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What are the names of Walt Disney's 3 Brothers? Roy Ray and Herb 04/09/2001
What was the first fairy tale that Walt Disney made a cartoon about? Answer: Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood 03/10/1999
In Downtown Disney in WDW there is a restaurant on aboat named Fulton's Crab House, what was it called before that? The Empress Lily (named after Walt's Wife) 02/13/1999
What character was Walt Disney speaking about when he was quoted as saying: "....We decided not to let him talk. It wasn't that he couldn't talk, just that he'd never tried." Dopey 04/13/1999
What was Walt Disney's First Live Action Film? Treasure Island 12/23/1999
The very first cartoons created by Walt Disney were a series of shorts for a theater in Kansas City, Missouri. What was the name of the theater? The Newman Theater 03/08/2000
When Disneyland First opened in 1955 who bought the very first admission ticket at a cost of $1 ? Walt's Brother Roy 03/11/2000
What was the first Disney Song released on Sheet Music? Minnie's Yoo Hoo written by Walt Disney and Carl Stalling 03/17/2000
What was the quote that Walt Disney used in the dedication of Disneyland's Fantasyland? "Fantasyland is dedicated to the young and the young at heart; to those who believe that when you wish upon a star, your dreams do come true." 03/30/2000
What did Walt Disney win his first Academy Award for? The Silly Symphony Flowers and Trees 02/04/2000
In What Country was Walt Disney's father Elias born?? Canada 02/08/2000
WHich one of Walt Disney's daughters was born on New Year's Eve? Sharon Mae 05/16/2001
Who drew the 1953 plans of Disneyland for Walt Disney? Marvin Davis 06/04/2001
What animated feature, created by Walt Disney, was inspired by him playing the lead role in a school play? Peter Pan 06/06/2001
What Full Length Animated Feature did Walt Disney win a special award for screen innovation? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 07/25/2001
WHo designed the statue of Walt and Mickey Mouse called "Partners"? Blaine Gibson 09/05/2001
What relative of Walt Disney's co-wrote a biography of him in 1956? His daughter Diane 12/10/2001
When Walt Disney was young he had a pet pig. What was this pig's name? Skinny 12/14/2001
In what state did Walt Disney get married? Lewiston, Idaho 12/26/2001
Where did Walt Disney conceive the idea of the mouse? On a train bound for L.A. from New York 01/07/2002
Fow what film did Walt Disney win his last Academy Award for which was also presented after his death? Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day 01/09/2002
In what US city did Walt Disney record the soundtrack for Steamboat Willie? New York 01/16/2002
When the financial institutes thought Disneyland was a crazy idea and would not give Walt the money for the project where did he get the financing? He borrowed the money from his personal life insurance policy 02/20/2002
What town is home to the first school named for Walt Disney? Tullytown, Pennsylvania 03/01/2002
In the early days, what item did Walt Disney sell in order to purchase a one-way ticket to Hollywood from Kansas City? His Camera 03/13/2002
What medal did President Lyndon B Johnson present to Walt Disney? The Presidential Medal of Freedom 03/29/2002
How old was Walt Disney when Disneyland opened? 53 04/30/2002
What boyhood town and state gave Walt Disney the original inspiration for Main Street, USA? Marceline, Missouri 05/02/2002
What was Walt Disney's family dog named and what kind of dog was she? Lady and she was a poddle 05/14/2002
Where did Walt Disney get the idea for the animated feature Dumbo? On the back of a cereal box 07/11/2002
What is the name of Walt Disney's oldest daughter? Diane 07/12/2002
Walt Disney had a total of 3 brothers and 1 sister. What are their names? Brothers Roy, Herbert and Raymond, and a sister Ruth 07/30/2002
What was the name of Walt Disney's family dog and what kind of dog was she? Lady. she was a podle 08/13/2002
After Walt Disney moved to California he made a movie for a Kansas City Dentist, what was the movie called? Clara Cleans Her Teeth 08/22/2002
What was the name of Walt's daughter who played a small part in his film, 'Johnny Tremain'? Sharon 11/07/2002
What town and state did Walt Marry Lillian? Lewiston, Idaho 12/05/2002
What was the name of the backyard train that Walt Disney had in his Holmby Hills Home? Carolwood Pacific Railroad 05/02/2003
Walt Disney was the first person at the podium to refer to The Academy Award Statuette by this name? Oscar 05/06/2003
Finish the line of one of Walt Disney's famous sayings: "Mickey Mouse was simply a little personality assigned to the purposes of ______" Laughter 08/28/2003
In honor of the memory of Walt Disney, a light is kept burning on the second floor of what Disneyland Building on Main Street? The Fire Station, where Walt's apartment was 09/23/2003
Where did Walt and his wife spend their 30th wedding anniversary? On the Mark Twain Riverboat 10/10/2003
What town inspired Walt Disney's idea of Main Street, USA? Marceline, Missouri 10/20/2003
When Walt Disney moved to California in 1923, what relative did he move in with? His Uncle Robert 10/29/2003
What is the missing word from the Walt Disney Quote: "When people laugh at mickey Mouse it's because he is so ____________; and that is the secret to his popularity" human 11/26/2003
What occupation Did Walt Disney's brother Herbert have? A Postman 01/09/2004
Where did most of the money come for Walt Disney to build the Burbank Studio? He got the money form the profits of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 03/30/2004
What is know to be Walt Disney's favorite song from all of his movies? Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins 04/02/2004
What was the Imagineering Division of Disney orginally called? WED Enterprises 06/11/2004
How old were Walt and Roy DIsney when Mickey Mouse made his debut in Steamboat Willie? Walt 26, Roy 35 07/29/2004
Due to Walt Disney's busy schedule, the animated feature film Fun and Fancy Free marked the debut for whom, as the new voice of Mickey Mouse? Jim MacDonald 10/20/2004
How old was Roy O. Disney when his little brother Walt was born? 8 01/28/2005
In what State were Walt Disney's parents married? Florida 02/14/2005
When did Walt Says his famous saying: ?I only hope we never lose sight of one thing... that it was all started by a mouse.?? October 27, 1954 (when ?The Disneyland Story?, the first episode of Walt?s Disneyland TV series, was broadcast on ABC) 03/18/2005
In what Idaho town were Walt and Lillian Disney married? Lewiston, Idaho 06/23/2005
When Walt came to Hollywood, what was his original goal? To be a director of live action movies 07/14/2005
Walt Disney introduced the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction to television audiences in which episode of his program? The Disneyland Tenth Anniversary Show 08/11/2005
When Walt was in his early teens he met another boy, and the two did an act together in which they would impersonate Charlie Chaplin. What was the name of the other boy Walt did the act with? Walter Pfeiffer - The act was called "The Two Walts" 12/21/2005
What Disneyland attraction was based on one of Walt's favorite hobbies? The Disneyland Railroad 03/01/2006
What was the name of the Art School Walt Disney attended as a child? The Kansas City Art Institute 04/18/2006
Where did Walt Disney go to record the soundtrack for his first Mickey Mouse cartoon? New York City 05/11/2006
Which brother got married first? Walt or Roy? Roy was married first and Walt three months later 05/19/2006
What two men wrote the song: "Minnie's Yoo Hoo"? Walt Disney and Carl Stalling 05/24/2006
How old was Walt Disney on the day that Song of the South premiered in Atlanta, Georgia? 44 07/04/2006
What brand of vehicle did Walt Disney drive through the Jungle Cruise attraction on one of his television shows prior to Disneyland's opening? A Nash Rambler 07/26/2006
What project was referred to as "Walt's Folly"? Smow White and the Seven Dwarfs 12/14/2006
When Did Disney's MGM Studios Open? May 1, 1989 03/28/2007
How old was Roy O. Disney when his brother Walt was born? 8 04/24/2007
What was the name of Walt's daughter who played a small part in his film, 'Johnny Tremain'? Sharon 11/07/2002
Walt Disney was injured and crushed four cervical vertebrae from playing what sport? Polo 07/20/2007
What was Flora Disney's (Walt's mother's) maiden name? Call 08/20/2007
In What year was Walt Disney born? 1901 08/24/2007
In What city was Walt Disney born? Chicago 08/27/2007
Where was Walt Disney raised? Marceline, Missouri 08/28/2007
When moving to Hollywood, what was Walt\'s original dream of becomming? A movie director 08/29/2007
Who took over for Walt Disney for the voice of Mickey Mouse? Jim McDonald 08/30/2007
What name was Walt Originally going to give to Disneyland? Mickey Mouse Park 08/31/2007
How many siblings did Walt Disney have? 4, 3 Brothers and 1 Sister 09/07/2007
Who provided the voice for Minnie Mouse in Steamboat Willie? Walt Disney Himself 11/22/2007
Walt Disney had a miniature railroad in his backyard, what did he name it? Carolwood Pacific 12/13/2007
What was the name of Walt Disney's Dog that he had in 1925? Lady 01/07/2008
On what date were Walt and Lillian Disney married? July 13, 1925 01/10/2008
How many of Walt's ten grandchildren were born while he was alive? Seven 02/06/2008
Who was Walt Disney named after? Walter Parr, the Disney family minister 03/04/2008
Walt always wore a tie tack with the letters STR on it. What did those letters stand for? Smoke Tree Ranch - One of Walts favorite vacation spots 03/31/2008
Who wrote the first biography of Walt Disney? Diane Disney Miller, His Daughter 04/17/2008
How old was Walt Disney when he joined the Red Cross so he could do his part for the war effort in World War 1? 16 06/26/2008
Walt Disney originally had trash cans in the park spaced 25 steps apart. Where did he come up with this number? He performed an experiment where it took 25 steps for a person to eat a hot dog thus needing to disgard some trash. 07/16/2008
What did Walt Disney consider to be America's most important export? Laughter 07/17/2008
Walt Disney's former barn that he used for working on his model railroad is currently open to the public in what national park? Griffith Park in Los Angeles 08/15/2008
What country was Walt Disney sent to during World War I when he joined the Red Cross? France 09/03/2008
How old was Walt's Wife Lillian when she died? 98 10/13/2008
Who was born this day December 5, 1901? Walt Disney 12/05/2008
In World War I when Walt Disney drove an ambulance for the Red Crosss, what country did he drive it in? France 12/12/2008
Who wrote the first biography of Walt Disney? His daughter Diane 12/16/2008
According to Walt Disney what did he believe to be the secret of Mickey Mouse's popularity? That he was so human 12/31/2008
Which President awarded Walt Disney the Presidential Medal of Freedom which is the highest award given to a civilian? President Lyndon Johnson 01/20/2009
In what year's world fair did Walt Disney create 'The Carousel of Progess'? 1964 02/02/2009
What did Walt consider America's most import export? Laughter 03/11/2009
In what state were Walt and Lillian Disney Married? Idaho 03/13/2009
Who did Walt Disney dedicate: So Dear to My Hear to? Mel Torme...the writer of the song Country Fair 03/25/2009
What was the name of Walt's pet pig as he was growing up? Skinny 04/06/2009
What state, according to Walt Disney, was America's Lost Frontier? Alaska 04/10/2009
What future president joined Walt Disney on July 17, 1955, to host a live telecast of Disneyland's opening day? Ronald Reagan 06/08/2009
When Walt Disney won an Oscar for Snow White, who presented him with the award? Shirley Temple 06/19/2009
Where did Walt Disney go to High School? McKinley High in Chicago 07/31/2009
In what country was Walt Disney's father born? Canada 08/17/2009
Walt's birthday was December 5th in what year? 1901 08/24/2009
When Walt came to Hollywood, what was his original goal? To be a film director 08/25/2009
When Walt was in his early teens he met another boy, and the two did an act together in which they would impersonate Charlie Chaplin. What was the name of the other boy Walt did the act with? Walter Pfeiffer 08/26/2009
What were the names of Walt's daughters? Diane and Sharon 08/27/2009
What was the maiden name of Walt's wife Lillian? Bounds 08/28/2009
What are the names of Walt Disney's 3 brothers? Herbert, Roy and Ray 10/26/2009
Of the 4 Disney brothers, 3 of them were all born in the same month... what month was that? December 11/17/2009
What did Walt sell in order to purchase a one-way ticket from Kansas City to California? His Camera 12/08/2009
In what year was Walt Disney the Grand Marshal of the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena? 1966 12/14/2009
What name (first used to describe Franklin D. Roosevelt's Supreme Court) did Walt Disney apply to his key animators in the 1950s? Nine Old Men 03/03/2010
What anniversary did Walt and Lillian Disney celebrate on the Mark Twain? 30th 05/24/2010
What was the name of the first animation company started by Walt Disney and his brother Roy? Laugh O Gram Films 06/29/2010
What organization sent Walt Disney to France in 1918? The Red Cross 07/19/2010
What year did Disney patent the 'people mover'? 1969 09/21/2010
What city was Walt’s first choice for a theme park? Burbank 03/03/2011
What film was Walt Disney talking about when he said...Why, that's the life my brother and I grew up with as kids out in Missouri ? So Dear to my Heart 05/26/2011
What was the name of Walt Disney's sister in law... Roy's wife? Edna 06/01/2011
What four youngsters did Walt Disney hire for the Alice Comedies to play the little girl in Cartoonland? Virginia Davis, Margie Gay, Dawn O’Day, Lois Hardwick 07/12/2011
In what city did Walt Disney discover Annette Funicello? Burbank 07/15/2011
What attraction did Walt Disney donate to the town of Marceline, Missouri, after it was removed from Disneyland? Midget Autopia 07/21/2011
What was the first fairy tale that Walt Disney made a cartoon about? Little Red Riding Hood 08/31/2011
What did Walt consider America's most import export? Laughter 03/11/2009
From 1942 to 1944, Walt Disney released six short films depicting Donald Duck's life in what branch of the U.S. armed forces? Army 10/06/2011
From what company was a younger Walt Disney fired from for a lack of creativity? The Kansas City Star Newspaper, which was eventually bought by the Disney Company 11/03/2011
At what age did Walt Disney grow is famous mustache? 25 11/18/2011
What symbol can be seen above the archway at the entrance to Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland? Walt Disneys Family Crest 12/09/2011
What state did Walt Disney feel was America's last frontier? Alaska 01/17/2012
As a teenager, Walt Disney was a member of the Order of DeMolay, a youth organization affiliated with what trade? Free Masons 03/21/2012
In 1966, what Disneyland attraction did Walt and Roy Disney take to their boyhood hometown from Park? Midget Autopia 05/16/2012
Which royal couple received an animation cel from Walt Disney to celebrate their marriage and from what Full Length Animated Feature was it from? Princess Grace and Prince Rainier and it was from Lady and the Tramp 05/17/2012
Who suggested the title "Fantasia" to Walt Disney? Conductor Leopold Stokowski 05/21/2012
What Hall of Fame was Walt Disney inducted into in 2000? National Inventors Hall of Fame 05/31/2012
What fast food restaurant tycoon did Walt Disney train with for World War I in Sound Beach, Connecticut? Ray Kroc, who owned McDonalds 08/10/2012
Which Emmy Award did Walt Disney win in 1955? Best Variety Series for the show..Disneyland 09/10/2012
Which silent film inspired Walt Disney to create the animated short Steamboat Willie? Steamboat Bill Jr 09/18/2012
What city was Walt Disney born in? Chicago 12/03/2012
Who gave Walt his first real art supplies? His Aunt Magaret 02/04/2013
What organization presented Walt Disney with a special medal, in 1935, in recognition of the fact that Mickey Mouse was "a symbol of universal good will." ? The League of Nations 03/14/2013
What character did Walt Disney play in a school function as a young child that he would eventually feature in a popular full length animated feature? Peter Pan 03/20/2013
What animator did Walt meet at MGM and eventually hired to be the Art Director for Fantasia and Dumbo and most importantly sketch Walt's idea for the creation of Disneyland? Herb Ryman 03/25/2013
In Wreck it Ralph, what is the significance of the high score of Wreck-It-Ralph's game cabinet 120501? It is Walt Disney's Birthday 12/05/1901 03/29/2013
When Annette Funicello first became famous on the Mickey Mouse Club, what major step was she going to do that Walt Disney talked her out of? She wanted to change her last name to something more "American" sounding 04/09/2013
What piece of equipment was Walt Disney inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for in 2000? The Multiplane Camera 08/28/2013
Where did Walt and Roy Disney first start producing their animations? From their uncle's garage 02/05/2014
Which Sci Fi writer did Walt Disney meet to assist with the design of Spaceship Earth in EPCOT? Ray Bradbury 02/06/2014
What was the original French Version of Disney's name before his family settled here in the United States? D'Isigny 02/10/2014
On the statue of Walt and Mickey in front of Cinderellas Castle, Walt is wearing a tie clip with the initials STR on it. What does STR stand for? Smoke Tree Ranch, which was a private residential community Walt belonged to 03/31/2014
Saving Mr Banks was the first theatrical movie with Walt Disney as a lead or supporting character since 1941. What film in 1941 did he appear in? The Reluctant Dragon 04/07/2014
When Walt Disney was young, what main character did he play in a school function and ended up being the title of a Disney Full Length Feature Animation? Peter Pan 05/08/2014
How old was Walt Disney when he tried to sign up to go into the Army? 16 05/15/2014
Who did Walt Disney first began pursuing the rights to the book Mary Poppins in 1938? P.L. Travers 06/12/2014
Where in Walt Disney World have you heard this phrase ... We wants the redhead? Pirates of the Caribbean 11/11/2014
When Walt Disney created WED Enterprises .. now Imagineering he titled the new branch MAPO. Why did he give it that name? It is short for Mary Poppins and the release of the film allowed him the money to create it 01/05/2015
In Hollywood Studios in According to Walt Disney, One Mans Dream, how much money did Walt go to L.A. with? 40 Dollars 03/13/2015
What is the name of the park that Walt took his daughters to ride the merry go round and inspired him to build Disneyland? Griffith Park 04/01/2015
What patent did Walt Disney own for a couple of years making him the only animator able to make color cartoons? Technicolor 04/03/2015
What job did Walt have with his father when growing up as a boy? Paperboy 06/02/2015
What was one of Walt Disneys favorite hobbies? Model Trains 06/24/2015
Who was the original voice of Mickey Mouse? Walt Disney 07/29/2015
What line did Disney workers use when Walt was approaching their location and what movie is it adopted from? Hint .. it is said in Saving Mr Banks Man is in the forest... and it was adopted from Bambi 08/12/2015
What was the name of Walt Disneys first animation company that went bankrupt in 1923? Laugh O Gram Studios 09/18/2015
After examining people in other parks and events, how many steps did Walt Disney come to the conclusion that people held on to trash before dropping it on the ground which led to his spacing of trash cans for his parks? 30 11/05/2015
What did Walt Disney was his favorite piece of animation from one of his Full Length Animated Features? When Cinderellas Dress transforms 11/18/2015
Who was Wall-E named after? Walt Disney ..... Walter Elias 11/25/2015
In what year was Walt Disney in charge of pageantry for the Winter Olympics? 1960 12/07/2015
To prepare himself to play the role of Walt Disney in Saving Mr Banks, where did Tom Hanks make repeated visits to? The Walt Disney Family Museum in California 01/11/2016
When Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse and wanted to call him Mortimer, what word did Walts wife use to describe that name with the hopes of changing his mind? Pompous 05/16/2016
What did Walt Disney say was the greatest export of the United States? Laughter 06/27/2016
At what age did Walt Disney drop out of high school and why? 16 to join the Army but he was turned down for being under age 07/15/2016
What newspaper company fired Walt Disney for a "lack of creativity"? The Kansas City Star 10/18/2016
What early cartoon character di Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks create that Walt eventually lost the licensing rights to? Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 12/05/2016
What was Walt Disneys first pet? A Maltese Terrier 12/19/2016
What musical instrument did Walt Disneys father Elias play? The Fiddle 01/20/2017
What song did the Disneyland Band play for the flag lowering ceremony on December 16, 1966, the Day Walt Disney Died? When You Wish Upon a Star 04/11/2017
What did Walt Disney name his model railroad setup that was in his backyard in Holmby Hills? The Carolwood Pacific Railroad 06/02/2017
What was the first fairy tale that Walt Disney made a cartoon about? Little Red Riding Hood 06/23/2017
What was odd on how Walt Disneys brother Roy proposed to his wife Edna? He did it via telegram 06/26/2017
Who hosted the original television series titled Disneyland on ABC? Walt Disney 11/01/2017
What character did Walt Disney portray in a school play that later became one of his full length animated features? Peter Pan 02/21/2018
What Mouseketeer wanted to change her last name but Walt disney talked her out of it? Annette Funicello 04/10/2018
How did Walt Disney describe his concept of EPCOT in one line? His Greatest Gift to Mankind 04/11/2018
When did Walt Disneys first television series Disneyland make its premiere? October 27, 1954 04/12/2018
Which Midwestern newspaper company did Walt Disney use to deliver papers for as a boy and was actually owned by The Walt Disney Company from 1977 - 1997? The Kansas City Star 04/24/2018
In what year were Walt and Lillian married? 1925 08/07/2018
How old was Walt Disney when Mickey Mouse made his debut in Steamboat Willie? 26 10/30/2018
What was Walt Disney head of for the 1960 Olympics? The chairman of the Pageantry Committee who was responsible for the opening and closing ceremonies 11/20/2018
How old was Walt Disney when Mickey Mouse made his debut in Steamboat Willie? 26 10/30/2018
What US Policy encouraged Walt Disney to create the two animated features... Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros? The US Good Neighbor Policy 04/11/2019
When presenting his plan of Disneylad to his Imagineers, Walt said he "wanted it to me the most amazing place on earth circled by ..." what? A train 06/05/2019

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