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Contest #4

10 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you claim your own chapter of the Adventurers Club and hold meetings on a regular basis in your living room where you make your friends and family sing a rousing rendition of "Bessie the heifer." (Kristin Nelson)

9 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you refuse to marry the love of your life, just because she doesn't accept Disneyworld as your honeymoon vacation. (Andreas Beer)

8 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you look at the pad on your dog's or cat's paws and see a Hidden Mickey (Cindy Hyde)

7 You're a Disney Fanatic if...the biggest dilemma you face when you are pregnant is what Disney character to choose as the theme in the nursery. (Julie ??)

6 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you've decided not to have children because they may prevent you from having fun on a Walt Disney World vacation (Eve and Tim Moeller)

5 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you're weekly ebay expenditures on Disney Collectibles has ever exceeded your weekly income. (Mike Corbo)

4 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you read the Disney catalog with a highlighter in one hand. (Jenny Whiteman)

3 You're a Disney Fanatic if...you require your family to make priority seating for meals. (Candy Golden)

2 You're a Disney Fanatic if...when you go to the movies, you politely instruct everyone ahead of you to select a row, moving all the way down, filling in every available seat, thus making room for those entering the theater behind you. (J. Leacock)

1 You're a Disney Fanatic if...on your 25th anniversay, you paint your house pink and decorate it like a big birthday cake. (Jeff Bartsch)

Although the following entry does not fit into the top 10 as a funny submission, we could not help but post it as an honorable mention:

You're a Disney Fanatic if...at the end of a long day at Disneyland, you sit on a bench just to watch all of the families go by, and its then that you realize it...Walt's dream has come to life in the form of smiling, laughing faces with a smudge of chocolate ice cream on the nose. (Sarah Lassek) Thanks Sarah !!

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