Getting to your Resort

Ever wonder what would be the best way to get to your resort from the airport? Well, look no further. Just click on the below banner to be taken to HappyLimo.Com and check out the amazing service they provide. Happy Limousine has the best transportation rates in Orlando, visit their web site & see for yourself. Sedan rates are $55.00-$100.00 plus fees, van rates are $120.00 and fees roundtrip. or travel in style and take their 08-20 pax super stretch limousines for between $200.00 - $470.00 roundtrip from Orlando International Airport to any WDW Resort. Travel in style in a beautiful Limo or town car without having to worry about being cramped into a shuttle bus with tons of people. Also, you get right to your resort with no other stops on the way unless you want to make a FREE 15 minute grocery store stop. Check their site out. You can even make your reservations on line!!!


  • We used Happy Limousine in December and loved their service! The driver picked us up in the baggage claim area and helped us out with our luggage. He took us directly to our hotel and got us there in under 30 minutes. We recommend Happy to anyone coming into Orlando.
  • Michelle, New York

  • We have always used Mears shuttle until we heard about Happy Limousine. We took their stretch limo from the airport and actually saved money over the shuttle. We used to pay $25/pp and for 6 of us shuttle charges used to be $150.00 round trip. Happy Limousine charged us only $120.00 round trip plus gratuity in their stretch limo and took us directly to our hotel.
  • George, California

  • We booked a Town Car and paid only $70.00 round trip to WDW. We also made a free 30 minutes grocery stop along the way. The driver was very polite and did not rush us while we were shopping at the store. Once we arrived at MCO, the driver greeted us with a sign at the bottom of the escalators. The whole trip was a 0breeze!
  • Sam, Colorado

  • We visit WDW every year and have always used shuttles until recently. The shuttles used to take over one hour to transport us to our hotel, then we heard about Happy Limousine and booked us a Town Car by calling their toll free number. We came out of our hotel 15 minutes before the scheduled pick up and were pleasantly surprised to see the Happy Limo driver waiting for us. We were very impressed with their service. We will definitely use them again.
  • John, New Jersey

  • Our flight was delayed by two hours, but once we finally arrived we were amazed to find our driver still waiting for us! He was very friendly and informative. He still made the scheduled free grocery stop without hesitation. Even though we were advised by the reservations center to tip the drivers a minimum of $10.00 each way, we were so glad that Khan waited for us for almost 2 hours that we tipped him $20.00 to show our appreciation. We recommend Happy to all who come to Orlando.
  • Brent, Kansas

  • We made a booking with Happy Limo, and were issued a reservations number right away. We used Happy to get to our hotel in WDW, and then used their services again to go to Sea World and Universal studios. They had excellent service, and their rates were the cheapest we had found. We had always booked a Town Car with Mears, and we used to pay $44.00 plus gratuity 1-way to Yacht Club, but then we learned about Happy Limousine and paid only $70.00 roundtrip plus gratuity for the same level of service.
  • Kelly, Texas