The Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons were a series of 26 silent cartoons created by Walt Disney between 1927 and 1928. Walt made these cartoons for Charles Mintz who then worked through Universal for distribution of these cartoons. Walt then lost the right to the character Oswald which led him to the creation of Mickey Mouse. One key aspect of the Oswald character was that it was the first character to be used to create merchandise. The first pieces of merchandise on Oswald the Lucky Rabbit were a candy bar, a stencil set, and a button.

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1.   Poor Papa
2.   Trolley Troubles
3.   Oh, Teacher
4.   Great Guns
5.   The Mechanical Cow
6.   All Wet
7.   The Ocean Hop
8.   The Banker's Daughter
9.   Harem Scarem
10.   Rickety Gin
11.   Neck 'n Neck
12.   Empty Socks
13.   The Ol' Swimmen' 'Ole
14.   Africa Before Dark
15.   Rival Romeos
16.   Bright Lights
17.   Sagebrush Sadie
18.   Ride 'em Plow Boy
19.   Ozzie of the Mountain
20.   Hungry Hoboes
21.   Oh, What a Knight
22.   Sky Scrappers
23.   The Fox Chase
24.   Tall Timber
25.   Sleigh Bells
26.   Hot Dog