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Contest #8

10 You're a Disney Fanatic if...Any time you hear that someone you know is going to DisneyWorld, you insist on getting together with them and making sure they know what to do when they're there! (Paul Parmenteri)

9 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you turn on the Travel Channel and get excited when you see the Eiffel Tower because you think they are talking about Epcot, only to find yourself later disappointed because it's "only Paris..." (Vanessa)

8 You're a Disney Fanatic if...This is your 8th year attempting to win the "You Are A Disney Fanatic" contest. (Greg Wilker)

7 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you refuse to let your company buy your desk supplies because they don't match your Classic Mickey Collection (Summer Rice)

6 You're a Disney Fanatic if...If you ever skip your weekly call to CRO, they phone you on Friday afternoon just to make sure you are OK. (Chris M)

5 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you put hidden Mickeys in your patio and then challenge all your friends to find them. (Betty Stephens)

4 You're a Disney Fanatic if...after you purchase a car, you almost immediately trade it in once you realize there isn't an antenna for your Mickey Topper. (Summer Rice)

3 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you call Disney just to have them put you on hold to enjoy a taste of Disney through Disney hold music. (Stephanie Paul)

2 You're a Disney Fanatic if...You pick a cat at the SPCA strictly because the spots on his back make a hidden Mickey (Susan)

1 You're a Disney Fanatic if...You know you are a Disney fanatic when your Husband will only use Mickey soap from the hotels to wash his face and our next trip always gets planned when he is due to run out and needs more! (Melissa Allore)

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