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What is the name of Mickey's sister? Amelia Fieldmouse 11/29/2011
In Peter Pan, Captain Hook had a hook on which one of his hands? His Left 03/09/2001
What is the name of the farm where the Barnstormer is located? Goofy's WIse Acre Farm 03/19/2001
In Dumbo, where is Mrs. Jumbo when the stork delivers her baby? In the circus Train 03/30/2001
Minnie Mouse had a bird that appeared in 1 cartoon along with Figaro from Pinocchio. What was the bird's name? Frankie 04/02/2001
In Beauty and the Beast, how many egss does Gaston eat for breakfast? 5 Dozen 04/13/2001
During the battle with Aladdin, what type of animal does Jafar transform himself into? A Cobra 04/16/2001
Before Mickey Mouse, what Disney character was suggested to be the Sorcerer's Apprentice in Fantasia? Dopey 04/30/2001
What is the name of Donald Duck's sister (Also the mother of Huey Dewey & Louie) ? Dumbella 03/08/1999
What was the name of the dragon (god wanna be) in Mulan and who provided his voice? Mushu by Eddie Murphy 04/07/1999
In Lady & the Tramp, by what name did Tony call Tramp? Butch 04/12/1999
What was the name of the whale in Pinocchio? Monstro 02/16/1999
During the ballroom scene of Beauty & the Beast, what color is Belle's Gown? Gold 02/18/1999
In Alice in Wonderland, what is the name of Alice's kitten? Dinah 03/20/1999
What character was Walt Disney speaking about when he was quoted as saying: "....We decided not to let him talk. It wasn't that he couldn't talk, just that he'd never tried." Dopey 04/13/1999
What is odd about the Names of Ariel's sisters in the Little Mermaid? They all start with the letter A. As in: Andrina, Adella, Attina, Alana, Aquata, and Arista. 04/27/1999
Who is the nurse maid to the children in Peter Pan? Nanna the Saint Bernard 05/27/1999
In Pluto's cartoon "Judgement Day", Pluto is put on trial, what type of animals make up the jury? Cats 04/29/1999
In what Disney Full Length Animated Feature can you find a character named Diablo, and what type of character is he? Diablo can be found in Sleeping Beauty and is Maleficent's pet raven 02/02/1999
In the Hunchback of Notre Dame, what was the name of the Captain of the Guard, and what actor supplied his voice? Phoebus with the voice of Kevin Kline 02/27/1999
What is the name of Pocahontas' father? Chief Powhatan 03/30/1999
What Disney Animated Character is considered the Treasurer for Disney according to the print on each Disney Dollar? Scrooge McDuck 03/25/1999
What was the name of the 1992 television series which featured Goofy in it? Goof Troop 04/28/1999
In Hercules What is the name of Hercules' trainer and what type of creature is he? Philoctetes and he is a Satyr 05/24/1999
In Beauty and the Beast, what feature was given to Belle only so she would stand out in the village and seem that she really did not fit in? She was the only one in the village wearing the color blue 05/04/2001
Who kidnapped Hercules when he was a baby? Pain and Panic 12/16/1999
What is the name of the Hummingbird in Pocahontas? Flit 12/17/1999
According to Gaston when he is singing his song in Beauty & the Beast, what is he "especially good at"? Expectorating 12/22/1999
In Peter Pan, what are the first names of the Darling Parents? George and Mary 02/28/2000
In the Little Mermaid, what is the name of Prince Eric's dog? Max 03/02/2000
Some time ago we had the question...Who is the only one of the 7 Dwarfs without a beard?? Of course the answer was Dopey....but, what other characteristic does Dopey have that the other Dwarfs do not?? Not only was Dopey the only Dwarf who did not talk, but he was also the only one with blue eyes. (And yes He had the Biggest Ears !) 02/25/2000
In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which 2 dwarfs had their voices provided by the same person? also... what is his name and what other famous character did he provide a voice for? Grumpy and Sleepy with the voices provided by Pinto Colvig (Also known for providing the voice of Goofy) 03/05/2000
What event displaced Dumbo's planned appearance on the cover of Time Magazine? World War 2 03/06/2000
In Tarzan, during the campground scene, a character from another Disney Full Length Animated Feature can be seen on the table. Who is it? Mrs Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast 03/09/2000
What Country made Goofy their Official Olympic Mascot in 1980? France 03/10/2000
What was the first Disney Song released on Sheet Music? Minnie's Yoo Hoo written by Walt Disney and Carl Stalling 03/17/2000
What is the name of the butler in Oliver and Company? Winston 03/20/2000
What does Pinocchio wear in his hat? A red feather 03/23/2000
In Lady and the Tramp, what is the terrier Jock's full name? Heather Lad o' Glencairn 03/24/2000
What color is Dumbo's hat? Yellow 03/28/2000
What is the name of the horse in The Aristocats? Frou Frou 03/29/2000
In Mulan, who is the leader of the Huns? San Yu 02/02/2000
In The Rescuers, what is the name of the airline run by Orville? The Albatross Air Charter Service 02/07/2000
In the animated feature Pocahontas, what is the name of the Indian that wanted to marry Pocahontas? Kocoum 02/09/2000
In the Animated Feature The Aristocats, who was the leader of the Jazz Band? Scat Cat 02/10/2000
In the Animated Feature Tarzan, what is Jane's Last Name? Porter 02/15/2000
Name 2 Disney Films where you can find a cat named Lucifer? Cinderella (The House Cat) and in the 1946 Cartoon Pluto's Kid Brother where Lucifer was a tough Alley Cat. 02/21/2000
Question: How many years did the Genie spend in the lamp before Aladdin released him? According to the Genie..."10,000 Years will give you such a crick in your neck" 02/27/2000
What nickname does Peter Pan give to Captain Hook? Codfish 02/29/2000
In the Lion King, what is the name of Nala's Mother and what does her name mean? Sarafina and it means Shining Star 05/09/2001
In Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too (1974), who supplied the voice of Roo? Clint Howard, brother of actor/director Ron Howard 05/11/2001
Who wrote the Mickey Mouse March Song? Jim Dodd 05/14/2001
In Toy Story, what is the name of Sid's Dog? Skud 05/18/2001
In Hunchback of Notre Dame, what is Judge Frollo's first name? Claude 05/21/2001
What is the name of the Mickey Mouse record album, released in 1979, that went "Multi-Platinum"? Mickey Mouse Disco 05/30/2001
In Robin Hood Friar Tuck is a Badger. What type of animal was he fist envisioned to be? A Pig 07/02/2001
Give the names of 5 Disney Characters whose name refers to the word "Stupid" ? Dopey, Goofy, Dumbo, Lefou, and Dim (From Bugs Life) 07/11/2001
What Disney Character did singer Scatman Crothers provide a voice for? Scat Cat from the Aristocats 07/16/2001
What type of insect actually providing the inspiration for Jiminy Cricket and where was this insect first featured? A Grasshopper, from the 1934 animated short The Grashopper and the Ants 07/20/2001
What is the name of the parrot from Saludos Amigos? Jose Carioca 07/23/2001
By what name is Mickey Mouse known as in Italy? Topolino 08/08/2001
How many times did Cinderella loose her slipper? 3 times 1) walking up the stairs with the breakfast trays 2) running out of the ball 3) walking down the church steps at her wedding 08/20/2001
Who voiced the famous "Ghost Host" at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion as well as Ludwig Von Drake? Paul Frees 08/24/2001
Upon whose shoulders does Dopey stand in order to dance with Snow White? Sneezy 09/28/2001
In what year was the first Mickey Mouse watch sold? 1933 10/10/2001
In cartoons Pluto had an arch-nemesis who is a bulldog. What was this bulldog's name? Butch 10/15/2001
What character\'s name was given by the sort of comedy that Mickey and the other Disney characters specialized in? Goofy 10/22/2001
What character was voiced by Matthew Broderick and Jonathan Taylor Thomas? Simba from the Lion King 10/26/2001
Who was the voice of Wiggins in Pocahontas? David Ogden Stiers 10/29/2001
Who provided the original voice of Daisy Duck? Clarence Nash who also provided the original voice of Donald DUck 11/05/2001
What kind of animals does Pluto find himself caring for in the cartoon Mother Pluto? Chicks 11/14/2001
What are the names of the three good faries in Sleeping Beauty and what were their colors? Flora (red) Fauna (green) and Merryweather (blue) 11/19/2001
Who were the three animal sidekicks in Pocahontas that did not speak? Meeko, Flit and Percy 11/28/2001
What is Ursula's name when she becomes human in The Little Mermaid? Vanessa 11/30/2001
Who needed to have jam applied to his nose in order to calm down in Alice in Wonderland? The Dormouse 12/05/2001
In Bambi, what name is given to Faline's Mother? Aunt Ena 12/07/2001
The Rescuers Down Under" what is the name of the bird from Albetrouse Air? Wilbur 12/12/2001
For what cartoon did Pluto win an Academy Award for? Lend a Paw 12/31/2001
What type of animal is Treelo from Bear in the Big Blue House? A Lemur 01/02/2002
What is Eeyore stuffed with? Sawdust 01/04/2002
What Disney character is the mascot of the Environment? Jiminy Cricket 01/23/2002
What character in the Winnie the Pooh films was added by Disney and does not appear in the original books? Gopher 01/30/2002
What are the names of the 2 Otters from Bear in the Big Blue House? Pip and Pop 02/06/2002
What Disney couple stars in the Noah's Ark segment of Fantasia 2000? Donald Duck and Daisy Duck 02/13/2002
After his hallucinations, where does Dumbo wake up the following morning? On top of a tree 03/04/2002
What Disney character wears a cooking pot for a hat? Jonny Appleseed 03/20/2002
In the movie Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, how old is Snow White? 16 04/10/2002
Verna Felton was the voice of a character in 5 Disney Films. What were the films and the characters? Dumbo...Matriarch (Elephant), Cinderella...Fairy Godmother, Alice in Wonderland...Queen of Hearts, Lady and the Tramp...Aunt Sarah, Sleeping Beauty...Flora 04/12/2002
In the Disney Channel show Stanley, what is the name of Stanley's Book? The Great Big Book of Everything 04/15/2002
What does Disney consider the date for Donald Duck's Birthday and why? June 9,1934 because it is the date of his first appearance in a movie, The Wise Little Hen 04/19/2002
What are the names of Mickey Mouse's 2 nephews? Mortie and Ferdie 04/26/2002
What Disney Character comic book was almost banned in Finland because the character doesn't wear pants? Donald Duck 05/10/2002
By what name is Mickey Mouse known as in Italy? Topolino 08/08/2001
In what Disney Short did Minnie Mouse appear only iby a picture of her n a newspaper? The Dognapper 05/27/2002
What Disney Character from a full length animated feature was inspired by one of the animator's sister? Jasmine from Aladdin 05/28/2002
What is the name of the Disney Short where Donald Duck becomes the adoptive father of a kangaroo? Daddy Duck 05/31/2002
What was the date that Mickey Mouse recieved his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ? November 3, 1978 06/06/2002
What name does Dumbo's mother give to him when he is born? JUmbo Jr 06/07/2002
What is the name of the cartoon that Pluto appeared as Minnie's dog named Rover? The Picnic 06/13/2002
In Lady and the Tramp, what do the dogs in the pound call lady? Miss Park Avenue 06/21/2002
Which one of the mice does Cinderella save from the mousetrap? Gus 07/02/2002
In Aladdin, what does the Genie say he would wish for if anyone gave him the chance? Freedom 07/03/2002
What Winnie the Pooh character was not found in the original story books but was added to the movie "Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree"? Gopher 07/16/2002
What is Donald Duck's middle name? Fauntleroy 08/01/2002
What character in Mulan always has a black eye? Yao 08/28/2002
What is the name of Piglet's grandfather and by what name did Piglets Grandmother refer to him as? Trespassers William but Piglets Grandmother called him TW 08/29/2002
Who was the first member of the Disney Fab Five to have an appearance in a Full Length Animated Feature and what was the feature? Mickey Mouse, in Fantasia 09/16/2002
What two Disney animated features have a character named Nutsy in them? Lady and the Tramp (a dog in the pound) & Robin Hood (a vulture guard) 09/18/2002
In what Dinsey Animated Feature can you hear the line: "Beef, Pork, Chicken mmmmmmmm" and what character says it? Mulan; Chien-Po 09/19/2002
On what box of cereal did Mickey Mouse make his debut on and in what year? Post cereal Toasties corn flakes back in 1935 09/25/2002
The following actors were used as an inspiration for a Disney Full Length Feature Animation Character. Tom Cruise, Michael J Fox, and M.C. Hammer. Which character was it? Aladdin 09/27/2002
What Disney Villain lived in "Hell Hall"? Cruella De Vil 10/15/2002
What was Daidy Duck's original name? Donna Duck 11/14/2002
Minnie Mouse's name is the Scottish variation of what female name? Mary 11/27/2002
In Monsters Inc. what is Sulley's full name (including his middle initial)? James P. Sullivan 12/19/2002
In Oliver & Company, what kind of dogs are Roscoe and DeSoto Doberman Pinschers 12/20/2002
What is the nick name given to the characters of Yao, Ling, and Chien Po from Mulan? The Gang of Three 12/23/2002
In Disney's Hercules, how many eyeballs do the the three fates share? One 12/24/2002
What is the name of the chef in The Little Mermaid? Louie 01/02/2003
After Mickey Mouse made his Color Debut in The Band Concert he was in 2 black and white cartoons, what were they named? Mickey?s Service Station and Mickey?s Kangaroo 01/08/2003
How many of the seven dwarf's names do not end with the letter Y? 2 Doc and Bashful 01/14/2003
What is Lilo's last name from Lilo and Stitch? Pelekai 01/16/2003
Which of the seven dwarfs has the longest beard? Sleepy 01/29/2003
Which dwarf has the longest nose? Grumpy 01/30/2003
Which dwarf has the biggest belly? Happy 01/31/2003
What Disney animator created Jiminy Cricket? Ward Kimball 02/19/2003
Match the following Disney Characters with their male counterpart to make a "Disney Couple": Belle Ariel Jane Mulan Bo Peep Perdita Megara Belle: Beast, Ariel: Prince Eric, Jane: Tarzan, Mulan: Li Shang, Bo Peep: Woody, Perdita: Pongo, Megara: Hercules 02/24/2003
In 101 Dalmations, what color are Cruela De Vil's gloves? Red 03/12/2003
What is the name of the pig in Toy Story and who provides his voice? His name is Hamm and his voice is provided by John Ratzenberger who played Cliff on Cheers. 03/18/2003
What do the Disney characters Lumiere and Hades have in common? They both have flames coming out of their heads and they were both created by the same artist Nik Ranieri 04/09/2003
What 3 Disney Characters from a Full Length Feature Animation were originally going to be called: Chaney, Laughton. and Quinn? The 3 gargoyles from Hunchback of Notre Dame 04/15/2003
By what name is Mickey Mouse known as in Italy? Topolino 08/08/2001
What is the only main character from a Disney Full Length Animated Feature that did not talk throughout the film? Dumbo 05/08/2003
Who was always responsible for ringing the gong for the Mickey Mouse Club? Donald Duck 06/11/2003
What is Peter Pan's Indian Name Little Flying Eagle 06/13/2003
What famous actor provided the voice of Ratigan in The Great Mouse Detective? Vincent Price 06/16/2003
What 2 Disney rodents from Full Length Animated Features object to being called a rat? Ratigan form the Great Mouse Detective and Timothy from Dumbo 07/01/2003
What does Cruella De Vil have for a personalized License Plate on her car? De Vil 07/02/2003
In Pooh, who is considered to be Roo's best Friend? Tigger 07/11/2003
What Disney Character said the following line: "Enough Is As Good As A Feast"? Mary Poppins 07/25/2003
Of the four princesses, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Ariel, which is the only one with brown eyes? Snow White 07/28/2003
What 2 Disney characters are know as Tic and Tac in French? Chip and Dale 08/27/2003
Finish the line of one of Walt Disney's famous sayings: "Mickey Mouse was simply a little personality assigned to the purposes of ______" Laughter 08/28/2003
What female relative of Donald Duck had her own comic book series? Grandma Duck 09/08/2003
In the Disney Animated Television Series "The Wuzzles" there is a character called Hoppopotamus. What two animals is this character a combination of? A rabbit and a hippopotamus 09/25/2003
Today's Question: What country almost banned Donald Duck cartoons because it was stated "he wasn't wearing any pants"? Finland 09/26/2003
In Pocahontas, what type of dog is Percy? Governor Ratcliffe's dog Percy is a Pug 10/08/2003
In Lion King II: Simba's Pride, what is the name of Scar's successor? Kovu 11/21/2003
In Speeping Beauty, where does Maleficent live? The Forbidden Mountains 11/24/2003
What is the missing word from the Walt Disney Quote: "When people laugh at mickey Mouse it's because he is so ____________; and that is the secret to his popularity" human 11/26/2003
What Disney character is also know as Edward the Bear? Winnie the Pooh 12/04/2003
What is the name of the Doctor from Bear in the Big Blue House? Doc Hog 12/09/2003
In cartoons, Pluto has had 2 dog girlfriends, what breed of dog are the two of them? A Pekinese and a Dachshund 03/02/2004
In what 1934 Silly Symphony did Donald Duck make his screen debut? The Wise Little Hen 03/18/2004
According to Tigger, "A wonderful thing about Tiggers is that Tiggers are wonderful things" but, what does Tigger say is the MOST wonderful thing about Tiggers? The Most Wonderful Thing About Tiggers is that I'm the Only One 04/05/2004
What Disney Villain lives in Hell Hall? Cruella DeVille 04/07/2004
What toy was the Sultan playing with in Aladdin that is a character from another Disney Full Length Animated Feature? The Beast from Beauty & the Beast 04/08/2004
WHo is Old Betsy? Davy Crockett's rifle and also the name of Trigger's crossbow in Robin Hood 04/27/2004
In Fantasia, what tool does Mickey Mouse use to attempt to stop the broom? An Axe 05/04/2004
Name 3 full length animated features in which the main characters are mainly dogs? Oliver and Company, 101 Dalmations, and Lady and the Tramp 05/06/2004
When developing one of the early villains for a Disney Full Length Animated Feature, what villainess did Walt Disney describe to his artists as "sinister, mature, with plenty of curves"? The Evil Queen from Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs 05/31/2004
In the 1950's Disney had a food division which sold Donald Duck Cola, what company marketed this item for Disney? General Beverages Inc. 06/25/2004
In the cartoon Don Donald, by what name is Daisy Duck originally referred to as? Donna Duck 06/30/2004
By what 2 names does Tigger call Rabbit? Long Ears or Bunny Boy 07/01/2004
"I am the proud owner of two eels. I also at one point ruled the sea." What Villain Am I? Ursula from The Little Mermaid 07/05/2004
"I own two Doberman Pincers and like to smoke cigars. I drive myself around in a limosine." WHat Villain Am I? Sykes from Oliver & Company 07/06/2004
"God of the Underworld. I'm a very big hot-head." What Villain Am I? Hades from Hercules 07/07/2004
"There's no man in town half as manly. Every last bit of me's covered with hair." What Villain Am I? Gaston from Beauty & the Beast 07/08/2004
"I really like "lion" around and the song 'I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts'." What Villain Am I? Scar from The Lion King 07/09/2004
In Mulan when she is asked at the camp what her name is, what name does Mushu give her to use first (as a Joke)? Achoo 07/02/2004
In the Disney animated film Tarzan, which popular actress provided the voice talent of Kala? Glenn Close 07/14/2004
What 2 Disney characters are named Tic et Tac in French? Chip and Dale 08/03/2004
What was the name of the Indian Princess in Never Land in Peter Pan? Tiger Lily 08/09/2004
Head of a camel, neck of a crocodile, and ears of a cow best describes which Disney character? Elliot the Dragon 08/11/2004
Which of these Disney Princesses is actually a princess by birth: Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, or Mulan? Ariel 08/16/2004
What Disney Character was accidentally referred to by the names: Bingo, Chico, Elmo, Fabio, and Harpo? Nemo 08/27/2004
What cartoon was the first one that Mickey Mouse and Goofy appeared together in? Orphan's Benefit, 1934 08/30/2004
What is the name of the school teacher in Finding Nemo? Mr Ray 09/10/2004
What color hat did Timothy Mouse wear in Dumbo? Red 09/14/2004
In which cartoon do we learn that Donald?s middle name is Fauntleroy? Donald Gets Drafted 09/17/2004
In the animated feature Pocahontas, Meeko is a raccoon. What type of animal was he originally supposed to be? A Turkey 09/23/2004
When Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color made its debut, which brand new duck character was also introduced to the world? Ludwig Von Drake 09/28/2004
Which Disney character received an honorable discharge from the United States Army on May 19, 1984 after 42 years of service? Donald Duck 10/04/2004
Scrooge McDuck once had an uncle who's also was nicknamed 'Pothole' He used to be a riverboater on the Mississippi. He was first seen in the Barks-story 'The Great Steamboat Race'. What was his name? Angus McDuck 10/11/2004
This is a female character who has always been in love with Scrooge, but her love has always been unrequited. The character was created by Romano Scarpa, and her first appearance was in the story 'The Last Balaboo'. What is her name? Brigitta MacBridge 10/12/2004
Who is regarded as the Founder of Duckburg? Cornelius Coot 10/13/2004
He's an evil inventor and Gyro's competitor. He has also met Super-Goof . What's his name? Emil Eagle 10/14/2004
He's Scrooge biggest rival. He lives in his Money Bin in the Limpopo Valley in South Africa. He was first seen in the story 'The Second Richest Duck' from 1966. What's his name? Flintheart Glomgold 10/15/2004
According to Winnie the Pooh, what steals hunny? Heffalumps and Woozles 10/18/2004
Due to Walt Disney's busy schedule, the animated feature film Fun and Fancy Free marked the debut for whom, as the new voice of Mickey Mouse? Jim MacDonald 10/20/2004
What character is responsible for trying to teach Bambi how to ice skate? Thumper 10/22/2004
By what name did the kids refer to Hercules when he was young to make fun of him? Jerkules 10/26/2004
In what Disney Full Length Animated feature will you find a character named Ignacio Alonzo Julio Federico de Tito? Oliver and COmpany (Also Known As: Tito) 10/28/2004
The 1932 Mickey Mouse cartoon, Mickey\'s Revue included the introduction to what famous Disney character? Goofy 11/03/2004
Who is considered to be Disney's very first real animated villain who tormented Mickey in his Steamboat? Pegleg Pete 11/05/2004
Which Disney villain is known for the phrase "Off with her head!"? The Queen of Hearts 11/30/2004
Who wrote the original book on Winnie the Pooh? A. A. Milne 12/08/2004
What season of the year was Bambi born in? Spring 12/10/2004
What was the name of the bear in the Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore cartoons of the 1950s? Humphrey 12/29/2004
Name 2 kittens from 2 Disney Full Length Animated Features who knock a hat in the face of a carriage driver. Oliver (Oliver & Company) & Toulouse (Aristocats) 01/07/2005
What Disney character is referred to as being "positively primeval"? Gaston From Beauty and the Beast 01/10/2005
Eleanor Audley, who provided the voice of Madame Leota in Disney's Haunted Mansions, also provided the voice for what two Disney characters? Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and Lady Tremaine from Cinderella 01/18/2005
In which cartoon did Minnie Mouse make her first appearance in theaters? Steamboat WIllie (The Same as Mickey) 01/21/2005
Who was just recently announced as the 2005 Grand Marshal for the Tournament of Roses? Mickey Mouse 01/25/2005
In the Incredibles, by what name did Syndrome go by as a young boy? Incredi-Boy 01/31/2005
Which Disney character says, ?A very lovely thought but not at all practical?? Jiminy Cricket 02/09/2005
The evil witch in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" was inspired by the witch in what 1932 Silly Symphony? Babes in the Woods 02/11/2005
Which Disney villain is the Lord of the Underworld? Hades 02/17/2005
What phrase does Christopher Robin say at the sign of inclement weather? Tut, tut, it looks like rain 02/28/2005
In what cartoon did Mickey Mouse first have pupils in his eyes? The Pointer (1939) 03/03/2005
After The Band Concert Cartoon (Mickey's 1st appearance in Color) there were 2 other cartoons released in black and white. What were they? Mickey's Service Station and Mickey's Kangaroo 03/16/2005
This Disney character is a mother of three, who has her work cut out trying to keep an eye on them when out on the road with the help of a street-wise reprobate. What is her name? Dutchess from the Aristocats 03/21/2005
What occupation did Clarency "Ducky" Nash have before providing the voice of Donald Duck? A Milkman 04/20/2005
What is the name of Randall's assistant from Monsters Inc? Fungus 04/25/2005
What kind of animal is Oswald? A Rabbit 05/03/2005
What are the names of Cruella De Vil's two evil side kicks? Horace and Jasper 05/12/2005
Which Disney villain is described in their film as not understanding ?love, kindness, and the joy of helping others?? Maleficent 05/27/2005
Goofy can often be seen humming and singing to himself. What line is he usually singing, which wasn't even written for a 'Goofy' cartoon? "Oh the World Owes Me a Living" 07/05/2005
Lea Salonga provided the singing voice for what two Disney Princesses? Jasmine and Mulan 07/18/2005
Who is the only main female character in Winnie the Pooh? Kanga 07/20/2005
What are the colors of the 3 buttons on the right side of Buzz Lightyear?s chest on his space suit? Red Green and Blue 07/25/2005
Mushu from Mulan is mainly red, but what color is his stomach? Yellow 07/27/2005
What was the name of Davey Crockett's wife? Polly 08/15/2005
According to a tax return filled out in an early cartoon, what is Donald Duck's self proclaimed occupation? An Actor 08/26/2005
What does the sign read outside of Piglet's House? Trespassers Will (Short for Trespassers Williams - Piglet's Grandfather) 10/07/2005
Which one of the seven dwarfs wears glasses? Doc 11/14/2005
In which Disney movie does Mickey Rooney's voice 'Tod' and Kurt Russell's voice 'Copper' appear? The Fox and the Hound 11/15/2005
Who was the first Disney character to generate merchandise? Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 12/29/2005
In which cartoon did Minnie Mouse make her first appearance in theaters? Steamboat Willie 01/18/2006
In what film did Mickey Mouse first have pupils in his eyes? The Pointer - 1939 03/30/2006
What is the first name of Davy Crockett's wife? Polly 04/11/2006
Following The Band Concert (Mickey's first appearance in color), two more black and white cartoons were released. Name them. Mickey's Service Station and Mickey's Kangaroo 04/14/2006
What animator created the characters Tinker Bell and Cruella De Vil? Marc Davis 05/01/2006
For many years in Disneyland's Christmas "Fantasy On Parade," Mickey Mouse would appear high atop what giant-sized musical instrument? A Drum 05/22/2006
Which character in Winnie the Pooh stories does not appear in the original book and is "ding-dang glad of it"? Gopher 06/01/2006
Who do Turk, Black Murphy, Mullins, Starkey, Skylights and Bill Jukes collectively answer to? Captain Hook 06/09/2006
In what year did Carl Barks begin drawing DOnald Duck for comic books? 1942 06/26/2006
In the 1932 cartoon, The Londike Kid, what is Mickey's profession? A Piano Player 07/06/2006
What animated character used the following line: "I shall call him Squishy?? Dory from Finding Nemo 07/31/2006
What Disney character is known as the one who "patched up the crack in the Liberty Bell"? Davy Crockett from the song "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" 08/10/2006
Who was the alter ego of Don Diego de la Vega? Zorro 08/16/2006
What character from a full length animated feature was the first to be named after the actress who provided the voice? Peg from Lady and the Tramp, voice was provided by Peggy Lee 08/21/2006
Which actress provided the live-action model for the character Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians? Mary Wickes 08/30/2006
What is Cinderella?s last name? Tremaine 09/18/2006
According to the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland, how tall is he? Three inches High 09/19/2006
What Home on the Range character was voiced by Judi Dench? Mrs. Calloway 10/02/2006
Who starred in the 1952 cartoon, Trick or Treat? Donald Duck 10/30/2006
What color is Tigger's nose? Pink 11/09/2006
Which two animated characters were named after an 18th-century furniture maker? Chip and Dale 11/22/2006
Which animated character wishes their friends a ?Happy Winds-day?? Winnie the Pooh 12/15/2006
What are Huey, Dewey, and Louie's colors? Huey is red, Dewey is blue, Louie is green 12/18/2006
According to the song ?Woody?s Roundup?, what kind of cowgirl is Jesse? Yodelin' 02/01/2007
Who went from Zero to Hero? Hercules 02/09/2007
Who was Davy Crockett's sidekick, and what actor played him? George Russel, played by Buddy Ebsen 02/05/2007
What are the names of Minnie Mouse's two nieces? Millie and Melody 02/22/2007
What type of animal is JoJo's pet from Playhouse Disney? A Lion 03/05/2007
What words did Goofy's animators use to describe his character? A selfless corn fed hic. 04/30/2007
In fox and the hound 2, who is the lead singer of "the singin strays" named after? Johnny Cash (Cash the hound) 05/15/2007
In Lion King, what name does Simba refer to Zazu as? Banana Beak 06/08/2007
What is Donald Duck's Birthday? June 9, 1934 06/12/2007
Who's the king of the wild frontier? Davy Crockett 06/27/2007
In what film did Mickey Mouse first have his eyes enhanced to include pupils? The Pointer 07/06/2007
Who is the tallest of the 7 dwarfs? Doc 07/11/2007
What Disney character's name means light? Lumiere form Beauty and the Beast 07/12/2007
Who is considered to be Roger Rabbit's uncle? Thumper 07/24/2007
Who is considered to be Winnie The Pooh's best friend? Piglet 08/14/2007
Who took over for Walt Disney for the voice of Mickey Mouse? Jim McDonald 08/30/2007
In 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', which one of the dwarfs has white eyebrows? Happy 09/10/2007
What famous singer played Captain EO? Michael Jackson 10/24/2007
What was the name of Davey Crockett's wife? Polly 08/15/2005
Who is considered to be Scrooge McDuck's biggest rival who was first seen in the story 'The Second Richest Duck' from 1966? Flintheart Glomgold 11/15/2007
In Mickey’s Christmas Carol who plays the part of the Ghost of Christmas Past? Jiminy Crickett 12/24/2007
What kind of hat does Davy Crockett wear that was made popular during his inception? Coonskin Cap 01/24/2008
What Disney Character Comics were banned in Finland because the character did not wear any pants? Donald Duck 02/22/2008
Who is Luxo Jr? That s the name of the lamp in the opening scene of Disney Pixar Films 04/02/2008
Which of the Seven Dwarfs has the biggest nose? Grumpy 05/16/2008
What are the names of Donald Duck's parents? Hortense McDuck and Quackmore Duck 05/19/2008
What is the name of Pocahontas' Best Friend in the tribe? Nakoma 05/20/2008
What nicknames does does Tigger call Rabbit? Long Ears and Bunny Boy. 05/22/2008
What are best known as Mickey Mouse's favorite 5 sayings? "Gosh!" "Oh boy!" "That sure is swell!" "Aw, gee..." "See ya soon!" 06/10/2008
By what name was Donald Duck known as in order to fight crime as a superhero? Super Duck 06/18/2008
What was Daisy Duck's name in her first appearance in a cartoon? Daisy's first appearance was as "Donna" in the Mickey Mouse short Don Donald released in 1937 06/19/2008
What character uses this as part of his name in a song ... Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey? Thomas O Malley From the Aristocats 07/23/2008
What is Cinderella's mouse friend, Gus-Gus's real name? Octavious 08/01/2008
Who provided the voice of Barbie in Toy Story 2? Jodi Benson who also provides the voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid 08/07/2008
What Disney character asks "Is My Hair Out"? Hades in hercules 08/21/2008
What name does the 3 fairies give Sleeping Beauty? Briar Rose 08/25/2008
Which princess sang 'Whistle While You Work'? Snow White 08/26/2008
What is the name of Mulans Dog? Little Brother 08/27/2008
What Disney princess traded places with her father in order to save him? Belle from Beauty and the Beast 08/29/2008
Who provided the voice of Celia in Monsters Inc.? Jennifer Tilly 09/01/2008
What are the colors of Chip and Dales noses? Chip has a black nose and Dale's is red 09/05/2008
What breed of dog is Pluto? A bloodhound. In Pluto's first on screen appearance, "Mickey's Chain Gang", Pluto, although not named, was one of the bloodhounds who was used to track Mickey the prisoner. 10/20/2008
What Disney Character appeared on a US $20 bill from 1865? Pocahontas 11/12/2008
What character is referred to by the nickname codfish? Captain Hook 12/19/2008
According to Walt Disney what did he believe to be the secret of Mickey Mouse's popularity? That he was so human 12/31/2008
In Beauty and the Beast, hoiw many eggs did Gaston eat as a lad and when he was grown? As a lad 4 dozen. When he was grown 5 dozen 01/09/2009
What were the names of the 2 adult dalmations in 101 dalmations? Pongo & Perdita 01/13/2009
What are the names of Daisy Ducks 3 Neices? April May and June 01/28/2009
What film has the characters Luke and Ellie Mae? They are two swamp mice from "The Rescuers". 02/03/2009
In which cartoon short did Donald Duck make his debut? The Wise Little Hen 02/13/2009
What color feather does Pinocchio have in his hat? red 02/17/2009
What is the name of Walt Disney's first cartoon character? Oswald the Rabbit 02/18/2009
What nickname does Meg refer to Hercules as? Wonder Boy 02/24/2009
What is Donald Duck's name in Sweeden? Kalle Anka 03/03/2009
Who provided the voice of Doc Hudson in Cars? Paul Newman 03/09/2009
What Disney character is purple, has yellow eyes and flies? Figment 03/17/2009
According to the song lyric, which character "ought to be locked up and never released"? Cruella Devil 03/30/2009
What is the name of Mickey Mouse's sister? Amelia Fieldmouse 05/04/2009
What bear in the Country Bear Jamboree is also named after a US State? Tennessee 05/06/2009
What color shoes does Mickey Mouse normally wear? Yellow 05/12/2009
What Disney illustrator was responsible for developing the comic book version of Donald Duck beginning in 1943? Carl Barks 05/13/2009
In what cartoon did Mickey Mouse speak his first words and what were they? Hot dogs! -- in The Karnival Kid 05/25/2009
What familiar actress provided the voice of the queen of the ants in Bugs Life? Phyllis Diller 06/01/2009
What color are figments eyes? Yellow 06/03/2009
What character is associated with Bald Mountain? Chernabog 06/12/2009
Who is mentioned as being Roger Rabbits Uncle? Thumper 06/24/2009
What 2 Disney characters have flames coming out of their heads? Lumiere and Hades 07/01/2009
What color are Dopey's eyes? Blue 07/28/2009
What Disney character is know as going from zero to here? Hercules 08/06/2009
What Disney character is know as going from zero to here? Hercules 08/06/2009
What is the name of the Chihuahua in Oliver & Company? Tito 08/13/2009
What Disney character said... "A very lovely thought but not at all practical"? Jiminy Cricket 08/19/2009
Effective this year, how old is Donald Duck? 75 08/31/2009
In Spanish, what character's name means fox? Zorro 09/04/2009
According to Winnie the pooh what do Heffalumps and Woozles steal? Honey 09/21/2009
Where was Davy Crockett born? On a mountain top in Tennessee 10/06/2009
Is Peg Leg Pete a cat or a dog? a Cat 11/24/2009
What are "black, brown, up and down"? Heffalumps and Woozles 11/25/2009
In what year was the first Mickey Mouse book sold? 1930 12/02/2009
What was Daisy Duck's original name, when she made her first screen appearance? Donna Duck 12/17/2009
Which Disney animated film featured a villain by the name of Sykes? Oliver and Company 01/04/2006
Where were Donald Duck cartoons originally banned because Donald did not wear pants? Finland 01/01/2010
In what year were the first Mickey Mouse watches made? 1933 01/04/2010
What is Hades' hair in Hercules made of? Flames 01/06/2010
According to the song, "One Little Spark", what color is Figment? Royal Purple 02/18/2010
Who was the lead animator for Maleficient? Marc Davis 04/14/2010
Who lives in Hell Hall? Cruella De Vil 04/30/2010
Who is Huey, Dewey and Louie's mother? Dumbella 05/11/2010
In what cartoon is Pluto first called Pluto? The Moose Hunt 05/26/2010
What villain says the line "Memo to me, memo to me, maim you after my meeting" and what film is it from? Hades from Hercules 06/10/2010
What was the name of the animated dragon played by Eddie Murphy in Mulan? Mushu 06/30/2010
In what cartoon does Pluto appear as Minnie's dog Rover? The Picnic 07/14/2010
Who was the voice of Wiggins in Pocahontas? David Ogden Stiers 10/29/2001
What Character in the Winnie the Pooh Movies was not and original character in the Books by AA Milne? Gopher 07/27/2010
What color are figments eyes? Yellow 06/03/2009
In "The Tigger Movie," what does Tigger go looking for? His family 05/18/2007
What is the name of Urula's Sister in The Little Mermaid 2? Morgana 08/31/2010
Who replaced Pinto Colvig as the voice of Goofy in 1965? George Johnson 09/06/2010
Where was Davy Crockett born? On a mountaintop in Tennessee 10/13/2010
What are the names of Winnie the Pooh's nightmare characters? Heffalumps and Woozles 10/22/2010
What was the second film to feature Mickey Mouse? Gallopin' Gaucho 10/28/2010
What character actually appeared in color before Mickey Mouse? Donald Duck 10/29/2010
What is Mickey Mouse holding in the Art of Disney postage stamps issued in 2005? A Birthday Cake 11/16/2010
What 'The Aristocats' character is named for a famous composer? Berlioz 11/17/2010
What Disney princess did Paige O'Hara provide the voice for? Belle 12/03/2010
What honor did Mickey Mouse receive in 1934? His own entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica 12/28/2010
What was Roger Rabbits Uncles Name? Thumper 01/17/2011
What Disney character actually appeared in color before Mickey? Donald Duck 01/27/2011
What animated character was set to be on the cover of Time Magazine in December 1941, before being bumped by the attack on Pearl Harbor? Dumbo 02/11/2011
Who has nieces named April, May and June? Daisy Duck 04/11/2011
What Disney character has the birthday of June 9, 1934? Donald Duck 04/12/2011
What Disney characters father was famous for saying, "If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all." Thumper 05/03/2011
In what year was the first Mickey Mouse book sold? 1930 12/02/2009
In Peter Pan which hand is Captain Hook's hook on? His Left 05/13/2011
Which of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty wore blue? Merryweather 05/23/2011
Who provided the voice of Rafiki? Robert Guillaume 06/28/2011
In what year were Donald's nephews introduced in Disney cartoons and what was the name of the cartoon? Huey, Dewey and Louie, made their first animated short film appearance in Donald's Nephews, which was released in 1938 07/01/2011
Which character is 'short, fat and proud of that,' according to his theme song? Winnie the Pooh 08/10/2011
In what language is Mickey Mouse called Musse Pigg? Swedish 08/17/2011
What is Donald Ducks's self proclaimed occupation? An Actor. In the cartoon The New Spirit, Donald says he is an actor on his tax return form 09/02/2011
Which Mickey Mouse short featured the debut of Mickey's now-famous white gloves? The Opry House 09/20/2011
From 1942 to 1944, Walt Disney released six short films depicting Donald Duck's life in what branch of the U.S. armed forces? Army 10/06/2011
Minnie Mouse had a bird that appeared in 1 cartoon along with Figaro from Pinocchio. What was the bird's name? Frankie 11/01/2011
What Disney character was possibly planned as being named Tempus from Morph in the movie he was in? Buzz Lightyear 11/07/2011
What is the name of Donald Duck's boat? The Miss Daisy 11/22/2011
In what cartoon did Mickey Mouse speak his first words? 1929 in The Karnival Kid 11/30/2011
In comic books only, Goofy has a nephew. What is the nephew’s name? Gilbert 12/01/2011
When was the first Winnie the pooh book published? October 1926 12/19/2011
In the Disney comics, what is the name of the town Donald Duck lives in? Duckburg 12/26/2011
In what language is Mickey Mouse's name translated to Musse Pigg? Swedish 01/10/2012
What is Donald Duck's name in his Italian comic strips? Paolino Paperino 01/11/2012
Which two popular Disney characters were originally created to be adversaries to Donald Duck? Chip and Dale 02/01/2012
What Disney illustrator was predominantly responsible for developing the comic book version of Donald Duck beginning in 1943? Carl Barks 02/03/2012
Mickey Mouse was originally created as a replacement for what other Walt Disney character? Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 02/15/2012
In the cartoon The Opry House what new distinguishing feature is introduced to Mickey Mouse? White Gloves 03/13/2012
When did Mickey Mouse receive his first entry in Encyclopedia Britannica? 1934 03/16/2012
Who did Forbes magazine rank as the second most valuable character with $5.6 billion in global retail sales only second to Mickey who was in 1st with $5.8 billion? Winnie the Pooh 04/03/2012
In The Lion King, what does Nala's name mean in Swahili? gift 04/19/2012
How many colors did artists have to use to design Jiminy Cricket? 27 04/30/2012
What does Pooh do in his Thoughtful spot? Think, Think, Think, Think 05/15/2012
What was the name the cartoon television series that features Mowgli, Baloo, and Bagheera featuring them as young children? Jungle Cubs 05/22/2012
What company distributed the Mickey Mouse comic strip? King Features Syndicate 05/29/2012
What was Goofy's first "how-to" cartoon? Goofys Glider 06/18/2012
Who was the second person to voice Mickey Mouse? James Macdonald 07/04/2012
Based on early cartoons, what was the name of Minnie Mouse's pet bird? Frankie 09/17/2012
What Disney character is reported to have 2,320,413 individual strands of hair? Sully from Monsters Inc 10/18/2012
How many colors, did animators have to use for the character Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio? 27 01/22/2013
Which name was Daisy Duck originally known by, in her first cartoon with Donald Duck? Donna Duck 01/31/2013
In a Goofy Movie during which song did Mickey Mouse make a cameo appearance while hitchhiking with Donald? On the Open Road 03/13/2013
What Disney character's name in Latin means 'nobody' or 'no one'? Nemo 04/16/2013
Who took over Donald Duck's voice after Clarence "Ducky" Nash passed away in 1985? Animator Tony Anselmo 08/12/2013
In what cartoon did Mickey Mouse make his first appearance with sound? Steamboat Willie 08/19/2013
The Band Concert was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon to be in color. In which year was it released? 1935 08/20/2013
The Opry House cartoon introduced what feature to Mickey Mouse? White Gloves 08/21/2013
True or False ... Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? True 08/22/2013
In what film did Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny share the screen? Who Framed Roger Rabbit 08/23/2013
What year was Pluto created by Disney? 1930 01/27/2014
Who is the voice of Terk in the 1999 Disney movie "Tarzan"? Rosie O'Donnell 01/31/2014
What is the name of Lilos Sister from Lilo and Stitch? Nani 03/17/2014
What were the first word spoken by Mickey Mouse and what cartoon was it done in? Hot Dogs in the cartoon The Karnival Kid 04/21/2014
What color are figments eyes? Yellow 06/03/2009
Winnie the Pooh was named after a bear at what zoo? London Zoo 12/05/2014
In Mickeys Once Upon a Christmas, what is the name of the warehouse that Minnie works at and what is the significance of the name? Mortimers, and it is the name Walt was originally going to use when he created Mickey Mouse 12/23/2014
Which country banned Mickey Mouse in 1935 because they thought a 10 foot mouse on a movie screen would be too scary for children? Romania 01/06/2014
Which country banned Mickey Mouse in 1935 because they thought a 10 foot mouse on a movie screen would be too scary for children? Romania 01/06/2014
What University does Donald hold an honorary degree from? University of Oregon 01/07/2015
What were the first words spoken by Mickey Mouse? Hot Dog 04/02/2015
In Pinocchio, what was Walt Disneys favorite character that he pushed to be in the film as much as possible? Figaro 04/28/2015
Who is known as being the tubby little cubby stuffed with fluff? Winnie the Pooh 05/08/2015
Which Disney Character did the US Government originally use as a symbol for forest fire prevention before Smokey the Bear? Bambi 07/17/2015
What year was Mickey Mouse first introduced to the public? 1928 07/28/2015
In What decade was the trio Mickey Goofy and Donald introduced? 1930 07/27/2015
Who was the original voice of Mickey Mouse? Walt Disney 07/29/2015
Which Nintendo game was the first to have Mickey Mouse on a video game? Mickey Mousecapade 07/30/2015
In which cartoon did Mickey Mouse first speak? The Karnival Kid 07/31/2015
What is Pooh and the rest of the hundred acre wood gang afraid of? Heffalumps and Woozles 08/26/2015
Which Disney Princess said ... Why don’t you go tell my father? Youre good at that ? Ariel 10/26/2015
What Disney Princess said ... Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.? Merida 10/27/2015
What Disney Princess said ... With all due respect, your Excellency, I think Ive been away from home long enough ? Mulan 10/28/2015
What Disney Princess said ... We dont have to fight them! There must be a better way Pocahontas 10/29/2015
What Disney Princess said ... I cant help but feel like they are meant for me.? Rapunzel 10/30/2015
Who is the longest performer for the voice of Minnie Mouse? Russi Taylor who started doing the voice of Minnie in 1986 12/03/2015
What silent film star was Mickey Mouse compared to in the past? Charlie Chaplin 06/13/2016
in which short film did Mickey Mouse first wear his signature white gloves? The Opry House 12/07/2016
What is Donald Ducks Birthday? March 13 1914 12/09/2016
What Disney Characters name means rebel in Hebrew? Merida from Brave 12/29/2016
Who was the first Disney Character to speak directly to the audience during a film? Jiminy Cricket 01/11/2017
What character is known for having 2 dominant personality traits including a short temper and a positive outlook on life? Donald Duck 01/16/2017
Who was the first brown haired Disney Princess? Belle 02/23/2017
During what military operation was the character name Mickey Mouse used as a code word? During the World War 2 D Day Invasion 05/24/2017
Which US President requested that a Mickey Mouse cartoon be shown before each movie he watched? Franklin D Roosevelt 06/07/2017
Which character did Walt Disney give RCA permission to use to test their TVs? Mickey Mouse 06/08/2017
What is the name of Donald Ducks sister? Dumbella 06/09/2017
According to the popular song, who is bouncy, trouncy, flouncy and pouncy? Tigger 07/24/2017
Which one of Bambis friends says .... If you cant say something nice, dont say nothin at all? Thumper 07/25/2017
Who warns Bambi, Thumper and Flower about becoming twitterpated? Friend Owl 07/26/2017
Which Disney character appeared on the most military insignias during World War II? Donald Duck 07/31/2017
Which Disney Character had his or her own brand of orange juice? Donald Duck 08/10/2017
Which song from a Silly Symphony cartoon later became Goofys theme song? The World Owes Me a Living 08/11/2017
What Disney character made an appearance in Frozen as a stuffed animal? Mickey Mouse 09/29/2017
What Disney hero had to motto: Be Sure You Are Right, then go ahead? Davy Crockett 10/16/2017
Minnie Mouse had a bird that appeared in 1 cartoon with Figaro, what was the name of the bird? Frankie 11/17/2017
Who wrote the original Winnie the Pook stories? A.A. Milne 12/08/2017
What is the name of the horse and cow duo that accompanied Mickey and Minnie in eary cartoons? Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow 02/08/2018
In what animated short did Mickey and Minne first appear together? Plane Crazy 02/14/2018
What character did Walt Disney portray in a school play that later became one of his full length animated features? Peter Pan 02/21/2018
Who has the red nose.... Chip or Dale? Dale 02/27/2018
Which Disney Animated character is ten axe handles high? Paul Bunyan 02/28/2018
In 1984 what did a Disney Artist create the charavter "Sam the Eagle" for? The 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles 03/27/2018
What is the name of Mickey Mouses sister, also the mother of Mickeys 2 nephews Mortie and Ferdie? Amelia Fieldmouse and she was also known as Felicity but most commonly Mrs Fieldmouse 06/25/2018
In what newspaper did Mickey Mouse make his first comic strip appearance? The New York Mirror 07/09/2018
Who was said to be Walts favorite character? Goofy 08/01/2018
What Disney character is considered to be ... a tubby little chubby all stuffed with fluff? Winnie the Pooh 08/10/2018
How did Thumper get his name? From frequently thumping his hind foot on the ground 08/15/2018
What Disney Character has a treasure trove of items that once belonged to humans? Ariel 08/20/2018
What Disney Character is referred to as Miss Park Avenue? Lady from Lady and the Tramp 08/21/2018
In what cartoon did Daisy Duck first make her appearance? Don Donald although she was actually called Donna Duck in it 11/07/2018
In the Mickey Mouse Cartoon Plan Crazy, what famous aviator does Mickey emulate? Charles Lindbergh 11/30/2018
What breed dog is Lady from Lady and the Tramp? American Cocker Spaniel 01/14/2014
What do Ariel, Pinocchio and the Beast all have in common? They all wish to be human 12/07/2018
In the Lion King, what kind of bird is Zazu? A Red Billed Hornbill 01/01/2019
Who was the first Disney Princess to have green eyes? Rapunzel in Tangled 01/07/2019
What Disney character is referred to as the Young Prince? Bambi 01/31/2019
Who does Peter Pan enlist the help of so the children can fly? Tinkerbell 02/06/2019

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