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Contest #5

10 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you knew where everything was in Walt Disney World; when you were 10 because you wanted to see everything; when you were 30 because you had your honeymoon there; when you were 50 because your kids dragged you everywhere; and when you were 70 because you knew which bathrooms were closest to each attraction. (David Czapka)

9 You're a Disney Fanatic if...retiring means going to work at Walt Disney World (Ro Kotacska)

8 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you don't have to show your annual pass at any of the park entrance gates, they just wave you in. (Fred and Shannon)

7 You're a Disney Fanatic if...no matter how old you are, you are determined to wait just to sit in the front of the monorail. (Brian Curl)

6 You're a Disney Fanatic if...when you board a Jungle Cruise Boat, the skipper automatically hands you the microphone and proceeds to jump off the boat. (Liesl Muckey)

5 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you wake up each morning singing "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, shining at the end of every day!" And your bedroom rotates to connect to the bathroom. (Tony Boudreau)

4 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you think it would be a waste of time to visit foreign lands when you can just go to EPCOT and see them all at once. (Tami Farmer)

3 You're a Disney Fanatic if...relatives and friends don't want to tell you about their upcoming trip to WDW, for fear of you planning every detail of their vacation right down to picking out the best souvenirs to bring home to you. (Traci Gill)

2 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you threaten to call of the whole marriage if your fiance doesn't agree to a Disney Honeymoon (Crissy Fowler)

1 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you have an ultrasound on your unborn child and you swear he is wearing Mickey Mouse Ears already (JoAnn Mulzet)

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