? Aladdin 09/27/2002
What is the name of the test that Disney Animators use to photograph each frame of animation and clean up each scene in order to assure that the timeness and smoothness is just right? A Pencil Test 02/25/2003
What animated short was Walt Disney talking about when he said: "At last, we have achievedtrue personality in a whole picture"? Three LIttle Pigs 07/07/2003
What is the name of the school Hercules attends in the animated series Disney's Hercules? Prometheus Academy 07/08/2003
In the 1933 animated short Puppy Love, what happens to the candy that Mickey went to give Minnie? Pluto and FiFi ate it and put a bone in the box 09/04/2003
What are the names of the three kittens from the 1935 Silly Symphony titled Three Orphan Kittens? Fluffy, Tuffy, and Muffy 09/19/2003
What Disney artist was once known as "the hand behind the mouse"? Ub Iwerks 12/02/2003
What was the name of the animation department Walt developed in the 1930's that consisted of artisits whose job it was to design the characters that would be used for upcomming animated films? Character Model Department 12/26/2003
In the Silly Symphony The Robber Kitten, by what nickname did the cat Ambrose prefer to be called? Butch 04/22/2004
About what cartoon short did Walt Disney exclaim......At last we have achieved true personality in a whole picture? The Three Little Pigs 05/19/2004
In the cartoon Don Donald, by what name is Daisy Duck originally referred to as? Donna Duck 06/30/2004
In What theater did Steamboat Willie make it's debut? The Colony Theater in New York City 09/07/2004
What was the first Disney animated feature to be entirely drawn in Florida at Disney's MGM Studios? Mulan 04/15/2005
What animator created the characters Tinker Bell and Cruella De Vil? Marc Davis 05/01/2006
What was the name of the syndicated 1970 cartoon series produced and directed by Disney Animator Ward Kimball? The Mouse Factory 05/03/2006
The Walt Disney Company recently announced the acquisition of what company based in Emeryville, California? Pixar 05/04/2006
What did women in Disney?s Ink and Paint Department apply to each cel in order to give Snow White?s cheeks an even rosier complexion? Rouge 05/10/2006
Where did Walt Disney go to record the soundtrack for his first Mickey Mouse cartoon? New York City 05/11/2006
How many Silly Symphony cartoons were produced? 75 07/19/2007
What animator created Jiminy Cricket? Ward Kimball 03/31/2010
What character in the Winnie the Pooh films was added by Disney and does not appear in the original books? Gopher 01/30/2002
Who was the lead animator for Maleficient? Marc Davis 04/14/2010
What was the first fairy tale that Walt Disney made a cartoon about? Little Red Riding Hood 08/31/2011
In Cinderella who is Lucifer the cat was modeled after? Ward Kimball's calico pet cat. Ward was one of Disneys Nine Old men 12/08/2011
What is the name of the technique created by Disney for use in Tarzan, which allows 2D hand-drawn characters to exist seamlessly in a fully 3D environment? Deep Canvas 06/01/2012
Who narrated the Johnny Appleseed animated segment from the 1948 feature "Melody Time"? Dennis Day 10/03/2012
What animator did Walt meet at MGM and eventually hired to be the Art Director for Fantasia and Dumbo and most importantly sketch Walt's idea for the creation of Disneyland? Herb Ryman 03/25/2013
What were the only 2 classic Walt Disney films to use watercolored backgrounds? Dumbo and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 04/25/2013
What was the last Full Length Feature Animation that Eric Larson worked as a supervising animator before solely working on training new animators for Disney? The Aristocats 06/02/2016
In what animated short did Mickey and Minne first appear together? Plane Crazy 02/14/2018

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